SmartAmp Is A FREE Guitar Amp Powered By Machine Learning


GuitarML releases SmartAmp, a freeware guitar amp modeling plugin based on machine learning.

The future is here for guitarists looking to get involved in the latest machine-learning amplifier technology without breaking the bank!

Traditionally, guitarists would argue for hours over their favorite vintage amplifier. Fender versus Marshall, Vox versus Orange- the mention of “artificial intelligence” and “guitar amplifier” in the same conversation would cause any reputable gearhead to scoff!

Times have changed, though, and now, with the introduction of some incredibly accurate amp modelers, you no longer need a 100lb earth-shaking cabinet to sound like Jimi himself.

Despite the accuracy of modelers produced by companies such as Kemper or Neural DSP, they still have high price tags almost akin to the vintage amplifiers of old they aim to recreate.

GuitarML is looking to make this technology more accessible with their plugin, SmartAmp, a FREE amplifier plugin that implements similar machine-learning technology as similar, more-expensive amp modelers.

The interface of SmartAmp is reasonably straightforward, featuring a clean and lead channel with bass, middle, treble, and gain controls, respectively.

Both the clean and lead channels utilize machine-learning models that are essentially “trained” to mimic the character and dynamics of real tube amps.

I found that both channels offer a surprisingly accurate tone that, similarly to real tube-amps, gets grittier as you turn up the gain.

A vital feature of the technology used to make SmartAmp is its ability to use a Neural Network and basically “learn” similarly to how the human brain does.

Each time you tweak the settings, the plugin uses a machine-learning algorithm to generate its best estimation of a realistic amp tone.

Beyond the two channels, SmartAmp also includes a master volume control and a presence knob to add extra body shimmer to your output signal.

GuitarML offers SmartAmp as open-source software. For those looking to dive deeper into the technology, the code is free and can be modified and built to your liking.

SmartAmp is available on Linux, Windows 7 and up, or Mac OS X 10.11 and newer. It is available in VST, VST3, AU, and AAX formats.

Download: SmartAmp


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  1. Doesn’t work too well in Reaper. Win 10, i5 7400.

    Very high cpu use, too high.

    No crashing, but almost, kind of. Cannot use anything outside of the FX window.

    Have to remove the ampsim, to be able to click anything else.


  2. It works just fine in Reaper on Windows 7, here. CPU usage is really high, though (3x AmpliTube which is the hungriest amp sim that I use). But that’s expected. FWIW it loads much faster than AmpliTube :)

    • Works here too, now.
      I tried that link you posted to github (Thanks!), downloaded and installed.

      CPU usage is now about 20% lower, at around 10-15….It was over 30.

      Everything works ok now.

  3. Hi, developer here, the link you have posted in the article is actually a link to my old website, which I didn’t realize was still active, I have deactivated it to avoid confusion. Linking to “” and scrolling down will get you the latest version of SmartAmp and my other free plugins. Note that the clunky custom tone loading has been removed from the latest version of SmartAmp, due to a much better implementation being available in the “SmartPedal” plugin. It also should fix the GUI freezing issue. The Github link someone mentioned in the above comments is the latest version.


  4. Can you use this on a smartphone. ? No I’m sorry what I meant to say was can you use this on a we call it a Lenovo with a Chromebook operating system?

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