Sonixinema Offers FREE Contemporary Violin For NI Kontakt


Sonixinema releases Contemporary Violin: Freebie, a free violin sound library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

Contemporary Violin: Freebie is the lightweight edition of Sonixinema’s flagship violin sound library for Kontakt. It features the Dark Sustains patch with three custom presets.

Right off the bat, we should point out that the Contemporary Violin: Freebie library requires the full version of Native Instruments Kontakt. It will only work for fifteen minutes in the free Kontakt Player plugin.

On the other hand, the full edition of Contemporary Violin is fully compatible with Kontakt Player.

If you don’t own the full version of Kontakt, visit our free Kontakt libraries page. You’ll find many orchestral libraries that you can use for free in Kontakt Player.

Now that we have that cleared let’s take a closer look at Contemporary Violin: Freebie.

“Contemporary Soloists series is a culmination of everything we’ve learned throughout our sampling adventure, and it truly represents Sonixinema’s ideals and taste. After being introduced to Max and hearing him play, we knew we had to get together in the studio and record one of our favourite instruments, the Violin.”

This is a modern orchestral library that is well-suited for orchestral soundtracks, as well as hybrid cinematic tracks that mix orchestral instruments with other elements.

The included sustain presets can cover a wide range of emotions and musical styles. They respond very well to different playing techniques, thus allowing you to enrich the performance with subtle sonic details and variations.

Check out the demo video below to hear the library in action.

To download your free copy of Contemporary Violin: Freebie, visit the product page linked below, add the product to your shopping cart and complete the free checkout process.

Download: Contemporary Violin: Freebie (requires the full version of Native Instruments Kontakt)


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  2. How did you guys manage to get this to work? I have full version of Kontakt but after I get ZIP-file it only allows me to place it (in my NI11-library) but I cant find the library inside the Kontakt in my DAW. I found it whe I used my Stand-alone kontakt player by going for File but then it says DEMO.
    Help is much appreciated in advance.

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