UVI Prime8+ Virtual 808 Plugin Is Free (OFFER EXPIRED)


UVI offers the Prime8+ (€39 value) virtual 808 drum machine plugin as a FREE download for a limited time (iLok account required).

Prime8+ is a sample-based virtual 808 drum machine that runs in UVI Workstation (freeware) and Falcon.

There are so many free 808s nowadays that we recently posted an article about free 808 VST plugins. But, Prime8+ is definitely worth your attention because it comes from UVI, a company that creates some of the best sample-based virtual instruments on the market.

Prime8+ comes with over 140 kits and 1,100 MIDI patterns. The included 808 drums were sampled using a Class-A signal chain and were mastered by Chris Gehringer at NYC-based Sterling Sound studios.

The instrument sounds crisp and clean, capturing the original 808 character. It’s punchy, warm, and some would say overused, but undeniably iconic.

And it’s not all about the sound, either. Prime8+ comes with a fully featured user interface that lets you fine-tune the sounds to perfectly fit your project. You can apply filtering, reverb, delay, and saturation.

The instrument also features a step sequencer, and that’s where the included MIDI patterns play their role. Prime8+ makes it easy to get new projects going with a huge selection of 808 loops and sequences right at your fingertips.

Here’s how UVI describes Prime8+:

“Prime 8+ is designed to be the first and last word for these classic drum machine sounds. Using an old-school analog hardware approach we deliver the real hit-record sound, not just the machine, but the sound of a world-class recording studio. Starting with a full hardware inspection and restoration, we ran each sound of Prime 8+ through a Class-A signal chain and captured it using the best converters at the highest resolution available.”

To claim your free copy of Prime8+, add it to your shopping cart on UVI’s website (linked below) and apply the coupon code FREEP8 at checkout. This is a limited-time offer.

Please note that an iLok user account is required for activation purposes. You don’t need the USB dongle, but you’ll need to install the iLok License Manager software.

Also, keep in mind that Prime8+ is not a standalone plugin. It requires either the freeware UVI Workstation plugin or the Falcon virtual synthesizer.

UPDATE: The voucher doesn’t work for users who have a business account because of VAT.

Get the deal: UVI Prime8+ (FREE with coupon code FREEP8)


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Tomislav is a music producer and sound designer from Belgrade, Serbia. He is also the founder and editor-in-chief at Bedroom Producers Blog.


    • Thanks so much Tom, BPB, Gary & UVI 🙏
      This is awesome, i just made a nice beat with some of those classic sounds & classic machine swing, i’m still learning how to use everything but this sounds incredible so far. Nice work UVI, much appreciated,
      I’m really happy it works perfectly on Mac High Sierra as well 😊❤️

  1. Thanks, that was an easy transaction
    I got Zampler TRNSTR yesterday which is 909 and 303 and Prime8+ 808 today, so that is like Rebirth reborn :-)

  2. This sounds / is awesome! Not just as a drum machine, but by being able to drag one of the 1000+ midi patterns onto a track with your own samples on!

    Thanks! :D

    • I don’t have a physical iLok, but I used the iLok License Manager with no problem. Create a user on the iLok website and then from the link in the email that UVI sends you, register it with the username you created on the iLok website. As I was saying, download iLok License Manager and authorize it on your computer. And ready. All the best

      • Thank you for the instructions my friend.
        But since I updated my OS, my computer is not recognized by iLok and I don’t have access to my licenses. It’s been weeks since I requested a reset, with no response so far…
        So, I think I’ll just pass…
        Best Regards.

        • I saw a warning that you must deactivate ilok before update because the OS has to be in the current state to access it, and no way to access it later. If it’s important i’m affraid you must install your old OS to deactivate ilok and then install the new one, but I’m not sure is that really a “current state” they’re meaning because i think it’s not really the same system anymore. How sketchy is that..

          • Plus, in order to retrieve your licenses, you must contact each vendor separately and request a reset…
            This is ridiculous.

            • I remember the bad old days when music production didn’t involve a bunch of pointless administrative work and knowledge of OS idiosyncrasies.
              These days, I just love wasting my time pissing about with various bits of product management software, product authorisation software, and application assistants before I can actually use a plugin in my DAW. Some clowns call this progress.

    • You don’t really install UVI items. You must install UVI Workstation, and in that all UVI items load up, where you will have access to everything

  3. Huge sound, superb effects, and the most important, you can control this plugin easy and intuitive without reading the manual. UVI Workstation work quiet good, CPU usage about 6% on a i7 4710mq labtop
    My Drummachine Ranking:
    1. Arturia Spark2
    2. UVI Prime8+
    3. D16 Drumazon

  4. I’m a registered user to UVI and when try to enter FREEP8 code get this:

    There is 1 error :
    You have not reached the minimum amount required to use this voucher

    Have VAT number if this is a problem?

  5. It’s not free.

    This is the message when you redeem the voucher

    “There is 1 error :
    You have not reached the minimum amount required to use this voucher”

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