Loopcloud Offers 2 Months For $2 + FREE SubLab Virtual Synthesizer


Loopcloud offers a two-month subscription for $2 and a FREE copy of the SubLab synthesizer to all subscribers.

Loopcloud is precisely what the name sounds like – a cloud platform full of samples. A whopping 4 million of them! It is a subscription-based library with the most extensive sample library among comparable services.

Since their only direct competition is Arcade by Output and Splice, this is not hard to believe. Typically, a Loopcloud subscription comes for $7.99 per month for the Artist (individual) account, but there is a special Black Friday sale that offers two months at just $2 per month.

The subscription will renew after the initial two months at the regular rate of $7.99. And there’s more. Buyers who subscribe to this special offer will also receive a free copy of the sub-bass plugin SubLab. SubLab allows sound designers to use something like a kick sample and transform it into a thick sub-sound by stretching and widening the sample.

The regular price of SubLab is $70, so the combined offer has a total value of $84 and is all included in the $2 purchase.

Apart from the value offered by the SubLab plugin, the two-month subscription to LoopCloud itself is of great value. The platform provides an AI-enhanced sound matching option that finds samples that go well with whatever project you are working on. It offers harmonic and rhythmic matches to the sounds you are already working on, so it’s a great way to spice up any project without digging through hundreds of sounds.

The subscription gives you access to a regularly expanding library of sounds through two plugins – Drum and Play. Plus, the Artist account subscription offers 10 free samples daily for you to keep forever.

A library of such proportions is still only as good as its discovery function, and Loopmasters (the company behind LoopCloud) has done an excellent job there with extremely detailed search capabilities. There’s also the ability to tweak any sample within the plugin itself, making it very useful.

Both Mac and Windows are supported. Any software that supports VST plugins should be able to give you access to LoopCloud as well as SubLab.

Get the deal: Loopcloud (2 months for $2 + FREE SubLab)


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  1. has anybody previously successfully registered and cancelled their sub with loopcloud?
    this is obviously very tempting, yet i remain hesitant with subscriptions

    • Actually, you can cancel your subscription yourself. But for some reason if you face an error message doing so, just contact their support a few days before your trial ends and they will be able to cancel it for you. Do note that the trial is going to charge you 1$ but later it will be refunded to your account.

  2. Muze continue their sales of Kontakt libs until Dec 12, quality stuff at rock bottom prices:

  3. Mac 10.14.8
    ProTools 12.5
    Sublab 1.1.8

    “The following plug-ins failed to load because they are not valid 64 bit AAX plug-ins”

    Known Problem:
    at futureaudioworkshop, no solution yet, I can not post link to forum.


  4. Yeah.. sometimes these things work out, other times not.. thank goodness we live in a time of many free (quality) plug ins and virtual instruments :)

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