Waves H-Comp Hybrid Compressor Is FREE (OFFER EXPIRED)


Waves and Mixing Online are offering the H-Comp Hybrid Compressor ($179 value) plugin as a FREE download for 48 hours only.

H-Comp Hybrid Compressor is a versatile compressor effect for mixing and mastering. According to Waves, it combines the colorful characteristics of analog gear and the precision of digital processing.

The plugin features several analog character modes based on different tubes, transistors, and transformers. It also includes a side-chain input, a dry/wet knob for easy parallel processing, and a transient pass-through control for added punch.

“H-Comp combines the modeled behavior of transformers, tubes, and transistors, together with the power and precision that only a plugin can provide. The result is a compressor with capabilities that engineers could only dream about back in the day. H-Comp lends a whole new meaning to the concept of THD: Total Harmonic Distinction.”

One of H-Comps coolest features, though, is the BPM-synced release time. You can use it to make that “pumping compression” sound work perfectly in sync with your drum track.

H-Comp Hybrid Compressor typically costs $179 (although it’s currently on sale for $29.99). But, you can get it completely free of charge for a limited time.

To get your free copy of the H-Comp Hybrid Compressor, visit the promo page below and click the blu “GET H-COMP HYBRID COMPRESSOR FREE” button. You will instantly see your serial number and the plugin license will be added to your Waves user account.

Please note that you’ll need an active Waves user account for this to work. You can sign up for free using a valid email address. It’s also worth noting that the Waves Central software is required for activation purposes.

If you don’t own H-Comp Hybrid Compressor (or if your Waves Update Plan expired), hurry up and get your free license because the offer expires in less than 48 hours (we don’t know the exact expiration date).

H-Comp Hybrid Compressor is available in VST2.4, VST3, AU, and AAX plugin formats for digital audio workstations on Windows and macOS.

UPDATE: The free download offer has expired.

Download: H-Comp Hybrid Compressor (FREE for 48 hours only)


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Tomislav is a music producer and sound designer from Belgrade, Serbia. He is also the founder and editor-in-chief at Bedroom Producers Blog.


  1. I’ve had H-Comp for a long time and one thing to know about it (which isn’t mentioned anywhere in the documentation) is that it has a built-in 0dBfs brickwall limiter that can’t be bypassed.

    Great compressor for drums!

    • Michal Ochedowski


      Waves gives us the impression that we can turn off the limiter. There is a button for it. I reported a bug regarding this useless feature in November 2019. I didn’t even bother checking it lately. Good to know that it still hasn’t been addressed.

  2. Thanks for everything Tomislav, BPB & Aris 😉
    Heres the “Chris Selim – Mixdown Online” youtube video with some helpful download links in the video description.

  3. promotion seems to be expired now!

    the linked url from the article is forwarded to a site with current deals and offers

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