Klavir Is A FREE Petrof Piano Virtual Instrument By Mntra Sounds


MNTRA released Klavir, a free upright piano virtual instrument powered by the MNDALA sound engine.

Klavir is a free sample-based upright piano. But before we get into the details, we should take a closer look at its platform. It’s not powered by Kontakt, Decent Sampler, or any of the currently popular romplers. Instead, it uses a sound engine developed by MNTRA.

MNTRA is a relatively new sound design company that has been working hard on creating audio content for its MNDALA sound engine.

Designed for extreme audio manipulation, the MNDALA audio engine is based on ultrasonic recordings reproduced at very high quality – 24bit/96Khz. The most remarkable thing about this plugin is that recordings are done at 32bit/384Khz!

The platform has a unique sound design approach that goes in-depth while maintaining a simple and easy-to-use interface. Given the complexities of older-generation audio engines and their convoluted UI and workflow, having something this powerful and straightforward to use is a blessing.

Combined with a unique animated UI, over 60 real-time control parameters, and 6 samplers, there is really little more we could ask for.

Best of all, it is free!

Unlike similar products like the free Kontakt Player, which is pretty limited compared to its paid version, MNDALA is entirely free. So when you look at Klavir, a brand new free instrument for MNDALA, it is essential to understand the border context of the MNDALA audio engine.

Klavir is a painstakingly recorded upright piano with a beautiful and versatile sound. It is a high-quality piano instrument that lives up to the standards set by MNDALA. It has pristine sound quality and fantastic versatility.

The recording has been done with one modern and one retro ribbon mic, allowing you to create the feel you like the best. It comes with presets for those who want to just plug and play, but it really shines for those willing to dig into the MNDALA interface and go deeper into sound design territory. That is, after all, the primary purpose of the audio engine Klavir is designed for.

It was created from recordings of a Petrof upright piano, giving it a rich timbral presence and delicate feel. It has all the sounds you might look for – melodic piano sounds to ambient soundscapes – sounds that easily fit into almost any production style.

The overall sound quality is top-notch, and the engine is a favorite of many well-known sound designers. MNTRA is steadily releasing new sounds for MNDALA, which is compatible with all DAWs and works on Windows and macOS.

You will have to download and install MNDALA separately and also create an account that you will need to log into the plugin and access your sounds. You will receive a license key that will activate Klavir inside of MNDALA.

Download: Klavir 


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  1. Peter Dillon-Parkin


    Downloaded MNDALA and KLAVIR. Installed MNDALA then KLAVIR. Couldn’t load presets, as the program couldn’t find any. Finally found some after doing the same thing about six times. Having gotten that far, MNDALA just killed Studio One (version 6). When I restarted Studio One, it suggested that I should block MNDALA, which I have done.
    I work in software so I’m used to things dropping dead, and will try again when there’s a new version. It may be brilliant, but unfortunately, the interface is awful. it’s another case of reinventing the wheel for no good reason. As a result, you can’t tell whether you’re doing something wrong, or MNDALA not finding anything, or some third, possibly inscrutable other reason. Keep It Simple and Stupid (KISS). No one uses software to have the fun of solving a puzzle; we use it for work.

  2. MNDALA can be a hassle, feels a bit laggy at times and it never remembers my account so I have to login everytime I launch it. That said, I think the quality of their sound libraries is fantastic, and this piano is no different. The raw sound is great and the experimental presets are pretty inspirational for sound design and cinematic stuff for instance.

    • I also have problems with it not remembering my account (using Reaper).

      It’s frustrating when opening project files, something will sound off in the mix, then I realise it’s because my mndala instruments aren’t recognized/playing until I log back in.

      Hope there’s a fix for this, because I love the sounds it makes, but this recurring issue stops me from reaching for it.

  3. Frits van Zanten


    i experience many problems with Windows. It seems they have messy updates at the moment. A lot of things that worked fine on my PC now stall, cause BSODs, crackling sound and videos and mp3s slowing down whole playing. My audio interface also doesn’t work anymore.

    • Hmm, I’m not sure why you’re having so much trouble. I’ve placed a couple orders with MNDALA and I’ve never had any issues with the checkout process.

      What internet browser are you using?

    • Peter Dillon-Parkin


      It really it. It’s a triumph of form over function – it looks like a we’d designer from hell’s idea of ‘cool’.

  4. I’ve tried MNDALA a few times (old/new version) and each time it didn’t really work. Maybe the sounds are out-of-this-world good, but everything else is a complete disaster and a reason for me to leave it alone.

    • Peter Dillon-Parkin


      I’d probably agree, if I’d got any sounds from it before it killed Studio One. I suspect we’re all alpha testers, and as long as you have the same setup as the coders/testers at the company you’ll be fine. Good luck with that approach.

  5. Peter Dillon-Parkin


    I’d probably agree, if I’d got any sounds from it before it killed Studio One. I suspect we’re all alpha testers, and as long as you have the same setup as the coders/testers at the company you’ll be fine. Good luck with that approach.

  6. Impossible to create an account. It tells me to input a street address (why?) after a page where there is no box for street address, and then gets rid of the email box and subsequently tells me to enter an email address.

    • Johnny Feedback


      So is this an instrument that works only if you are online, and signed or logged in to MNDALA to access the instruments? I downloaded it, everything was seemingly fine and working. Then after going offline (how I work) it simply crashed my DAW every time I tried to open Klavir in my DAW. Rather than going back online, re signing in just to test using it, I uninstalled it from my computer. I work offline 99% of the time so it may be a fine instrument but for me it’s useless. There was nothing indicating it required a constant online connection. Who wants that? Or maybe I’m mistaken, did I miss something?

  7. I worked with the MNDALA Engine before it was updated and it worked well. Haven’t tried
    the update and the Klavir yet, but this company is a really good one. So if problems occur,
    I think they will fix it. We are definitely not beta-testers as this company has
    already published great libraries that worked well and sounded great.

  8. Yeah, the MNDALA installation routine is subpar, they are not leading the pack with this chaotic mess.

    On the plus side all the MNTRA sounds are recorded in ultrasonic quality. That’s the USP they are known for. If you can handle the installation you get perfect sample quality for pitching and time stretching ;)

    • Peter Dillon-Parkin


      That’s a big “if” though. I got it installed and tried to use it. Result was the first crash I ever had with Studio One. I’m not saying “don’t use it”, I’m suggesting that a) it may be difficult to get it installed and b) test it on a dummy song so if it drops dead it doesn’t take your work with it.

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