HALO Lite Is FREE For A Limited Time With This Coupon (OFFER EXPIRED)


DH Plugins offer the HALO Lite ($20 value) virtual instrument as a free download for a limited time. UPDATE: The offer expired.

HALO Lite is the lightweight version of DH Plugins’ rompler plugin HALO. It features an easy-to-use interface and simple yet powerful modulation possibilities.

Of course, the lightweight HALO Lite plugin is less equipped than its full-fledged counterpart. But even so, it is a formidable plugin that has the same sound engine as HALO. You get the same quality of sound for a lower price.

And now, with a coupon code, HALO Lite is free for a limited time. This gives you an opportunity to try out this very cool synth at no cost whatsoever.

What sets HALO apart from other soft synths is its hybrid approach to sound crafting. It uses samples, a sub, and an oscillator-based synth, all in combination to create unique-sounding instruments. Hence it is not just a ROMpler or a regular synth.

HALO Lite combines the best of both worlds to give you a deep, layered, and highly textured sound. You can also choose to turn off any of the layers and choose to use just one or two layers. So you can easily use it to create only sub sounds or only synth sounds or use just a sample sound, as you deem fit.

The modulation options are deep and fairly expanded, including a step sequencer modulation option, which makes it easy to create rhythmic modulations with great dynamic detail right inside the instrument. Add to that the ability to randomly generate wave shapes, LFO shapes, and sample bank selections to get unexpected and surprising sounds that you may not have thought of.

It also has a master EQ and four filters, along with a dedicated pitch envelope. Put together, HALO Lite is quite fully featured. It comes with 43 presets that cover the usual types of sounds, such as leads, bass, pads, etc. It has 3 distortion modes, including waveshaping distortion.

HALO Lite is a 64-bit VST3 plugin compatible with Windows and Mac. It is ready for Apple M1 chips, and each purchase gives you three license activations, which is a great option for those who have multiple machines to work on.

Get HALO Lite for free for a limited time with the coupon HAPPY-HALODAYS at the official website.

UPDATE: The offer expired.

Download: HALO Lite (FREE with coupon code HAPPY-HALODAYS for a limited time)


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  1. Same here, the coupon doesn’t exist. Indeed, a very time limited offer. Too bad, they won’t be getting my interest in the paid version then.

    • Nada no funciona, El cupón no existe, una oferta muy limitada. Una pena, no captarán mi interés en la versión paga.

  2. They did this recently – promoted an offer in a music magazine, and then when you went to the website it was “expired.”

  3. This was given away by WA Production back in September! If you check this site everyday, check your WA account, you might have it already!

  4. What a joke and what a marketing fail from an unknown developer. How stupid to get out of an promotion this way. And then with this code :)

    Anyway, still happy Halodays ;) to everyone, go make music with some other stuff, there is plenty around.

  5. I tried emailing them at the support email address on their website, and that email address isn’t accepting emails. Poor show – this is a good looking product, I’d love to try it out, but their marketing is dishonest and their support email address doesn’t work. NOT a good look!

  6. There is an audible pop when opening up an instance of this, I wonder how many speakers it has damaged. I couldn’t actually get this to open in Cakewalk, it would always crash the DAW when trying.

    Finally got it open after dusting off Reaper but tbh, if it won’t open in Cakewalk its useless to me.

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