Acustica Offers FREE Fire The Pump Saturation Plugin


Acustica slashes the prices on its plugins and offers the Fire The Pump saturation plugin for FREE as part of the Halloween Sale. The offer ends on November 6th, 2022.

Fire The Pump is a Halloween-themed saturation plugin. You can get it for free, for a limited time only, by playing a Halloween pumpkin-smashing game on Acustica’s website!

We won’t spoil the game for you, but it’s fairly easy to complete. Visit the product page linked below and follow the instructions to get your free copy of the plugin.

Fire the Pump is a straightforward saturation effect designed to keep your mixing sessions quick while adding harmonics to your mix and a pinch of the Halloween atmosphere to your studio. Simplicity is the key here, as Acustica kept the user interface here minimal, so it won’t disrupt your workflow – no mindless tweaking here.

It is an intuitive tool that aims to provide a gentle ‘analog character’ inspired by vintage 70s gear. However, nothing prevents you from turning it up to the max to get an aggressive distortion that will add bite to your sound.

In other words, producers can be both subtle and crude with their use of Fire The Pump. Add warmth, or completely obliterate your sound source and turn its signal into noise and overdriven fuzz.

Developers have made this plugin run with low CPU consumption, so producers working on their laptops shouldn’t worry about running this effect in combination with other plugins.

The controls here are simple and functional. The Smash control knob affects the level of saturation. There are sliders to control the level of input and output, again allowing you to ‘overdrive’ the plugin and give the saturation a different quality.

The tech built into Fire The Pump has been called ‘hyper saturation’ by Acustica. This ‘hyper’ saturator aims to deliver an authentic tube-type saturated sound.

Also worth noting is the oversampling menu that allows you to modify the oversampling rate by up to 16X. Oversampling will improve audio quality by reducing digital artifacts. However, you can keep oversampling turned off to save some CPU cycles while working on the mix.

To get access to Fire The Pump, you should visit the promo page linked below before the offer expires on November 6th. There you can play a ‘smash the pumpkin’ game, after which you will be directed to your free download (registration required).

Get the deal: Fire The Pump (FREE until November 6th, 2022)


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  1. HEADPHONE WARNING. The game has loud distorted sound.

    The game makes no sense and I can’t believe the sound came from an audio company.

    Free is free though.

    • Michal Ochedowski


      Thanks for the warning. I’ve already opened the website for a few seconds, only to found how irritatingly loud it was. Unusual strategy for a pro audio company. Offering a free plugin – yes, but without this pointless hoop jumping.

  2. Smashing 👻🎃😊 thanks so much BPB & Acustica and a Happy Halloween to all
    An awesome plug-in, as always, much appreciated 🙏

  3. Just found a nice free ampeg-like bass amp to download on
    Didn’t find it in your blog, so felt like posting here. Sorry if it’s out of place, just had no idea where else to post.
    There are also other free plugins, but I only tried the bass amp, and it did sound convincing, also promising the 8x oversampling.
    Peace and love.

  4. Michal Ochedowski


    If anyone is interested, Dead Duck Software made a comeback after long unexplained hiatus. I got this information from the KVR website, which hosts the actual plugins. Number of improvements is very impressive.

    “The Dead Duck Effects have been updated to version This includes the following changes:

    Gate and Expander threshold lower limits can now be extended to -80 dB.
    Level meters now have two display ranges; click on the number scales to toggle between them.
    All EQs now have bell/peak curves for the LF and HF bands.
    All EQ bands now default to bell/peak curves; use the switches to activate shelf responses in the LF and HF bands.
    Equaliser now includes a low cut HP filter.
    Channel/Channel2 sections will now activate automatically when a knob is used.
    AutoFilter now has extra filters: LP12, HP, BP and Notch.
    AutoPan now includes square and saw modulation waveforms.
    Plugin UIs can now be scaled up to 200%.”

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