Hornet Plugins Sybilla De-Esser Plugin Is FREE For 48 Hours!


Hornet Plugins offers Sybilla (€12,99 value), an intelligent de-esser, as a FREE download for the next 48 hours.

OK, so we generally cover a lot of limited-time offers, but this time, limited really means LIMITED!

It’s the free plugin equivalent of Arnie yelling, “Get to the Chopper! 🚁” because it expires in under 48 hours (27th November).

Admittedly, I’ve exaggerated ever so slightly for dramatic effect; realistically, if I had almost two days to get to the chopper, and Arnie yelled like a maniac, I’d say, Arnie, chill out, I’ll go in a minute, you’re really starting to annoy people.

You get the idea; if you want to grab Sybilla (usually €12.99) while it’s free, do it very soon.

Sybilla is an intelligent de-esser because it automatically finds the right frequencies.

There are plenty of de-essers available, and many of them are free, like Loades from Analog Obsession. But, the appeal of Sybilla is that it aims to deliver musical and consistent results very quickly with minimal effort.

It does so by separating the input signal into eight bands, specifically selected to target sibilant sounds. Sybilla then uses a VCA-modeled compressor to deliver a consistently smooth output that might be more difficult if we get too enthusiastic with a manual approach.

The plugin also features Envelope Followers, designed to be perfect for speech, which ensures musical and not overly-intrusive de-essing.

Sybilla has only two knobs; Effect Amount and Dry/Wet output, so it pretty much does all of the heavy lifting for you. Once Sybilla detects the right frequencies automatically, you decide how hard you want the effect to go to work, and that’s it.

De-essers aren’t typically seen as the most exciting plugins, but they do an essential job. Sybilla could be one of those plugins that makes life a little bit easier when you don’t have time to spare.

I’ve gone on about Black Friday sales enough (until the next post), so instead, here’s a reminder that the Cypher Future Bass sample pack from Minimal Audio is now free.

Sybilla is available in 64-bit AU, VST2, VST2, and AAX formats for macOS (10.11 upwards) and Windows (Vista upwards).

Download: Sybilla (FREE until Sunday)


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  1. Michael Jackson


    There has been some terrible problems with their website lately. Gateway time-outs from cloudflare.com. Had this same problem when purchasing a plugin a month ago. They need to dedicate some time to fixing this issue.

  2. cannot open this on mac? i know about security&pricacy -> open anyway, but this tends to work only with actual apps?
    S1 gave error when scanning, already deleted and readded to VST folder and it does not show up, also not in plugin manager.
    not the 1st that that this happened, and only with hornet plugins
    anybody else had this issue?

  3. James Nugent making a big deal out of a 48-hours-only time LIMITED offer, gave me my first smile of the day, thankyou! :)

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