Black Friday 2022 Plugin Deals For Music Producers


Black Friday 2022 is almost here, and now is the best time to upgrade your music production software setup while saving money. BPB handpicked the best Black Friday plugin deals and freebies for music producers. The article will be updated daily until the end of November.

The list contains three sections: Software Deals (featuring discounted VST plugins and digital audio workstations), Soundware Deals (featuring discounted sample packs and Kontakt libraries), and Freebies.

The no-brainer deals are highlighted in red, and deals on recommended products are highlighted in yellow. Expired deals are crossed out. Look for the 🆕 icon to find the latest Black Friday deals.

We invite you to share your favorite deals and offers in the comments section below (thank you! ❤️). The best suggestions will be added to the article.

Let the Black Friday 2022 season on BPB officially begin!

FULL DISCLOSURE: This article contains partner links.

Software Deals – Black Friday 2022 💻

Soundware Deals – Black Friday 2022 🔊

Hardware Deals – Black Friday 2022 🤖

  • offers up to 60% OFF fan-favorites and hidden hardware gems:
  • Sweetwater runs a no-brainer $29 deal on the TC Electronic TC8210-DT reverb plugin with a dedicated hardware controller.
  • Arturia launches Crazy Deal: purchase a MiniLab MkII or KeyLab Essential controller, and get 3 best-selling Arturia plugins for free! Thanks to BPB reader Simon for the info!

Freebies – Black Friday 2022 🎁

  • T-Compressor by Techivation is FREE until November 15h.
  • Little Radiator by Soundtoys is FREE until January 2nd.
  • UVI Prime8+ is FREE for a limited time.
  • Waves Audio will release a FREE plugin on Black Friday. You can sign up now.
  • Audiolens audio analyzer by iZotope is FREE until November 22nd.
  • SubLab virtual synthesizer is FREE with a $2 subscription at Loopcloud.
  • T-RackS Classic Clipper by IK Multimedia is FREE for a limited time.
  • Experiverb by Audiomodern is FREE for a limited time.
  • SynthMaster One app for iOS is FREE for a limited time.
  • Dustbin by Caelum Audio is FREE until December 5th.
  • Clone by Thenatan is FREE for a limited time with coupon code BFFREE.
  • Cinematic Downfalls cinematic effects library by Keepfores is FREE for a limited time. Thanks to BPB reader OldDoGO for the info!
  • Cypher by Minimal Audio is FREE for a limited time. Thanks to BPB reader OldDoGO for the info!
  • The One is a free Moog One sound pack for Ableton Live, released by Expanding Sound.
  • Chord Organ is a new free Decent Sampler library by Decent Samples.
  • LoFi Flux Light by Yum Audio is FREE for a limited time.
  • BPB Dirty Filter Plus is a new FREE plugin by Bedroom Producers Blog.
  • Lil Tube by Waves Audio is FREE until Cyber Monday.
  • Sybilla by Hornet Plugins is FREE for 48 hours only!
  • Rainsong by Soundiron is FREE for a limited time. Thanks to BPB reader Angie Angel for the info!
  • 🆕 FX In The Jar by Function Loops is a FREE (for a limited time) collection of sound effects.
  • 🆕 Subsocial Studios offer all sample packs for FREE for a limited time ($10 value per pack).
  • 🆕 Tape Drum Bites by One Man Tribe is FREE for a limited time.

Come back soon! Our Black Friday 2022 article will be updated daily with new deals and freebies until December 1st, 2022.

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About Author

Tomislav is a music producer and sound designer from Belgrade, Serbia. He is also the founder and editor-in-chief at Bedroom Producers Blog.


  1. Hmmm, ngl, I don’t feel enticed by any of the deals this year (even the PB bundjes are underwhelming to me), maybe I’ve finally hit the saturation point of owning plugins…

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      These are early deals, though. I’m sure there will be more deals as we approach Black Friday. So far, Lunacy Audio CUBE Mini is my favorite one for $10.

  2. if anyone needs a MeldaProduction – Referral – Coupon, feel free to use mine. (:


    Adds 20% Off the current 50% Black Friday Sales.

    And dont forget to sign up for their Newsletter for another 10 Credits.

  3. Thank you for the list. An addition: Steinberg is offering 50% off Wavelab, Dorico and Absolute.

    Would like to read something about this instrument Excalibur from Noise Art. Seems like a sample-player with
    orchestral instruments. But from what I find on the internet I cannot judge the quality of the product.

  4. Hey Tomislav, fantastic list as always! We’ve got a huge sale fired up over on A Sound Effect too, with up to 70% off 1500+ sound libraries, plugins and instruments + lots of ongoing flash sales, freebies & more.

    Here’s where’s it’s happening: – hope it can make your list as well?

    Thanks and best wishes,
    – Asbjoern

  5. I read about a cloud data storage company that markets particularly to musicians which tends to offer discounts on Black Friday.

    If anyone knows about this, I’d love to see it listed so I don’t have to look up the link myself.

  6. Waldorf has released their hardware string machine Streichfett as a plugin, an offer it for a limited time at 2/3 of the regular sales price at €33

  7. Hey Tom, thanks again for your awesome list and thanks for the time you take to share your helpful info here, also thank you to everyone else who kindly shares links here as well, its really helpful, much appreciated.
    Just to let you know…UVI Prime8 free offer has expired now.

  8. Arturia is tempting. If you don’t own anything by them you can pick up the tape mello freebie and I think even Lab V lite can be picked up cheap or free on the internet somewhere. Once you do this, you will get even bigger discounts.
    I am getting Pigments at $69. If I buy this, it will further reduce Analog V to $149 (!!). That’s a 75% discount.
    If I buy both (in that order), the FX collection is $99. I will skip the fax though.

  9. Not sure where this fits but; I grabbed the free Soundtoys Little Radiator the other day and now see the upgrade to the full verison in my account for $19 which seems a deal.

    • Or you can upgrade/trade in your existing soundtoys plugins to/for the full Soundtoys5 bundle for a reduced price. With little Radiator the Offer is 209$ instead of 229, if you have more than one,the discount ramps up to 55%.

      You can get Little Radiator for free on their own Website with Promo Code “HOLIDAYHEAT”.

      It’s somewhat like the Arturia offer. Maybe there are more plugins you can get from them.

  10. Celemony offers 50% off Melodyne Elements and also 50% off the upgrade from Melodyne Element (any version) to Melodyne Assistant

  11. The Syntorial super deal appears to be over. When I went yesterday, it had a “natural” markdown to $65 on the splash page, and the coupon code got it to down to $39, which is great. Unfortunately I got interrupted and never clicked on the “buy” button. When I returned today the splash page had the regular price of $129, and the coupon code got it to $65.

    So it’s still half off, but no longer $39.

  12. Darren Mc Master-Smith


    I got BFD 3 working by installing to default locations.

    I don’t know why but installing the data to a different HD,fudged the software for me.

  13. Wrongtools offering 40%OFF with discount code BWKND22
    “And, there’s a new experimental freebie added to Your Account called Bjoll.”
    Not shure about “the new experimental freebie”

  14. AIR Music Technology products are on sale on Plugin Boutique. prices start from 10$ for Xpand!2, Velvet 2, Mini Grand etc…..
    Their products are amazing so Would definitely recommend this opportunity for someone looking to buy something from AIR.

  15. Michal Ochedowski


    I’m not sure if this is an error or an actual offer, but at the moment AIR Boom is listed on their website for 1.26 USD.

  16. Splash Sound offer free retro keys for Kontakt (full version required) until Dec 7, reg cost $43

  17. Rainsong by Soundiron for full Kontakt is available for free

  18. – up to 82% off until December 2nd
    (Aditionally: They have give you the Xtressor Nuke for free which I don’t whether it is free only during the black friday sale. Also they say you can “Use code ADC1_5599 to get ADC1 Comp for $55.99 at checkout” but it didn’t work for me on a free order. Maybe only works with paid purchase)

  19. 1. – (40% off until December 1st)
    2. – (Up to 60% off)
    3. – (Up to 25% off until January first)
    4. – (Up to 80% off only until 27th November)
    5. – (50% off everything)
    6. – (Up to 50% off)
    7. – (Use the code INRDBLK22 at checkout to get a 40% off discount on any purchase)
    8. – (Up to 70% off until November 28th)
    9. – (38% Off of YLM2 – Youlean Loudness Meter 2 Pro – until Dec 10th)

    And a very special one:
    10. – ( UP to +5%) :-D

  20. Small Winters (Granular Splice Multitrack) is an idiosyncratic looper inspired by tape collage and microsound. The device comes with the album Small Winters by Taylor Deupree and is available now through Puremagnetik on Bandcamp. Until November 30th, get Small Winters for only $1

  21. This is greatly appreciated guys!!

    I see this is probably a lot of work, though. So I will say that it would be equally appreciated if the post just had the bigger discounts. Nobody wants you guys to burn out.

    I hope you got some great deals for yourselves.

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