Plugin Boutique Synth Month Sale – Get Up To 96% OFF Virtual Synthesizers!


Plugin Boutique offers some of their best-selling virtual synthesizers for up to 97% off this month, with prices going as low as $5 per plugin.

The virtual synthesizer is a cornerstone of modern music production. Unlike the old days, producers can now buy virtual instruments that emulate many famous analog classics for a fraction of the price.

The creators of Plugin Boutique claim that their site “is the place where the best music software companies come to sell their VST Plugins, Instruments, and Producer Tools.” Many of their best-selling and most popular virtual synthesizers are on sale in September.

Synth Month Sale is a fantastic opportunity to get top-quality virtual synths at affordable prices. The plugins currently on sale represent a considerable variety of synthesizer types. Multiple choices exist, ranging from modular and wavetable to sample-based synthesizers.

Here’s the full list of discounted virtual instruments:

Soundspot Union

SoundSpot Union Wavetable Synthesizer VST/AU Plugin Is 95% OFF!

Union by Soundspot features an intuitive wavetable synthesizer. The bright user interface displays the wavetables, allowing for easy sound design.

With over 300+ ready-to-use presets and eight built-in effects, Union offers a great starting point to get some rich synth sounds.

Additionally, there are a few virtual synthesizer options to choose from that are sample-based.

Izotope Iris 2

Iris 2 by iZotope

Izotope Iris 2 includes hundreds of patches for instruments such as keys, bass, ambient pads, leads, and many more.

Iris 2 also features numerous effects, such as a comprehensive list of filters and ADSR controls. The company even claims that there are “over 100 modifiable parameters.”

Generate by Eventide

For those looking to create more crazy and eclectic sounds, there’s Generate by Eventide.

Generate is a polysynth, including eight whole oscillators and an eight-step sequencer. As a result, it’s beneficial when making complex sounds.

This plugin shines in its ability for sound design. While it can certainly add depth to tracks in all genres, it is also helpful in designing complex soundscapes that fit well in movies and even video games.

Despite its “chaotic” nature, the user interface of Generate makes it relatively easy to create the desired sound. There are digital routing cables so that producers can get a visual feel of what is creating their sound.

Sub Lab XL

Finally, let’s talk about SubLab XL. This plugin acts as an all-in-one 808 kick maker. For Trap, Hip-Hop, and EDM producers, SubLab XL generates all kinds of ready-to-use 808s that’ll fit right into your track.

Each 808 is adjustable with a handful of effects, such as distortion, a variety of filters, and pitch control, to name a few.

Find all the deals on the promo page linked below.

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