Audiomodern Playbeat Lite Is FREE With Any Purchase @ Plugin Boutique


Plugin Boutique offers the Playbeat Lite plugin by Audiomodern as a free add-on with any purchase in June 2022.

Playbeat Lite is the lightweight version of Playbeat 3 ($79), a rhythmic pattern creation tool in VST, VST3, AU, and AAX plugin formats for digital audio workstations on Windows and macOS. The software is also available as a standalone app.

Audiomodern describes Playbeat 3 as a “next-generation creative groove engine” and “the world’s smartest groove machine.” But what makes Playbeat 3 stand out from other groove machines and drum sequencers on the market?

The software’s standout feature is its ability to generate an infinite amount of new rhythmic patterns. If you’re feeling stuck while working on a drum loop, Playbeat should, at least in theory, get you out of the rut by providing an array of groove variations based on your track.

The full version of Playbeat 3 offers up to eight sequencer engines with features like flam strokes, volume/pan modulation, real-time pitch shifting, and more.

However, I’d love to know the differences between the complete edition of the software and Playbeat Lite. I scoured the web for details, but I couldn’t find any relevant info.

Playbeat Lite was already available as a freebie in Beat magazine’s May 2022 issue. So, if you already own the software, please let us know about its limitations (compared to the full version) in the comments section below.

To get your free copy of Playbeat Lite at Plugin Boutique, add any paid product to your shopping cart, and you’ll see the option to claim Playbeat Lite as a free add-on. The free copy of Playbeat Lite can’t be exchanged for a different product.

Here’s the complete step-by-step guide:

  • Make sure you have a registered Plugin Boutique account. If you do not have an account, you can create one HERE.
  • Add any paid-for product to your basket (This offer is not valid on free products).
  • Select the free gift and complete checkout.
  • Don’t use Virtual Cash or a coupon for the FULL amount of the transaction. (Any amount less than 100% is still OK, though!)

Claim your free copy of Playbeat Lite at the promo page linked below. And if you like getting free add-ons with your purchase, check out this month’s free gift from ADSR Sounds.

More info: Playbeat Lite (FREE with any purchase @ Plugin Boutique)

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  1. Main issue with this Lite version for me is
    – no information what is the difference
    – no upgrade path to the full version. I would expect that at least you get a discount if you upgrade to the full version when having this light version

    • Thomas M wrote:

      “I would expect that at least you get a discount if you upgrade to the full version”

      Not if the lite version was free.

  2. Christian H


    Playbeat Lite at Plugin Boutique seems to be different from Playbeat Lite at Beat Magazine. The images suggest:

    * Plugin Boutique version has 8 tracks, more controls. The main interface looks almost identical to the full version.

    * Beat version has 4 tracks, fewer controls.

    • It is good if versions can be compared, I saw the first post in this thread noting that it is difficult to compare version. When Beat say LITE and then PB say LITE I end up thinking it is the same version.

      • I wonder if the Plugin Boutique Playbeat Lite screenshot is just a screenshot from the full version? Playbeat 3 is already on the site while Lite doesn’t have its own listing, so I think there’s at least a potential chance that both Lite versions are identical; I don’t see why they’d double the # of tracks for another Lite version with an identical name. If it has the same number of tracks as the full version, that would probably already give a lot of people reason to stay with it and not upgrade (or seemingly in this case, buy the full version at full price).

        I guess we won’t know until someone takes the plunge and reports back their findings. I’m considering doing it if only to have a MIDI tool for drum part variation. If I do, you’ll be hearing back from me here.

        • Sorry this came so much later. So I finally installed it and got it running. According to the info pop-up (the little “i” icon in the upper-right corner), “This is an exclusive Lite version and some of the functions are deactivated such as audio importing and MIDI output.”

          Well then. That’s a let-down. Audio import doesn’t bother me, but MIDI output being disabled? That’s an essential core functionality and part of the base appeal of getting a sequence generator such as this. I would’ve expected advanced sequence modulation features to be disabled, or track #s reduced, or less samples included, or things of that nature. Genuinely disappointing.

  3. Playbeat lite from Beat magazine looks like the old Playbeat 2. I hope pluginboutique will have some videos to show off their version of Playbeat lite (if it is indeed different than the BEAT mag version)

  4. I wrote to the guys from Audiomodern on Instagram and they answered me (for which many thanks to them!): “Hello 👋 The lite version works seamlessly with any of our expansions but you can not import any of your own sounds and there are no midi output options. Hope this helps!”

    • Aw man, the whole reason I was interested was to have a tool to send generated MIDI files to my DAW with. Too bad. Now if I get it, it’ll only be because I actually wanted to buy something else.

  5. The new issue of Beat (198) that is published next week, will come with Beat version of the NuSofting SinMad synth

  6. No way of importing your own sounds, no way of exporting MIDI. You’re stuck with the (lousy, imo) few sounds they provide. Uninstalled.

    • Huh, I wonder why the conflicting reports here. Is it maybe a bit hard to find how to export MIDI? Can you drag MIDI straight into your DAW or do you have to export it as a file within the plugin, then import it into your DAW?

      • I can certainly use the export tab to drag midi patterns to Reaper. Maybe they meant something else, direct midi output or something?

  7. Christian H


    Mike, if Playbeat Lite does not export MIDI, there are alternatives like HY-SEQ32 and Stochas. I like HY-SEQ32 because it is easy and straightforward.

    HY-SEQ32 Free is a 32 step note sequencer with 2 modulators. It is focused on pitch with optional scale lock. Also controls velocity, note length, and I think probability. Has randomisers and swing. The sequence can be output from the plugin or saved to midi.

    • GG and The Mix


      Hi Christian,
      From what I can see, the HY sequencer you mentioned isn’t free.
      The link you provided states on a $50 price tag.
      Am I missing something?

    • HY-SEQ32 is $50. HY-SEQ32 Free is free. Screenshot for the free version is about half-way down the page under the headline “Free version”. The free version only has one channel/track.

      HY-RPE2 Free is another sequencer that has three channels/tracks. It does not have a midi export function, but it can export midi if your DAW supports it. For example in FL Studio, right click the HY-RPE2 Free channel and select Midi Burn. Need to create a pattern with a single HY-RPE2 note in it first, will be overwritten by Midi Burn.

  8. Plugin Boutique posted a 30-second video about Playbeat Lite, giving a run-through of the interface. It does indeed look similar to the full version. No mention of the limitations.

  9. I have just started using Playbeat 3 Lite (PB3L) from Pluginboutique – on Waveform 11 Free, Win 10, VST3 version.
    I confirm that PB3L can *export* stems, whole loops, midi per track and midi mulitchannel of the sequence you create in PB3L. (I have not investigated the use of PB3L as a midi sequencer – ie connecting it to a virtual instrument, which I believe is disabled in PB3L.)
    BUT – and in my opinion a big one – the sample manager is absent. This means that you cannot even use the builtin, factory, samples in combinations which you determine. You can only use the 15 factory preset combinations of the samples which come with the product. The only degree of flexibility is to remove a sample from the preset, but in any case this could be achieved by muting that channel.

  10. I have the Plugin Boutique version. I think the only difference is that you can’t load individual samples only full libraries and you can’t import your own samples. MIDI export is working fine in Cubase.Just drag and drop Individual channels or the whole sequence.

  11. I installed Playbeat 2 Lite from Beat (#196). It allows import of own samples, kit creation, midi export, audio export. By sequencing kick and snare in a DAW pattern, Playbeat can handle four other percussion tracks.

    It can control a drum generator by setting the plugins’ midi out and in to the same channel, clear samples, and set Playbeat pitch range per track to midi notes that the drum generator is expecting (for example track 1 only plays D1). In Playbeat settings, set midi output All and midi outputs T1-T4 to the same in/out channel that you chose previously.

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