Thenatan CLONE Speaker Simulator Is FREE For A Limited Time


Thenatan offers the CLONE ($79.50 value ) speaker simulation and mixing tool as a FREE download for a limited time.

CLONE is an emulation of various playback speakers and systems. It is intended to check for mix coherence across a variety of devices. There are over sixteen emulated devices to choose from, with popular choices like club speakers, mobile devices, and cars being among the many selections to choose from.

Thenatan mentions utilizing convolution to capture its selection of speakers more accurately, but it also comes with some additional effects to nail down the feel. Distortion and bitcrushing are present, as well as color, which appears to be Thenatan’s name for a tilt EQ to increase the darkness or brightness of what’s being played back.

The Time Machine effect (borrowed from another Thenatan plugin called VYBZ) is also present in the form of the Age knob, which provides nine unique sound sources to add authentic texture and grit for things like tape or cheap digital devices.
A goniometer and stereo widener are also present, allowing for extra control over the width of the sounds passing through CLONE.

CLONE could prove useful for those who haven’t procured Mixchecker by Audified or DSONIQ’s Realphones, providing the ability to check how a mix sounds with quick and easy results.

The interface is well-designed, providing all relevant controls on a single page. The top half of the display has the device selection as well as an EQ for extra control over the emulated playback.

Further down, the lower half contains the drive, 8-bit, and color options. Stereo width can be adjusted here, with a simple drag of the mouse leading to control over the stereo spread. The age and noise sections round off the lower half, with a selection of decades and sound sources for grit and character.

It’s somewhat uncommon to see a mix checker also act as a creative effect, but CLONE is designed with both purposes at its core.

CLONE marks the second giveaway from Thenatan, their distortion module DEVIL having gone up earlier in the week. For those on the hunt for something to test their mixes, it’s free for a limited time with the code BFFREE at checkout, so act fast.

CLONE is Windows and Mac compatible with VST2 and VST3 available on Windows and VST2, VST3, and AU formats available for macOS.

Download: Thenatan CLONE (FREE for a limited time with coupon code BFFREE)


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