GIVEAWAY: AudioThing Effect Bundle (WINNER ANNOUNCED 🥳)


AudioThing offers the Effect Bundle (€499 value) for FREE to one lucky BPB reader on Cyber Monday. Keep reading for more info about the bundle and to enter the giveaway.

Most BPB readers are already familiar with AudioThing’s innovative audio effects. The company specializes in developing plugins that either emulate rare vintage gear or bring something completely new to the table.

The Effect Bundle contains all 27 audio effects developed by AudioThing. It’s a long list, so we’ll take a closer look at some of our favorite AudioThing plugins.

“The Effect Bundle features all AudioThing Effects plugins (VST/AU/AAX) with a 60% discount. Ranging from vintage valve emulation to complex convolution processing, this bundle is perfect for every kind of composer, producer, and sound designer.”

Outer Space emulates the famous Roland RE-201 Space Echo. If you like vintage tape echoes, this plugin is a must-have. AudioThing simulates the original unit down to the detail, including all the analog tape imperfections and saturation properties.

Wires is an emulation of a 1970s Soviet wire recorder. Now that’s something you definitely don’t already have in your plugin arsenal.

Things – Motor is a morphing rotor effect. It uses side-chaining to combine signals in new and interesting ways.

Things – Bubbles is the latest AudioThing plugin, and it’s available as a FREE bonus with any purchase during the Black Friday sale. It is an innovative sound design tool based on a filterbank delay.

And those are just a few of our tried-and-tested AudioThing favorites. The full bundle contains 27 plugins, and one lucky BPB reader will get it for FREE on Cyber Monday.

On a related note, AudioThing recently launched the Black Friday sale, offering a 30% OFF discount on all products.

The Giveaway

AudioThing a FREE copy of the Effect Bundle to one lucky BPB reader! A big THANK YOU to AudioThing for sponsoring this giveaway!

To enter the giveaway, simply answer this question in the comments section below: What is your favorite sound design tool?

The winner will be announced on November 28th, 2022.

The winner is: Ben (ben********@*****.com)

Congratulations! 🥳

AudioThing will soon contact you with the details about your prize.

Everyone else, better luck next time, and thanks for reading BPB!

More info: AudioThing Effect Bundle

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About Author

Tomislav is a content creator and sound designer from Belgrade, Serbia. He is also the founder and editor-in-chief here at Bedroom Producers Blog.


    • I’m just a newbie when it comes to sound design, so I didn’t explore enough to have a critical pick, but I’ll say Gross Beat because it’s the one I used the most.

  1. My favorite sound design tool is Shimmer, by Valhalla. The kind of mangling you can do resampling shimmers is really cool.

  2. A modular synth like VCV, it is infinite. Free, holds almost any plugin, ridiculous amounts of options… it takes a while to learn but it pays off

  3. Reverb is an easy answer for me— used with granular plugins, feeding reverbs into one another, and especially mangling reverb tails with ring modulation, chorus, etc….

  4. I’ve been using Arturia’s FX Collection (2) in almost every production this past year, most notably all the compressors, DIMENSION-D and JUN-6 chorus, Filter MINI, the plate and spring reverbs – the SYNTHI in particular, the TAPE-201 and my absolute favorite; MEMORY-BRIGADE!

    Don’t sleep on Sonic Charge Bitspeek for vocals and check this out; Xfer Delta Modulator for drums!

    Long-time free favorites; HeadCrusherFREE and REFLEX free.

    Don’t use it often but when I do it’s perfect and nothing compares; Szechuan Saturator.

    Also big shoutout to Analog Obsession (totally stand up to Arturia), kHs (great low-CPU utilities), and I really love all the Freakshow Industries stuff (the most sound-design-y recommendation – awesome interfaces, beautifully unpredictable)!

    And to close off, everyone, get the Valhalla bundle. Modern-classic-must-haves :)

  5. Reaper with Saike’s JSFX plugins are big in the game. I love AudioThing’s convolver. Also big favs are from Valhalla and Eventide, mixed with guitars and synths and all those good things.

  6. MOVEMENT by Output, a powerful rhythm FX engine that transforms any instrument, synth, raw sound or full track in real time.

  7. I’ve been liking running my old, decrepit Yamaha V50 keyboard (chock full of 80s synth/sample goodness) through cheap guitar effect pedals. Then I mash up the sounds with some AudioModern plugins I got for free (GateLab, PanFlow, etc). Fun times.

  8. Being a Reason user, I have a lot of native goodies, and I’d give the gold to Grain. Outside the box, I absolutely love Shaperbox.

  9. AudioThing Wires for lofi & delay stuff. Wave’s OVox & Retro Fi to get weird. Freakshow Industries Backmask to get out of hand.

  10. Prismatic Brain


    I like using convolution reverbs (I use the one in Ableton – Hybrid Reverb).

    Instead of using an impulse response to simulate space to add dimension to the sound, I like to use .wav files of interesting sounds to morph the original signal while keeping more accurate pitch and formant qualities.

    You can do this with some cabinet sims, too. Really anything that can host a .wav file for an impulse response.

  11. Lately my favorite sound design tool has been using impulse responses of different kinds with my samples. Thanks for the opportunity to win these plugins!

    • There will be a huge list but if I have to choose then I would paulXstretch and Valhalla supermassive as I like granular atmospheric stuff and those two things can do magic.

  12. Hi there,

    Thanks for such an informative blog mate, always bringing my attention to great new products.

    I’d LOVE to win this incredible effects processing suite. My answer to your question is actually very relevant to why I love the idea of AudioThing’s software so much…

    For me, there is no single magic plugin, my tool of choice is any capable DAW (I use Pro Tools and Studio One) and it’s advanced flexible signal routing, so that I can expose my evolving signal to countless preconfigured effects channels and chains to modify the signal with subtle nuances right through to bold reactive reflections, and everything else in between. Can craft anything imaginable through complex compounding of effects plugins.

    The awesomeness here is that, with quality plugins, I can dynamically factor the processing in such fine detail using the DAW’s channel and plugin parameter automation.

    Having a whole collection of effect plugins at your fingertips, such as AudioThing’s software suite, essentially enables this incredibly powerful DAW feature. It then becomes more about which plugins you have access to, and the flexibility, sound shaping diversity and ensuing impact on the signal arising from multiple modifiers cross pollinated with each other.

    This in conjunction with being able to feed these effects with any signal to begin with, and cyclically after each iteration whether automated or with manually processing, I think provides truly endless sound design possibilities!

    At least, this is how I get truly unique results :)

    • PS. I switched from Pro Tools to Studio One because I missed the upgrade boat and can’t afford their astronomical licensing.

      Was delighted to discover that Studio One, as the far less expensive underdog, punches way above its weight and delivers the same capabilities that even the most expensive DAWs do.

      I think the same can be said for plug-in vendors. Some of the less renowned suites deliver incredible results and it’s really beneficial to take the time out to check out the reviews and demos. Some of the very best for creating super unique sound design are often found off the beaten track I think.

      I mean, seriously… check out AudioThing’s The Orb and Fog Convolution 2. These are insanely powerful for audio design, let alone the idea of combining them and some of the other effects in their suite.

  13. The fabfilter Plugins which have the modulation capabilities. I think the volcano is a hidden gem which can do so much crazy stuff!

    Thanks for the giveaway

  14. Audio Thing’s The Orb

    Except for my DAW (FL Studio) and some VST’s (Cherry Audio’s Mercury-4 and DCO-106) one of my favorite plug-ins is actually one from Audio Thing: The Orb. It creates these magnificent/weird/atmospheric human sounding sounds/hums. An awful lot of fun.

  15. My favorite sound design tool is Portal by Output. It really transforms the sound from a nice ok sound, to something more interesting. sometimes its not doing much, but its enough, Portal is a granular effects plugin that puts the oomph when trying to expand the sound you started with.

  16. For organic sounds nothing can beat microphone + recorder and trip into field (or to kitchen drawer), as for synthetic sounds source or tool for processing the recorded audio I use C74’s Max

  17. Honestly, I go between 3 plugins for sound design atm.

    1. Output Thermal
    2. Output Portal
    3. Minimal Audio Rift.

    These are the ONES, especially for Bass design. I use Pigments for Granular Pads.

  18. A resonant low pass filter. Though it is a fairly simple tool it has potential to transform or draw out sounds that you never would expect.

  19. Hi. Thanks for the contest. My favorite sound design tool is my imagination. Juste being able to go somewhere from nowhere (or the other side…). Ok, my imagination is not such a powerful tool, so let’s say…. Omnisphere ! It is a no-limit tool for me.

  20. i really like the tilt EQ it’s really nice, simple and small and pretty cute looking not gonna lie, and i like the sound of it, very cool

  21. Comb filters. different types of noise going into comb filters is fun for hours. u-he Cheese Machine is great for playing with this stuff (and it’s free)

  22. VCV Rack with VCV Host (payware) that let you host VST plugins – infinite sound design possibilities.
    Good plugins for sound design are anything by Audio Damage, Unfiltered Audio, Glitchmachines, Inear Display, AudioThing (tada!), Kilohearts Essentials inside Snap Heap etc.

  23. Friedemann Freiherr von Rechenberg


    Many diffrent real objects, with special miking, ableton live with LFOs and yes, some of audio things plugs

  24. My favourite sound design tool is my main DAW, Reaper.
    Quick, easy, and also still accept running old 32 bits vst/vsti that I can’t get rid of because they are too good (some old 32 bits app as well).

    • I would say Reels or RC20 for sound design… but one VST I use on most of my tracks is Scaler.
      This will help me to find melodies or new chords that matches what I’m playing. A great tool!

  25. Joseph Torgerson


    Just one?!?! That’s unfair!!! The mature me would say an EQ or something like that :) …But we all know Vital is king! Also V collection. Also Avenger. Also UA Byome. Also Kick 2. Also Trash 2. See!!! There I go again!

  26. Jason Funderberker


    Uhbik-G by u-he! The spectre of use scenarios is pretty narrow for this one, but it’s unrivalled in this spectre

  27. I like something like Valhalla Supermassive, Avox Choir…, but now, I’m using Bias FX, because I’m using more guitar lately.

  28. Audiothing’s Megaphone is my little favourite. Everytime a client asks for “that sound”, it instantly delivers and makes them go “ooh!” :) You just can’t buy that with any other plugin.
    Saves hassle of putting multiple plugins on the track and fine tuning them – especially when the effect is needed just in one or two small spots in the song.
    And for 9$? Can’t go wrong.

    • It’s my own voice. It’s the most efficient and quick tool to emulate any idea and sound that pops in my head. When used in combination with any other effect, you can achieve any sound that you really want. Audio Things could help for sure !

  29. Jesper Haugsted


    I like using PaulXStretch. You can easily make some really nice sounding atmospheric pads, or stretch out sound effects and get something complete different.

  30. It’s my own voice. It’s the most efficient and quick tool to emulate any idea and sound that pops in my head. When used in combination with any other effect, you can achieve any sound that you really want. Audio Things could help for sure !

  31. Voltage Modular. But I love AudioThing and I own a good amount of them. Among my very fave ones are Frostbite, Wires, The Orb and Things-Motor. Thanks for the chance, BPB and AudioThing. Happy thanksgiving, everyone.

  32. I’m not sure what sound design means, cause it could mean anything meant to change the texture and character of sounds. As far as the creation of sounds from scratch goes, Element 2, Invader 2, PG-8X, and Messiah 2, for synths. For tonal shaping, a bunch of stuff – reverbs (Fame Studios, for actual spaces, Envelope, for more ethereal, H-Reverb), tapes (Softube, IK Tascam bundle), delays (McDSP, X-Delay, but there’s many good ones), consoles and preamps (80s and 50s Consoles from Lindell, CLA Mixhub, Kramer HLS, Neold V76), so on, many favorite plugins used specially for creating/enhancing sound textures.

  33. TBH I’m not a sound design guy, I’m a preset guy. My main focus has always been playing piano & music theory.

    That said, I like using Soundtoys Filterfreak on snares.
    And as3sfxr for making SFX.

  34. MeldaProduction MCompleteBundle.
    Sound creation in a perfectly unified environment is tremendous.
    Also it’s nice to have all the future releases on hand.
    Lifetime free update similar to FL Studio.

  35. If we’re talking plugins, Waves MetaFilter is a lot of fun.

    Pro Tools is the best DAW in my book.

    But my favourite audio tool to use is my voice.

  36. I always use Valhalla vintage Verb and Noises by audio thing and in the end every track gets sent to the master bus which has izotope neuron on it.

  37. For years I loved Reaktor as my main go-to for sound design. Which I still use!
    I also enjoy the SpaceCraft granular plugin that Tracktion offers.

    Recently I’ve been using Reason’s chord sequencers to drive various synths that invariably get plugged into their Alligator Filter Gate to add some push-pull. On the tail end of this chain I love using Audiothing’s Outer Space or, alternatively, Arturia’s Tape Delay 201.

  38. Federico Cozza


    My favourite sound design tool is Sonnox Claro. I bought it only a few weeks ago, but its brilliant and useful “three stages” workflow has made Claro quickly become my favourite tool. It provides the right tools at the right time.

  39. Álvaro