Red Rock Sound Releases FREE EQ302 & SA60 Plugins


Red Rock Sound announces the release of two free plugins: EQ302, a free graphic equalizer, and SA60, a spectrum analyzer.

These plugins are modeled after classic, rack-mounted units and offer high-quality analog effects to help you with your mixing needs.

The SA60, specifically, is modeled after the legendary Klark-Teknik DN60 real-time spectrum analyzer.

The DN60 was an incredibly popular spectrum analyzer introduced in the early ‘80s. It is still widely in use amongst enthusiasts who continue to use rack-mounted, analog gear.

With the release of the SA60, Red Rock Sound brings the DN60 into the modern age.

Like its inspiration, the SA60 features a classic interface with an easy-to-use display of your audio signal.

The signal bands are displayed in ⅓ octave units of measurement from 16hz to 20 kHz. Users can easily read the dB of individual frequency bands and the overall level dB.

Real-time spectrum analyzers can be valuable to producers for reasons beyond simple signal analysis.

With its easy-to-read, bright red frequency band display, the SA60 can be incredibly useful for those looking to cross-reference their track with other tracks during the mixing phase.

Now let’s talk about the EQ302 plugin, another freebie by Red Rock Sound modeled after analog, rack-mounted EQs.

The EQ302 plugin is relatively straightforward, featuring 32 bands of equalization in ⅓ octave steps from 16Hz to 20 kHz. Each band can be boosted or cut 12 dBs to your liking.

Low-quality EQs can introduce unwanted frequencies and distortion. Red Rock Sound proclaims that its EQ302 plugin is made following “the highest filter calibration and reliability standards in the industry.”

In short, this plugin will allow you to filter or boost specific signals accurately while maintaining a crystal clear output signal.

Follow the product link to the KVR Audio website to download and install. Select your operating system, and the download will begin. Click on the file package, and it will install on your computer.

Both plugins are compatible with any 64-bit host and DAWs that support VST, VST3, and AU. They will work with Windows Vista and newer or macOS X 10.13 and newer.

More info: EQ302 / SA60

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