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IK Multimedia T-RackS Classic Clipper Is FREE For A Limited Time!


Audio Plugin Deals offer the T-RackS Classic Clipper (€49.99 value) by IK Multimedia as a FREE download until November 25th, 2022.

T-RackS Classic Clipper is an audio clipping effect with three controls: Gain, Slope, and Output. The Gain knob controls the input volume, the Slope knob adjusts the clipping mode (from soft to hard clipping), and the Output knob sets the output volume.

The plugin also features a pair of peak meters (one for the output and one for gain reduction), a saturation indicator, and a bypass switch. IK Multimedia’s plugin wrapper provides a range of useful tools, including a preset browser, RMS and LUFS metering, undo/redo functionality, and more.

Even though clipping is undesirable when recording audio, it can be a valuable tool in the mixing and mastering stage. A clipper can trim the transients, increase the loudness, and add harmonics to the signal.

Using a clipper before the limiter in the mastering chain is often a good idea. It will tame any unruly transients and make it easier to compress the audio signal to the desired level.

IK Multimedia provides an audio example on the T-RackS Classic Clipper product page. You can hear how the plugin was used to enhance an electric bass guitar recording. You can also use it on drums, percussion, and other types of audio with lots of dynamics.

T-RackS Classic Clipper typically costs €49.99, but you can get it for FREE exclusively at Audio Plugin Deals. The free download offer ends on November 25th, 2022.

After claiming your free T-RackS Classic Clipper license, it will be stored permanently in your IK Multimedia user account (even after the free download offer expires). Please note that IK Multimedia Product Manager software is required to install and activate T-RackS Classic Clipper on your computer.

Here’s how IK Multimedia describes the plugin:

“This processor uses peak clipping to tame unruly peaks, rather than the usual peak limiting, giving you another dynamics control option. Peak clipping is often a more transparent process than standard peak limiting, which is why mastering engineers often employ it. Despite its powerful engine, the Classic T-RackS Clipper is easy to use, with only: Gain, Slope, and Output controls.”

T-RackS Classic Clipper is available in VST, VST3, AU, and AAX plugin formats for Windows and macOS.

Download: T-RackS Classic Clipper (FREE until November 25th)


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  1. Everyone, get this one. Best clipper I know. Just be sure to deactivate your activation before you change PC (or even system harddrive/SSD), because it always costs you one of I think a total of 10 available system activations inside IK Multimedia’s Product Manager software to reactivate. I assume the same applies for Mac.

      • I’m afraid I don’t know the Fruity Clipper, but Classic Clipper definitely rocks! Note: The IK software installs (I think) gigabytes of stuff one doesn’t need, but that’s a trade-off I’m willing to make.

        • Yeah, I meant from a Hip-Hop drums standpoint.

          I know, I have like 12 of their plugins so I don’t mind as much but this one I really wanted it and tried it last night and DAMN.

    • It is installing whole ecosystem.
      It’s not worth for one plugin but after years I’ve got enough stuff to gladly accept the 2GB penality ;)

    • Yes but you can go into your plugins folder and delete everything else except the clipper and keep just the clipper audio unit/vst.

  2. It says ”Out of Stock”. Deal should be available until November 25th.
    Last time they ran out of keys, they restocked it after some days. Mayble we can email them and ask to restock.

  3. What a shame.

    You cannot add “Classic T-RackS Clipper by IK Multimedia – FREE DOWNLOAD!” to the cart because the product is out of stock.

  4. It is Black Friday .. and this clipper plug is “out of stock” .. kinda funny, eh? It is software, so could have billions of licenses, but somehow is out of stock.

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