FREE Orchestral And Cinematic Sounds By W.A. Production


W.A. Production recently released a collection of FREE orchestral and cinematic sounds!

The company has been around since 2014 and, as the website mentions, prides itself in “offering professional sounding audio samples” so producers can “make the best music possible without breaking the bank.”

It’s hard to beat the value of this latest release!

The Free Orchestral & Cinematic Sounds pack includes over 45 samples ranging from drones and risers to tonal loops. Additionally, these samples are royalty-free and ready to use for any application needed!

Despite origins rooted in classical music, orchestral instruments are still used consistently in nearly all genres of music, from ambient to Top 40.

Even within the last year, the chart-topping song “INDUSTRY BABY” by Lil Nas X and Jack Harlow featured a horn composition intro.

The Orchestral & Cinematic Sounds collection by W.A. Productions is divided into five categories: drones, low impacts, melody loops, risers, and tonal loops.

Each audio file is labeled by BPM and key so that producers can use them quickly and efficiently in any track.

The drones and tonal loops consist of drawn-out choral and string samples that could be used with reverb in an ambient track or to provide texture in, for example, an EDM track.

I find that the percussion impacts and brass risers featured in this pack also have many potential uses. Electronic music producers could layer these orchestral sounds with synthesized impacts and risers to give them an organic feel.

A final addition to this collection is ten melody loops and accompanying MIDI. The melody ideas are ready to use, but if desired, producers can easily take the MIDI notes and change them to their liking!

Ultimately this pack contains a great variety of samples that can either be used as is or in a modified form to add depth and classical tone to any genre of music!

The Free Orchestral & Cinematic Sounds pack by W.A. Productions is compatible with any software capable of working with audio samples!

Follow the link to the website and add the FREE pack to your cart. Enter your email at checkout, and you’ll receive the download link!

Need more blockbuster-style sounds? Grab the free Cinematic SFX collection from Flame Sound.

Download: Free Orchestral & Cinematic Sounds


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    • Thanks for the link :-) Supertap is like FM8 another golden oldie, it got released with Waves v5.0 as far back as 2004!

      • just by it’s looks, one can tell it looks really old! waves is one of those companies that probably get’s as much hate as love, but it’s indeed amazing that they keep ALL of their plugins up to date, going back to plugins released in 92

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