Oi, Grandad! Is A FREE Granular Synthesizer For macOS


Oi, Grandad! is a FREE and open-source granular synthesizer in AU plugin format for macOS.

When working on anything creative, whether it’s software, a film, a song, or whatever, there are times when the perfect name/title is overwhelmingly obvious. There are other times when everything you think of just doesn’t seem right.

Then there are times when you have to say, to hell with it; I’m calling it Oi, Grandad! Now is that time.

Oi, Grandad! is a four-voice granular synth for macOS only right now, although a Windows version may come in the future.

The amusingly-named synth was built using the HISE environment for sample-based instruments. Each of the synth’s four independent granular voices houses a sample (.wav file) and offers a fairly comprehensive set of controls, including Density, Spread, Detune, and Pitch.

Each voice has a dedicated multi-mode filter which comes with cutoff and resonance controls, along with an amp section with an ADSR volume envelope.

Oi, Grandad! also offers per voice delay and a drone button for sustained playback. Granular synths are generally pretty handy when it comes to creating unusual textures, and the drone button makes that even more straightforward.

Twelve modulation sequencers offer multiple parameter controls and a Free/Key tracking switch. You can use the modulation sequencers as an LFO or sequencing modulator.

If you’re new to synths in general, granular probably isn’t a word that’s on the tip of your tongue. But, Oi, Grandad! seems like it could be a great introduction to granular synthesis for anyone not yet familiar.

The most interesting thing about granular synthesis, to me at least, is that you typically end up a million miles away from where you started. You might start with the idea of creating a gritty soundscape, but there’s usually an element of surprise with the final result. In making music, anything that can turn a sound/sample into something unexpected is good.

Don’t feel left out, Windows users; check out Asper, a free experimental synth plugin just for you!

Oi, Grandad! is available in AU format or as a standalone application for macOS.

The developer left some notes for Logic users: Oi, Grandad! will glitch out using any buffer size under 512.

Download: Oi, Grandad!


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  1. Lorrena Elliott


    I am new to synths and digital music making but I was wondering how those spacey fragmented sounds were made by people like Flume and I imagine Daftpunk and Royksopp. I have Samplr and Borderlands on iPad but so excited to see a version for imac. Thanks for getting the news out. great explanation as to what GS is about – thanks !

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