Portatron Tape Synthesizer Is $29 For A Limited Time


Audio Plugin Deals launched a 77% OFF discount on Portatron Tape Synthesizer ($29 sale price), a virtual instrument by Robotic Bean.

Portatron Tape Synthesizer by Robotic Bean is taking lo-fi sound design to a whole new level of functionality. It emulates a four-track tape machine that can play back, record, loop, and even act as a MIDI-triggered, sample-based instrument. It usually retails for $129, but right now, it’s available for just $29, which is a steal!

So, what makes this tape plugin so unique?

Obviously, if you’re into lo-fi recording gear, you will love the interface. Portatron Tape Synthesizer brings the visual charm of a vintage 4-track into your DAW, and it’s hard to stay immune to that if you have a soft spot for dusty tape gear.

But apart from that, it’s the versatility that really sets Portatron Tape Synthesizer apart. You’ll love how this virtual instrument can be used in so many different ways, all of which share a charming retro vibe. The demo video is below if you want to get into the details.

Apart from the basic functionality mentioned before, the plugin can also generate tape noise, hiss, wobble, etc. This is where Portatron Tape Synthesizer’s lo-fi aesthetic really comes into play. There are options for changing tape speed and type (normal or chrome), as well as delay and reverb send effects.

The best part is that you can take any sample from your computer and drag it directly into the plugin’s tape editor window. With four tracks to play around with, most producers will have a great time layering and experimenting with different sounds within the plugin itself.

You can also push the Drive and Compression on the plugin to achieve the hot-to-tape sound if that’s your thing. The built-in tape saturation algorithm isn’t state-of-the-art, but it captures the sound of 4-track recorders to an extent.

Robotic Bean has thoughtfully included an extensive sound library to get new users started with the plugin. Portatron Tape Synthesizer includes all of the usual sounds, such as piano, pads, guitars, etc. It also includes some of the more unusual instruments, such as a hydrophone and a shortwave radio.

It’s important to note that Portatron Tape Synthesizer is a VST3-only plugin. It also comes in AAX and AU (Mac) formats.

The deal is now live on Audio Plugin Deals, and it expires in ten days.

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