Sound Particles Release Air – Music Edition FREE Mixing Plugin


Sound Particles releases Air – Music Edition, a freeware mixing tool in VST/AU plugin formats for Windows and macOS.

Air – Music Edition is a freeware plugin developed to add depth to your mix. The plugin works by adjusting attenuation to simulate the distance and depth of real room recordings, breathing new life into cold and lifeless mixes.

Sound Particles states that: “Air | Music Edition removes the sterile feel of a typical studio setting (where vocals & instruments often get close mic-ed) by simulating air absorption, making your music sound natural, organic and clear, and by simulating the acoustic effect of distance between the listener and the real-life music performance.”

This plugin will be especially useful for producers who are primarily working with software instruments and want to add a sense of ‘real’ room sound to the mix. Sound Particles have developed this plugin to ‘let instruments breathe,’ giving them a sense of space by simulating distance, ultimately widening their presence in the stereo field.

Air – Music Edition will allow producers to skip the time-consuming methods of finding space for an instrument in a mix (such as lengthy EQing or muddying effects chains). The user-friendly interface is easy to use, and with one single knob, you can adjust ‘depth’ to find the ideal place for the instrument to sit in the mix.

Whilst similar effects could be achieved with careful EQing and filtering, the plugin has been developed to achieve a more natural sound and incorporates “scientifically measured frequency response values of air dampening.”

You can learn more about Air – Music Edition in the demo video embedded below.

Overall, this is a niche but handy plugin that will be able to breathe life into cold-sounding mixes. Electronic producers should consider using this to bring warmth to their tracks, adding a ‘real’ sense of presence to DI’d instruments. Producers who mix real instruments with software instruments will also find this plugin useful for bringing more cohesion to their mix.

If you’re only beginning your music production journey, take a look at our mixing guide for some helpful tips.

Air Music Edition is available in VST/VST3 plugin formats for digital audio workstations on Windows and as VST/VST3/AU for macOS.

You can download it for free at

Download: Air – Music Edition


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  1. Don’t bother, it’s a strictly worse version of Tokyo Dawn’s “Proximity” (also free) with a more modern interface.
    Proximity also simulates air absorption but also proximity effect of moving forward and many other things width over distance simulation neither of which this does.

      • I just downloaded the sound particles air and I gotta agree with the op. The plugin’s useless. and it doesn’t actually simulate air absorption. it’s a just a fixed low pass and it also attenuates the volume.

  2. Damn… sorry to hear…

    Devs SERIOUSLY undervalue the domain of psycho acoustics sometimes. Mix and insturment tools need to help us achieve real phsycs in audio reproduction. The users find psycho acoustics priceless because nature and physics is beautiful and perfect. Also once the real effects have been understood and achieved they can become manipulated in the digital domain to allow for exproring new dimensions, and psychedilic depth.

    But thanks for the efforts of all parties involved anyway. It is appreciated!

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