Sonixinema Offers FREE Hang Drum Library For Kontakt Player


Sonixinema offers a free version of its Hang Drum Freebie sample library for Kontakt Player by Native Instruments.

Hang Drum Freebie is the latest addition to a sizeable list of freebies that are available on Sonixinema’s website. The company specializes in creating experimental and well-crafted Kontakt Instruments that are targeted toward producers looking for powerful modern sounds. 

Almost all the instruments available from Sonixinema have a freebie version, which is an excellent way to give producers a taster of the quality sampling and instrument design that the company works hard to achieve.

This freebie, which is compatible with the free Kontakt Player plugin, features a small selection of the complete range of sounds available in the main, paid instrument. It has various presets from the tremolo section of the main instrument.

Even though the sounds are limited to only a small section of the main instrument, the UI is not. Hang Drum Freebie features the same full set of controls that are available on the main instrument. So you can experiment with effects, mic placements, and more. The UI design feels clean and modern, just as we would expect from a contemporary instrument maker.

Played masterfully by musician Marc Constantine, the library captures every nuance of the tonal percussion instrument, giving users a free choice of audio possibilities within each preset.

It allows for changing the presence of the sampled hang drum from feeling up close and personal to ethereal and distant. In addition, the creators have done a good job of spreading the samples across various interesting presets that will give the user various starting points to begin their sonic explorations.

Since this requires the free Kontakt Player, it will need Native Instrument’s Native Access Software to work. The purchase process does not require a payment method since this is a free download, but you will still need to go through the serial number-based setup for Kontakt Player via the Native Access app. Instructions for the entire process are given during the purchase.

Find out more details about the Hang Drum Freebie and get it for free at the Sonixinema official website. Hang Drum Freebie comes with four mix positions, four snapshots,  and takes up 610 MB of space upon uncompressing the files.

Download: Hang Drum Freebie


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