Old School Keys Kontakt Library Is FREE For A Limited Time


Splash Sound offers the Old School Keys sound library for NI Kontakt as a FREE download for a limited time.

Old School Keys by Splash Sound (usually $43) is a library of five classic keyboards, and it’s free until December 7th, 2022. The library requires Kontakt 5.6.8 or higher and is not compatible with the free Kontakt Player.

Old School Keys features the Classic Electric Piano, FM Electric Piano, Hammond Jazz Organ, Kawai Funk Organ, and Acoustic Upright Piano.

Splash Sound sampled instruments like a 1974 Fender Rhodes and the 90s classic, the Korg Trinity.

Back when I first started gigging, the Nord Stage wasn’t around, you didn’t see red keyboards everywhere, and most of us music students were broke anyway and gigging with things like the Roland JV-30. I bought a second-hand Korg Trinity, and I remember thinking it was the coolest thing ever with its DeLorean-like finish. In hindsight, not much of what we did back then was cool, silver keyboard or not, but I wish I still had it for the nostalgia!

If you aren’t already familiar with the sound of the keyboards featured in this library, they are classic, retro sounds, as the name suggests.

You can use the Classic EP sound on just about any style of music, and it’s ideal for the kind of percussive comping you hear in lots of 80s movie feel-good Electro-Pop-Funk.

The FM EP is one of the most recognizable sounds of the 80s and 90s.

The organs cover a decent range of playing styles to suit various genres. Between the HJ Organ (Hammond-like) and the KF Organ (Kawai Funk), you can do everything from classic Funk chops to lush swells and Jimmy-Smith-style melodies. With just those three techniques, you could put the organs to work on genres like Gospel, Old School Hip Hop, Retro House/Dance, Traditional Jazz, and more.

The last sound is the Pop Piano (upright), which has you covered for any I-V-vi-IV song you want to play, although I heard if you play any Justin Bieber, it will melt your keyboard, so be warned (not yet confirmed as factual).

The library has nine patches for a quick start and eight classic effects, including a Vintage Tape Saturator and Leslie Tone Cabinet.

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Old School Keys requires the full (paid) version of Kontakt.

Download: Old School Keys (FREE for a limited time) 


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