Waves Sibilance Is FREE For BPB Readers (LICENSES DELIVERED)


Waves Audio offers the Sibilance ($79 value) de-esser plugin as a FREE download for all Bedroom Producers Blog readers for a limited time. UPDATE: The offer has expired. If you signed up, your Waves Sibilance (V14) license should be in your inbox soon.

Sign up today to receive your Waves Sibilance (V14) serial number on December 16th, 2022. The giveaway is powered by SendOwl.

Keep reading to learn more about Waves Sibilance and to reserve your free license.

Waves Sibilance – The Cleanest De-Esser Plugin?

A de-esser is an essential mixing tool that is often necessary for processing recorded vocals. It uses compression to attenuate or completely remove sibilance, resulting in a more professional sound. The idea sounds straightforward on paper, but it isn’t always easy to pull off.

Sibilance is a transparent de-esser plugin powered by Waves Audio’s innovative Organic ReSynthesis technology. You can use Sibilance to remove harshness from vocal recordings while preserving the natural timbre.

When we tested Waves Sibilance, it did a perfect job of filtering out the unwanted sibilance and harshness from vocals without introducing artifacts.

We tested multiple de-esser plugins over the years, and Sibilance stands out as one of the cleanest-sounding options. It’s rare for a de-esser plugin to sound natural when more intensive processing is applied, but Sibilance manages to do this.

Sibilance’s transparent sound isn’t its only advantage, though. The plugin features an intuitive interface that makes it easy to detect and remove the harsh “s” sounds. It’s quick, easy to use, and does its job incredibly well.

Waves Sibilance – FREE Download

Waves Sibilance typically costs $79 (currently on sale for $29), but Bedroom Producers Blog readers can get a FREE license for a limited time.

To reserve your Waves Sibilance serial number, click the teal “SIGN UP NOW” button below and complete the checkout process. You can sign up until 10 am (GMT) on December 16th, 2022.


  • We will deliver your Sibilance (V14) serial number at 8pm (GMT) on December 16th, 2022. The provided serial number will let you register Sibilance (V14) to your Waves Audio user account.
  • Please double-check your email address when signing up. We always receive at least a dozen emails from readers who didn’t get their license, and it turns out there was a typo when they signed up (@gmil.com, @gamil.com, and @htmail.com are some common culprits).
  • Please safelist [email protected] in your email account. We use SendOwl to deliver the licenses, and this will prevent the email from bouncing or being detected as spam.
  • Subscribing to BPB’s weekly newsletter is entirely optional.

UPDATE: We sent the licenses! 🥳

Please check your inbox. We sent out thousands of emails, so it could take a while before all licenses are delivered.

Thank you for reading BPB, and we hope you’ll enjoy your FREE copy of Waves Sibilance (V14).

Many thanks to Waves Audio for offering Sibilance as a FREE download for BPB readers. Waves Audio just launched the Holiday Sale, offering all plugins for $29.99 (per plugin) and two additional FREE plugins when you purchase any two products.

Also, a big THANK YOU to SendOwl for handling the technical side of this giveaway. We highly recommend SendOwl as a platform for distributing digital and physical goods.

If you like this deal, please leave a comment below (thank you!). 💬

We’d love to hear what you think about it. Quite honestly, the more comments on posts like this one, the more it shows how powerful our community is, and the bigger the chances we’ll have other epic freebies on BPB in the future.

Thank you for being a part of BPB! ❤️

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About Author

Tomislav is a music producer and sound designer from Belgrade, Serbia. He is also the founder and editor-in-chief at Bedroom Producers Blog.


  1. Dear Tomislav,

    another freebie from BPB. I probably pass on it since I do not use vocals.

    Anyway, BPB is an incredible website with lots of info, well balanced reviews and pointers to freebies and deals.
    I’d like to thank you, your friends and colleagues and all people contributing to this website from the bottom of my heart. Keep going!

    Season’s greetings and I wish you and your family as well as all readers of this blog a merry christmas!
    Best regards

  2. You get solid recognition out there from developers, readers, followers, free-s***-lurkers, and people like me who get sucked into every deal above 90% discount even though I don’t need another compressor with a button labelled ‘smash’ that does nothing useful. This is pretty much a daily read.

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      Awesome to hear, thanks JV! Haha, yes, I have more plugins than I’d ever be able to use, and I’m still downloading freebies like there’s no tomorrow. That’s how BPB was born in the first place. :)

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      Just to clarify, Waves Audio is offering the freebie! And SendOwl is helping with the technical side of things.

  3. Thanks so much & well done Tomislav, BPB & Waves. An awesome plugin and a very appreciated and kind gift, many thanks & best wishes.

  4. Glad that MRG stated that a deesser can be used on harsh cymbals or other things to eliminate harshness. I think a de-esser could work well on harsh brass instruments. Thank you all at bedroom producers blog. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year’s.

  5. Frits van Zanten


    For me this plugin isn’t really free, since I’d need to upgrade to V.14, rendering all my other Waves plugins needing a license update. I’ll pass. Waves update and license policy isn’t encouraging for me anyway, being not a professional producer (rather a real bedroom producer), willing to pay for updates every year. Bedroom producing and Waves don’t go well together, I think.

    • As a hobbyist that is also how I have come to look at it. Waves IMO are for the pro’s first and foremost, like Adobe software you need to renew every year

    • Some alternatives:
      Lisp by Sleepy-Time DSP (Win32/Win64 VST only)
      DeEsser by Dead Duck (Win32/Win64 VST Only)
      DeEss and DeBess by Airwindows (No GUI but Win/OSX/Linux VST/AU)
      Loades by Analog Obsession (Win/OSX VST/VST3/AU)

    • Is this how waves works? I’m fairly new to using their products, but I have both V.13 and V.14 products available to use that i’ve obtained for free..

      Will I eventually lose access to them once my licenses expire or am I misunderstanding?

      • they dont expire, you can use them as long as they are compatible.
        for the new version you will have to pay, they ask you to do that upgrade after one year.
        and i dont know how it works if you want to go from 13 to 15 for example, maybe the possibility to do an upgrade expires after one year and you have to buy the plugin at full price again in order to get the new version?
        maybe somebody could explain that case here as well?

      • Frits van Zanten


        I might be wrong, but it so confusing. Waves does send me mails with instructions about this, but since they send generally two advertising mails per day I made a separate folder for them (to avoid the notification bell ringing 10-20 times a week for Waves only) and I lost sight of those useful ones. I hope someone can explain. But when I searched for it yesterday this seemed to be the conclusion.

    • Hi Frits! Just a clarification. I have licensed wave products of v11, v12, v13 and 14 without compatibility problems. So no need to update.

      All the best,

  6. Thank you Tomislav and BPB Team. I don’t read BPB much but should start adding it to my list. Going to try Sibilance in a live setting at my church through Live Professor to do off mixing board processing of vocals. hopefully will work without crashing.

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      Hey John, I hope Sibilance will work for you. It’s my favorite de-esser. As for BPB, thanks! We also have an email newsletter and an RSS feed (the links are at the bottom of the page).

    • You have to click on the “sign up” tab (just above where it says: Many thanks to Waves Audio for offering Sibilance as a FREE)

  7. I just wanted to say that i received the license and already registered it. Everything worked fine.

    Thank you so much Tomislav,BPB and Waves.

  8. Tom, BPB, thank you so much.
    Just to let you know, i got your email with my Sssibilance licccence key 😊 and all is awesome, all registered ok with Waves and no issues to report.
    Much love and appreciation and thanks so much again for everything you do Tom & BPB 🙏
    Many thanks to Waves and also SendOwl too, this is very kind and is much appreciated 💛

  9. Is there a reason why some of us did not receive a license email today? :(
    It was no typo in my mail, I received the “signing up” mail from [email protected] a few days ago.

    I was excited about Sibilance because I already bought some other plugins in Waves $29.99 sale a few days ago 💛

  10. Hi BPB,

    I also wanted to come back and say thank you – I got the Sibilance license key and registered it successfully. I really appreciate it :)

  11. Hi! I signed up to receive the free product, but I didn’t receive the serial code.

    BPB – Your FREE Waves Sibilance serial key will arrive on December 16th!

    Hi Lauro,

    Tomislav from Bedroom Producers Blog here. Thank you for signing up to get a FREE copy of Waves Sibilance (V14).

    Your Order ID is:

    Please keep your Order ID for later reference.

    We will deliver your Waves Sibilance serial key on December 16th, 2022.

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