Focusrite Plug-In Collective Offers FREE NI Massive, Ozone Elements, Komplete Now


Focusrite offers NI Massive, iZotope Ozone Elements, and a 3-month NI Komplete Now subscription for free to members of their Plug-In Collective.

Focusrite’s Plug-In Collective members are offered access to a couple amazing freebies this month. We typically don’t write about Plug-In Collective deals on BPB because they’re only limited to Focusrite customers, but we received so many emails about this one (thank you for thinking of BPB!) that we gave in.

So, anyone who has purchased a piece of Focusrite hardware and joined the Plug-In Collective is eligible to download Massive, a legendary synth plugin and bass machine from Native Instruments, and Ozone Elements, a mastering tool, from iZotope. These plugins are typically sold for $149.00 and $129.99, respectively.

Also on offer is a 3-month membership to KOMPLETE NOW, a subscription-based software and soundware bundle from Native Instruments. These deals last from 6th October to 12th January 2023.

Native Instruments Massive

Dynamic in range and tone, MASSIVE has everything you need to create compelling lead lines, atmospheric and cinematic pads, and devastatingly heavy bass lines. This well-developed synthesis engine delivers quality sound and a range of controls to make creating and editing easy for both beginner and novice players.

MASSIVE comes with a huge library of presets totaling 1,300 (and with countless free and paid expansion packs available online). The sounds are diverse and unique, inspired by a whole host of genres. Whilst not all of the presets will be to your taste, each has potential and is flexible when it comes to editing.

MASSIVE’s sound synthesis is based on Native Instrument’s Wave Scanning algorithm and is fitted with 85 specially designed wavetables, each with its own unique characteristic. Even the most established sonic sculptor will have hours of fun with this synth’s range of editing, with layers of parameters to get lost in. It’s stuffed full of extra features, effects, and interesting routes for modulation.

iZotope Ozone Elements

Izotope’s OZONE ELEMENTS is a mastering tool designed to make finishing off a track effortless. Already loaded with ‘radio’ and ‘streaming’ options, the plugin is easy to navigate and has all the tools you need to create your final master.

There is even an AI-based ‘Master Assistant’ who will listen to your track and make suggestions to your mix, whether it’s in loudness, balancing, or tone. This is a great option for smaller artists who can’t afford to pay mastering costs.

Native Instruments KOMPLETE NOW

Focusrite also offers a 3 month’s free subscription to KOMPLETE NOW, normally billed at £8.99 a month.

KOMPLETE NOW is a bundle of Native Instrument’s most sought-after production tools, including software instruments, effects, mix, and mastering plugins.

Focusrite’s Plug-In Collective

Anyone who has bought a piece of Focusrite’s hardware is eligible to register to their Plug-In collective account and download a host of great music-making software. From free DAWs to complete sample libraries, mixing and mastering tools, to free trials to services like KOMPLETE NOW.

Find out more on how to log in and download, or read more about Focusrite’s Plug-In Collective.

Get the deal: Focusrite Plug-In Collective (requires a Focusrite Plug-In Collective account)


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  1. I am getting the Novation Sound Cloud freebies, because I bought a Novation Launchkey Mini midi controller 3-4 years back. So it is more than just Focusrite hardware that is eligible for the freebies.

  2. I’m not seeing where to download this on the Focusrite site. After clicking “login and download” it takes me to Focusrite, then to an empty user area.

    Any ideas?

    • after you logged in to your account there is a black bar on top of the white screen, with three things the middle, in english probably something like “my hardware”, “my software” and “my account”. and on the right side in this bar there is a log out- button and a home-button
      if you go to “my software” it should be clear, but i dont know why this is not shown to you in that way.

  3. i see the context is all about which I left speechless, in fact yeah it is “limited time” offering for those who don’t have much money for buying plugins.

    showing your license explicitly in music blogs means you don’t need those plugins and you just disregard personally unless it is a private giveaway or you are an organizer of a giveaway and you know the rules of what it is.

    number 2:
    Knocking out the site creator smth malicious of what he is, which kinda borderline of persuading the visitors and hurting the site creator…

  4. There was me thinking that Focusrite had negotiated something worth having from Native Instruments to find out it’s just an extended trial, the 30 day is available to anyone. lf only we’d been offered a discount to upgrade to Kontakt 7, or a Lite version of Absynth or Massive or any legacy product we can keep? This has only one purpose to convince you to sign up for the subscription for Komplete Now which is £8.99 a month, every month, forever. So this is not an offer, it is an enticement. Please Focusrite, we don’t expect much, not but trialware, thank you.

    • it is not a trial, you get a full key for these, for instance if you ever bought a 20eur worth controller 8years ago, you still get a serial for massive, but suffice it to say the public carnivorousness has turned this into a massive flop for the bpb page…. ( and i was one of those that figured why not let them know in case someone forgot)

  5. Got the redeem code for Massive but I’m stuck in demo mode. Waited a few days and contacted support, let’s see how long it is going to take for activation

  6. SynthMaster 2 Player [worth 29$] is free until October 31. It has lot of presets and it’s kind of like nexus. Anway it’s free and worth grabbing it!!!1

    • Michal Ochedowski


      Thanks for letting us know.
      As much as I like some of the sounds in SynthMaster Player, it’s main disadvantage is complete lack of preset saving. You have to record the changes to an audio file, because they won’t be there when you load the project again.

    • Michal Ochedowski


      I have to say that it’s nice to see KV331 Audio still taking care of their product. I contacted them in February this year about the lack of VST3 version for SynthMaster Player. They responded quickly that they had plans to release it with version 3. The currently offered version is 2.9.15 and VST3 is present. Nice. If only there could be preset saving possible.

  7. Thanks to the BPB team and Focusrite, awesome news

    Waves Berzerk Distortion audio plug-in is free again until Oct 16th 5 am EST
    Blue Nova is on Youtube

      • I left a comment here just now but I don’t see it, but I just checked Waves website and this is still available 😉

        • Thanks for this! I was able to claim it just now.

          And thanks to BPB for awaring me of freebies in my focusrite account. :D

          • Tomislav Zlatic


            No problem! :D I thought most Focusrite owners should already know about this. But now I guess it makes sense to publish news about these freebies every once in a while.

            • Michal Ochedowski


              Hey Tomislav and anyone else interested, here’s the weird browser catch. I’ve just tried claiming Waves Berzerk using Chrome. Just like yesterday it didn’t work. It said that offer had ended. Then I went and logged into the same website using Firefox. Offer was still available and it worked :)

              • Tomislav Zlatic


                That’s crazy! :) Thanks for the info. I’m not publishing an article about this because it seems like the deal has already ended (at least officially), but I’m sure at least a few BPB readers will see your comment and get the deal this way.

  8. For the history buffs like me: Native Instruments first released Massive this month 16 years ago (October 2006), alongside FM8, Absynth 4 and Komplete 4. At launch Massive cost $339 / €229

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