Arturia Releases Filter MS-20 Plugin (Free For A Limited Time)


Arturia releases Filter MS-20 for macOS and Windows, free until January 2nd, 2023.

Arturia’s Filter MS-20 delivers some of the sonic characteristics of the iconic MS-20 synth, and the good news is it’s free, for now, at least.

Filter MS-20 is available for free download until January 2nd, 2023; after which it will cost €99, so don’t miss it.

The plugin emulates the MS-20 synth filter and distortion effect, thanks to Arturia’s True Analog Emulation technology.

It’s not the first time we’ve seen Arturia emulate sections of iconic synths; I was a fan of their Juno Chorus emulation, JUN-6, so I’m pretty excited about this one.

Arturia calls Filter MS-20 an enhanced go-to effect for creative mixing and radical sound exploration and a punchy sound energizer. Both descriptions seem pretty fitting when you think of some artists who, for periods, built their sound around the MS-20 (Chemical Brothers, Aphex Twin, Daft Punk).

The interface has the look of a hardware unit and a similar knob per function workflow. There are three simple sections: Distortion, Filter, and Output.

The simple workflow makes it easy to dial in the desired sound or perform those classic filter sweeps. You can modulate/animate Filter MS-20’s virtual circuitry and reroute the Filter/Distortion sections, which means this plugin offers more than just a little crunch.

If you do want that famous crunch, it’s perfect for fat bass sounds, especially in House and Techno music.

Whatever kind of music you make, I’m sure you could put Filter MS-20 to good use.

I’ve been an Arturia fan for years; initially, it was their KeyLab MIDI controllers that impressed me, and I still use them now (I think they have some of the best-feeling semi-weighted keys, and the aftertouch is excellent). But I’ve been pleasantly surprised with their plugins and virtual instruments more recently.

I might be an Arturia fan, but I think it’s a no-brainer for anyone; grab Filter MS-20 while it’s free!

While you’re at it, why not grab our BPB Dirty Filter Plus, too?!

Do it!

Download: Arturia Filter MS-20 (FREE until January 2nd, 2023)


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  1. Thanks Arturia :-)

    Audiolatry has made RetroVibes free during the christmas period ($10 value)

  2. This is a nice freebie but it’s gonna have to be realllly good to replace dirty filter which has been my go to since it’s release.

  3. Thanks for informing us about the deal, James. As a big fan of filtering, I would have been chewing my teeth if I hadn’t grabbed the freebie, so I appreciate it. Have a wonderful upcoming Christmas!

  4. Interesting!
    I haven’t really gotten around to using “standalone” “synthfilters”. I got Asturias moog one too.
    Any tips or ideas? :)

  5. I met a producer a few weeks ago that owns an Arturia mini lab and he was pretty upset about it. He said Arturia made some update to the firmware that made the controller work best on Ableton Live while bugging its functioning all over every other daw. That made me sad bc Arturia mini lab was my dream midi controller…

  6. Kind of tedious licensing manager though, great that its a holiday gift, but not worth the hassle in my opinion. Same BS that Soundtoys does. If you want a free plugin, you have install all of them.

    • Arturia individual installer:

      Soundtoys individual installers:

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