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VSTBuzz has a new deal when you can get the Blackhole reverb by Eventide for just €29 instead of the usual €188 (a massive 85% discount!). This is also a lot more affordable than the guitar pedal version, which currently costs around $299.

Blackhole is one of the most innovative reverbs out there, with a number of ambient effects that are a must-have for any sound designer or musician. At this deal price, it’s certainly a steal and worth experimenting with.

The controls on the UI include common ones like Mix, Size, PreDelay, Modulation (Depth and Rate), and EQ (Low, High, and Resonance). Plus, you get unique effects such as Gravity and Feedback. Gravity allows you to inverse the reverb decay by setting a negative magnitude, allowing for some really cool effects.

Feedback adds a separate layer of depth to the reverb, giving you even more control. Along with the other controls, feedback can help you make spacey, otherworldly effects that you won’t find in most other plugins. This exaggerated and ethereal reverb is what makes Blackhole a masterpiece and a favorite amongst many musicians.

Another handy feature is the Ribbon – every control knob has a concentric circle with two sliding handles. You can adjust the handles to set a range, including a separate range for each control. So when you adjust the setting on the ribbon, the controls change proportionally. This lets you vary the sound via automation and get some interesting effects.

There are also options for tempo-synchronization and three switches; Kill, HotSwitch, and Freeze. Kill immediately stops all input while the reverb continues. HotSwitch allows you to quickly jump between two different delay settings while altering the mix. The Freeze button infinitely continues the reverb in its current state.

Check this video for a demo:

The interface is quite similar to the real-world pedal version, with the addition of the Ribbon functionality. So users of the pedal will find themselves at home here. In any case, it’s simple and easy to use, with quick and smooth adjustments.

Blackhole also offers full support for the Native Instruments NKS system. And it has over 50 presets created by seasoned sound designers and musicians such as Richard Devine, Vernon Reid, John Agnello, Jonsi and Alex, Flood, and more.

More info: Eventide Blackhole (85% OFF @ VSTBuzz)

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  1. there is this new free open source app called stemroller (.com), which (i guess based on fb code) separates stems from songs
    currently the app gets the music from youtube
    additionally, it will only export bass, drums, vocals, and “everything else”. the everything else, literally includes everything else. i guess it would be nice to have more control over this part, but what it does, i think it does it very well. specially considering it’s free
    this already gave me great insight into some of my favorite songs and am very much looking forward to use this to learn/transcribe songs as well
    it’s already on v1.00 and the option to add local files is coming as well (based on their discord), which i guess in the future will make it great for sampling as well (unless you don’t care about sampling from youtube, then you can use it for sampling right away lol)
    not to mention, the only restrictions that this has were mentioned above (so no time restriction, or “upgrade to have the stereo”, etc)
    btw, i only downloaded stems from old 70s songs, so maybe based on the genre, your results may vary

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