HorNet Plugins Release FREE Molla Spring Reverb


HorNet Plugins releases Molla, a freeware spring reverb plugin for Windows and macOS.

Molla is a spring reverb based on SpringVerb by HorNet Plugins but with simplified controls.

Being a spring reverb, Molla is not best suited for all applications. However, the plugin has a pleasing character to it, which works quite well with certain sources like guitar and synth leads. Molla is also simple to use, so it’s a nice tool to have at your disposal when mixing.

Despite its simplistic interface, there is a fair amount of variety that can be coaxed out of Molla. Reverberation times can be short and splashy, merely meant to evoke a dark synthetic room. Adjustments can be made to make it highly diffuse and cavernous.

The interface has a trio of crucial controls. Pre-delay functions how you’d expect, offering a short delay before the signal is subjected to reverberation.

Density functions as a diffusion control. At 0%, it is dark and metallic, with 100% serving as a smooth and gentle reverb. Dry/wet is self-descriptive and doesn’t seem to introduce any phase issues.

Molla, at its core, is a simple but pleasing spring reverb. While it doesn’t lend itself as well to all sources, like a plate or room reverb might, it certainly has a place in your plugin folder. Spring reverbs have a lo-fi quality that works great for applying a subtle vintage vibe to your music.

Speaking of lo-fi spring reverbs, check out our BPB Dirty Spring plugin. It is completely free to download and use.

Installation is simple, and HorNet Plugins doesn’t use copy protection for their products. However, users are required to share the release on social media via Facebook or Twitter in order to get the download link.

Molla is available for Windows and macOS and offers up Apple Silicon M1 support. Windows users have access to VST2, VST3, and AAX formats. Mac users have the option of VST2, VST3, AU, and AAX.

Download: Molla


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  1. Well, I guess it sucks to be someone who doesn’t use Facebook or Twitter. Luckily, the BPB Dirty Spring works great, and doesn’t require any nonsense.

  2. Hi, what a stupid way (my opinion) to get the download for a free plugin. I don’t use Facebook or Twitter, nor do I intend to, but luckily BPB has a great alternative.

  3. Oi, how lame to require Facebook or Twitter for the download. I don’t use either. Luckily, BPBs Dirty Sprint works great too. Cheers.

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