GPU Audio Contest Invites You To Create An Impulse Response


GPU Audio is holding an IR competition with some relatively simple steps, and the prizes on offer come from some rather big names like Nvidia, AMD, Sonible, MusicByLukas, and the folks here at Bedroom Producers Blog.

To enter the GPU Audio contest, there are three basic steps you need to follow, which anyone with a little free time can do.

For starters, you’ll need an account over at GPU Audio, which is a painless procedure.

After you’ve created your account, you’ll want to create your own impulse response. If you are new to the concept, this can seem somewhat daunting, but there are a multitude of tutorials online.

The tutorial video by Hainbach is a good starting point.

As GPU Audio explains, “An ‘Impulse Response’ is an audio file which contains the sonic characteristics of an acoustic space (e.g., a church, a cave, or a library), music equipment (e.g., guitar pedals, audio effects) or playback system (e.g., vintage amplifiers). This file is created by playing a sine wave sweep through the frequency range from low to high, while recording how the space or equipment responds to the various frequencies.”

For those who are already familiar with creating impulse responses, why are you still here? Go and create an original impulse response that you think is exciting enough to win the contest.

Once you’ve created your IR, use it to process the sounds from the contest’s Asset Pack and then tag it on YouTube, Instagram, or Soundcloud with #GPUAudioIR.

The final step is just simply sending your IR, a brief writeup of how you created it, and a link to the processed sounds through email.

So,  to summarize:

  • Register an account on GPU Audio’s website;
  • Create an IR upload your IR processing the sounds from the official Asset Pack to Youtube, Instagram, or Soundcloud with the Hashtag #GPUAudioIR;
  • Send your IR and a description of how it was made from your registered email address to the competition email ([email protected]).

Some high-dollar prizes are available for those who do enter. For example, Nvidia has provided an RTX 3080 Ti or 3080 GPU for one lucky contestant. Sonible has provided the smart:bundle, a high-tech AI mixing and mastering bundle to make your audio shine.

Bedroom Producers Blog and Flame Sound offer free copies of the Inferno SFX sound library.

GPU Audio has been making some waves in the last year with its exciting new take on audio processors in the software realm. GPU processing offers up a new realm of speed and precision for certain modeling, and the potential for this sort of software seems near limitless.

Make sure to be quick on creating your IR for the contest. You’ve got until the 23rd of February at 11:59 Pacific Standard Time to submit it.

Who doesn’t love winning free stuff? With a bit of legwork, there’s a chance to win some wonderful prizes in GPU Audio’s competition.

More info: GPU Audio


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