Antares DUO Is FREE With Any Purchase @ Plugin Boutique


Plugin Boutique offers the Antares Duo ($69 value) vocal doubler plugin as a free add-on with any qualifying purchase until May 31st, 2022.

Antares is a legendary name in the world of vocal production. When their flagship product, Autotune, came out in the late ’90s, it took the industry by storm.

Since then, the company has continued innovating and has released numerous plugins to help producers and mixing/mastering engineers alike perfect their vocals.

As the name suggests, Antares DUO is a plugin designed specifically to double your vocal tracks.

It features a simple-to-use interface that lets you easily take your dry vocals (or other instruments) and create a duplicated output signal- perfect for adding richness and depth to your tracks.

A key factor allowing you to enhance vocals is the ability to modify the duplicated layer independently.

Users can apply various controls such as pitch/timing variation, vocal timbre, and vibrato to the second signal. This variation layered back in with the dry signal gives the resulting sound more body.

Beyond these basic modifiers is a master control to set both your dry and duplicated track levels.

These controls simplify determining how much of the duplicated signal you want. Drag the level knob up or down, set your desired panning degree, and tweak until you get your desired sound.

Check out the Antares DUO demo video below.

The DUO’s benefit is that it can also add stereo width to your tracks. Specifically, turning up the “Timing Variation” knob will apply milliseconds of delay between the signals.

The slight delay results in a greater perception of stereo depth to the listeners, a phenomenon known as the Haas effect.

This added effect can benefit those in the mixing stage looking to add greater stereo depth to their tracks. Instead of double-tracking your recordings, you can speed up the process with a doubler plugin like DUO.

To claim this FREE plugin, you first create a PluginBoutique account. Once made, add any paid item to your cart and claim Antares DUO as one of your “free gifts.” After purchasing your item, you’ll receive download/installation instructions.

If this looks interesting, you should also check out the free Vocal Doubler by iZotope and GDoubler by SNFK Music.

Antares DUO works on Windows 10 and newer or macOS version 10.14 and newer. It works on most common DAWs that accept AAX, VST3, and AU formats.

Download: Antares DUO (FREE with any purchase until May 31st @ Plugin Boutique)


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  1. It’s free with a purchase and has its value, I know. But I hate the protection system that Antares has.

    • never had anything from antares, thought that the only thing a lot don’t like about them is the subscription itself.
      what is the protection system from them?

  2. There is a nice iZotope Soundiwde Intro Bundle for 50 dollars right now which includes 8 iZotope plugins such as VocalSynth 2 and Trash 2 + 5 brainworx plugins and NI massive synth. I have everything from iZotope except for that Vocal Synth, but I think I’m gonna buy it for those bx plugs such us bx delay 2500.

  3. Native Instruments Soundwide collective offers 15 plugs for €50 until June 15

      • In this deal I thought NI was offering a “dead plug” in Massive, but NI have in fact updated it with VST3 just last November, so they keep on working on it :-)

        • still a bit odd how much NI still pushes og massive. didn’t massive x came out years ago?
          it is damn near a dead product tho. it was prob just updated with vst3 support because of massive comes bundled with maschine, so it should at least have vst3

          • MASSIVE X requires an Intel processor with AVX or an Apple Silicon processor.
            Not everyone is chasing the latest technologies at any cost, and for such people, an ordinary Massive is solution.

          • I did the a fresh installation of Massive yesterday. NI has added VST3 support but dropped the regular 32 bit VST, I guess that is what is progress these days ;-) Unfortunately they have done nothing with GUI resizing, this plug needs a bigger interface, the text is painfully small on newer hi-res screen.

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  5. Full version of Fort3 (Yamaha C3 piano) for only €1 (+VAT)
    Offer ends on May 9 at 9:00 p.m.

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