Emergent Drums Plugin Uses AI To Generate Drum Sounds


Audialab releases Emergent Drums ($149.99), an AI-powered drum synthesizer plugin for Windows and macOS. A 20% OFF discount is available.

Emergent Drums is a drum synthesizer plugin that uses AI to generate drum sounds. It is available in 64-bit VST3 and AU plugin formats for digital audio workstations on Windows and macOS.

If you have been on the internet recently, you have probably come across content generated by AI While the “singularity” event described in so many movies may be a ways off, we already have AI-powered audio plugins and virtual instruments.

Adding to this recent line of machine learning-based software is Emergent Drums. This is a virtual instrument that generates unique drum samples on demand. There’s no end to how many sounds it can generate, and they are all royalty-free.

Emergent Drums Review

The initial impressions seem quite good. The drum sounds are crisp, unusual, and interesting overall. They don’t sound dull or overly simplistic. There’s actual texture and depth to the AI-generated drum sounds, which is an essential feature for any producer in any genre.

Generating new sounds is straightforward. Select the type of drum sound you’d like to generate (percussion, kick, snare, hi-hat, etc.) and click the generate button. You can inform the AI algorithm if you’d like the generated drum sound to be completely random or similar to the previous sound. This allows for fine-tuning or generating multiple versions of the same sound.

The AI-powered drum generator in Emergent Drums is easy to use.

The AI-powered drum generator in Emergent Drums is easy to use.

The video posted on the official website explains how Emergent Drums are also handy from the perspective of a sound designer. Anyone who has used audio samples for any reason can see the lure of being able to create infinite drum and percussion sounds.

Each sample can be dragged into the DAW as a regular audio file and then worked on further, which is the best part of Emergent Drums. Once created, the samples can be individually honed by the user using whatever tools they like.

These are the early days of Emergent Drums, and more features are coming. Audialab states they are constantly taking feedback from the community. This is always a good sign for a new company.

Emergent Drums features a clean, modern-looking GUI. It is well-designed and relatively simple to use. Each sample has its own basic controls for adjustments, and the whole design is arranged in a clean 4×4 grid-based layout. There are two layouts to choose from, large and compact.

Check it out the official Emergent Drums website below and join the community on Discord to stay informed about the development. The project was invite-only until today, but the Emergent Drums plugin is now officially released.

Emergent Drums Pricing

Emergent Drums cost $149.99, but you can get 20% OFF by applying the coupon code REFFERAL20 at checkout.

The software is available in VST3 and AU plugin formats for 64-bit plugin hosts on Windows and macOS.

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Get the deal: Emergent Drums ($149.99, get 20% OFF with coupon code REFFERAL20)

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