T-RackS Comprexxor Plugin (€129.99 Value) Is FREE For A Limited Time


IK Multimedia offers the Comprexxor (€129.99 excl. VAT) for FREE when you complete a short survey about studio monitors. The offer ends on September 20th, 2022.

Comprexxor is IK Multimedia’s attempt to emulate the Empirical Labs Distressor hardware compressor in software form. It’s a highly versatile virtual compressor suitable for mixing and mastering, with some additional features that aren’t available in the hardware unit.

The plugin can also work as a saturation tool for adding harmonics and analog-style distortion to tracks and mixes. Just like the original Distressor, the Comprexxor plugin offers two different saturation modes, accessible via the DIST 2/3 button.

“RackS Comprexxor is based on one of the most flexible and creative analog compressors ever made. With eight selectable curves, selectable 2nd or 3rd order harmonic saturation, high-pass/band-pass filters on the sidechain path, and much more, Comprexxor delivers endless sonic flexibility, whether that’s emulating classic sounds of the past or inspiring new ones for tomorrow.”

Unlike the hardware Distressor which is monophonic, Comprexxor offers additional processing modes including stereo and mid-side. The software also includes undo/redo functionality, preset management, and other handy features that aren’t available in hardware.

Most importantly, the plugin sounds very good. I bought Comprexxor during IK Multimedia’s epic Group Sale last year and it’s quickly become one of my go-to compression and saturation tool.

And it’s not just the sound and the convincing analog-style saturation. I like Comprexxor’s straightforward workflow, particularly the fixed threshold and the ability to control the compression intensity via the input gain knob, just like in the original Distressor.

Comprexxor typically costs €129.99, but the great news is that you can get it for free until September 20th. All you need to do is visit the promo page linked below and complete the survey. It’s a relatively short survey about studio monitors, so the time spent completing it is well worth the prize.

You will also need to install IK Multimedia’s authorization software to install and activate the plugin.

Comprexxor is available in 64-bit VST2, VST3, AU, and AAX plugin formats for Windows and macOS.

Download: Comprexxor (FREE until September 20th, 2022)


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Tomislav is a content creator and sound designer from Belgrade, Serbia. He is also the founder and editor-in-chief here at Bedroom Producers Blog.


  1. I’m not seeing a survey in the link at the bottom of the article, just the product page for T-RackS Comprexxor.

  2. maybe somebody can answer this here :D
    for those that install it, does it come with presets? from what i read, it should, but somehow this is the only tracks plugin installed without presets. i already tried reinstalling also
    wondering if anybody else also had this experience?

    also, thanks for the deal, was really happy about this

    • Muhammad Fachrizal


      No, because the existing factory presets is not on the specific part of the plugin (in this case, Comprexxor) but it’s for the WHOLE T-RACKS PLUGIN SYSTEM. So if you don’t own the parts/wares needed for a preset, such factory preset will be unusable because it contains both the needed elements and settings for each of them.

      So if you don’t own the whole T-racks systems, just take it as it has no preset at all (which if you look it on the positive side, that encourages you to tweak and learn by your own to find your comfortable settings)

      • this is not true at all, or at least not applicable. yes, t racks has global presets, to use with the their host, and these presets use multiple t-racks modules. nonetheless, individual modules/plugins also all have presets.
        check the comprexxor announcement, check videos of it, including recent videos where people claimed this freebie, it absolutely has presets. literally all other t-racks individual plugins have presets. i’m just trying to figure out if the error is from a previous install, or what the issue is

    • You will need to register an account if you don’t have one and I had to sign in to see the survey

      Having not updated or installed any IK stuff for about 4 years, I had to update the Authorisation/Product Manager and T-Racks amongst others. Comprexxor shows under T-Racks Products tab.

  3. Went to the main page, my user page, the product page… cant find it! Any pointers?

    Than you for the heads up!!

  4. Massive giveaway :) As for the survey and product page – you have to fill survey at first.Then if you don’t have it on your products page refresh it and should apear in list – if not try different browser or contact IK multimedia customer service (they do respond very quickly).

  5. I think there is a restriction by country… even through a proxy, I can see the survey button, but when I click to login, nothing shows up for me. My account and myself are in Brazil

      • You’re an angel! Changed the language to English and it worked. After logging in, there is the rightmost bottom link called “Survey” and that’s where the pot of gold is.


  6. Worked perfectly for me, quiz took a couple of minutes and got the compressor added instantly. Thanks for the info about this :-)
    I also treated myself to Cherry Audio Eight Voice today, £14 is a bargain !

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