Witch Pig Releases Bitty FREE Modulated Bitcrusher Plugin


Developer Witch Pig releases Bitty, a FREE bitcrusher plugin with added wobbliness available in VST3 plugin format for Windows.

I’m respectfully going to speak for everyone here because I know the same question has plagued us all relentlessly, kept us awake at night, and left us with little else on our minds.

That question, of course, is where can I find an innuendo-filled modulated bitcrusher plugin? Like most, I had all but given up hope, but the answer is right here, and it’s called Bitty.

Bitty comes with some aptly named controls, including Noise, Bite, Wobble, Suck, and Depth. It doesn’t stop there; the hints keep coming with presets like Big & Wobbly, Sucks Big Time, and Gnawed & Sore.

You can check out a demo of Bitty on YouTube, but apparently, you have to laugh, snigger, grunt, and say “nice” repeatedly like Beavis & Butthead while you listen.

OK, the last part of that sentence is a complete fabrication, but there is a demo on YouTube; that much is true.

Bitty clearly doesn’t take itself too seriously, and at the end of the day, funny plugins can be fun, but they can also turn out to be useful. So, have a listen to Bitty; it could turn out to be the last bitcrusher you ever need.

While talking about quirky bitcrushers, I have to mention HomeCorrupter from Igorski. The GUI reminds me so much of 80s Horror/Slasher movies; well, I guess the name plays its part, too!

You can download the Bitty for free right now. Visit the YouTube video linked below and read the description to find the download link.

Bitty is available in VST3 plugin format for Windows.

Download: Bitty (find the download link in the video description)


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