ToneBoosters Release FREE TB Goniometer Plugin


ToneBoosters released TB Goniometer, a freeware stereo image analysis and visualization plugin for Windows, macOS, and iOS.

TB Goniometer is a tool for analyzing the audio signal’s stereo balance and correlation spectrum in real time. It is completely free to download from the TobeBoosters website.

In addition to uncovering stereo balance issues, TB Goniometer is useful for ensuring that your mix is mono-compatible. With so many mono playback devices in everyday use (mobile phones, tablets, portable Bluetooth speakers), mono compatibility is super important.

TB Goniometer helps you visualize the stereo properties of your mix and makes it easier to uncover potential issues. Of course, listening to your mix in mono is the best way to make sure that it is mono compatible, but a tool like TB Goniometer will help you figure out how to correct any existing stereo issues.

Taking a closer look at TB Goniometer’s key features, the plugin offers a goniometer, a correlation meter, a correlation spectrum, and a left/right spectrum display. It is fully cross-platform, so you’ll get the same quality on desktop and portable devices.

In terms of visuals, TB Goniometer comes with a sleek user interface that is freely resizable. The default color scheme is perfect for those late-night mixing sessions, but additional color schemes are available if you prefer lighter designs. The plugin also includes a preset manager, making it easy to save your settings for later use or across different devices.

TB-Goniometer offers multiple color schemes.

It’s also worth mentioning that the plugin is optimized for low CPU use. Thanks to its efficiency, you can use multiple instances of TB Goniometer in a project without a noticeable performance impact.

TB Goniometer is available in VST2, VST3, AAX, Audio Unit, and standalone formats for Windows and macOS. The software is also available as an iOS app (for the iPad).

While visiting the Tone Boosters website, we recommend checking out the developer’s Legacy software bundle. These discontinued plugins aren’t supported, but some of them are still very useful mixing tools, and they’re free to use.

Download: TB Goniometer (212 MB download size, ZIP archive containing EXE installer)


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  1. Good looking out for those disconinued/unsupported plugins. My personal favorites are Ferox, Time Machine, Reelbus and Module.

  2. Wow! Amazing! Yesterday I visited TB website because of download new demo for plugins…

    Thanks Mr. Jeroen Breebaart!

  3. Nice. Thx I’ve been using Reelbus, Ferox, Barricade and Sibalance (v3 is still one of the best and most flexible de-essers you can find free or paid and v4 is even better) since day one. I will upgrade to version 4, at least Reelbus and Sibalance (Ferox doesn’t exist as a separate plugin any more, but it’s inside of Reelbus instead).

  4. Looks like a cool tool… too bad there doesn’t seem to be a standalone installer option. The last thing I want is ANOTHER random developer-specific plugin installer.

    • It is not an installation manager that downloads installers. It is a bundled standalone installer that lets you choose which plugin to install (similar to Meldas installer). Default setting is to install all plugins so first select install no plugins, then find GonioMeter and select install this.

  5. Oh, I did not realize, the plugins I bought just 5 years ago are now freeware!!
    ReelBus v3 being my favorite one, always on my master bus, and it seems ReelBus v4 cannot achieve the same good ol’ sound… so…

    “The Windows and macOS versions of the TrackEssentials and BusTools (v3) plug-ins are enjoying their well-deserved retirement after being in service for over a decade and are now made available as freeware”

    Enjoy, everything is here =>, in the ”
    Where can I find older (legacy v3) plug-ins?” section

      • To be honest, I have no idea, I have read this many times… I did not rest it myself as I am very happy with my V3 and don’t see why I would need to pay to get the v4 :)

  6. Well, they’re different plugins. While v3 emulates famous reel to reel recorders, v4 doesn’t (even though, under “saturate”, one can select tape saturation modes obtained from Ferox, ReelBus v2 and ReelBus v3) and let’s you make your own tape machines. That’s why I want to have both of them but if I had to, I would probably choose v4 over v3. Still, I can imagine that some people like v3 better. Horses for courses and all that…

  7. where does in install???
    it doesn’t give you a choice and it’s not gone in the usual default windows folder of Steinberg etc.
    anyone found it?

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