Surge XT Now Available As FREE VCV Rack Module Set


Surge XT virtual synth drops as a free VCV Rack modular collection.

The Surge XT virtual synthesizer is now available as a free modular collection for the VCV Rack Eurorack Simulator.

The Surge XT for VCV Rack is an open-source project that’s free to use on Windows, Mac, and Linux in the VCV Rack library.

The level of quality of the Surge XT synth is just ridiculous for a free product. You can witness its versatility in this early demo for the Surge XL VCV Rack edition.

Note that it’s very versatile as well and can make many sounds beyond those shown in the demo above, such as the various presets heard in this demo of the Surge XT 2022 release.

And it’s only getting better with this modular collection release. New modules were created for this collection, such as an Envelope + VCA, quad LFO, quad AD envelope, and a dual-function generator.

In brief, the release features the following:

  • 11 polyphonic oscillators
  • 33 filter types
  • 20 stereo effects with presets
  • Mixing and modular utility tools
  • Multimode waveshaper
  • Multimode LFO sequencer and envelope

For this collection, the Surge community worked with rack designers Pyer (VCV and Geodesics) and Steve Baker (MindMeld), who rethought what it means to do a VST meets virtual Eurorack solution.

The new designs combined the best of both ecosystems, and the UI is meant to be intuitive to both modular synth and DAW users.

Each part of the Surge XT synth has been reproduced as an independent virtual Eurorack module, which can be patched in any configuration.

Each module is stereo and polyphonic, and the collection includes 11 oscillators, including FM, virtual analog, wavetable, and physical modeling. There are 20 effects and direct access to the original Surge XT presets.

Also included are modular utility and mixing tools, as well as a filter module with 33 filter types, including classic analog modeling, digital effects, and a multimode waveshaper.

The classic Surge multimode LFO/sequencer and envelope are featured, too, now gaining even greater flexibility due to the modular setup.

The Surge XT for VCV Rack features a new modulation paradigm with a click-to-assign matrix system that works across all the modules.

The four CV mod inputs enable one source to affect many different parameters in a module and for one parameter to be affected by any blend of the four inputs.

The interface also looks pretty good for a free project, and both light and dark modes are available.

Download: Surge XT for VCV Rack


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  1. Wow awesome news, thanks so much.

    Tone Empire updated Neural Q to an improved version 2 with a free upgrade if you already own Neural Q version 1…You will get a new serial code for version 2 and also keep version 1 plug-in (if it’s needed in your older projects).

    Original post:

  2. This synth is crazy and now with new capabilities is outrageous. I wish I could afford the time to play with it since obviously anyone can afford the price. Just wow.

  3. Also on Cardinal.

    The Surge collection is a godsend for all the great stuff that come with it with insane quality, but it must be said it doesn’t deal well with audio rate modulation; it works with buffer blocks, i think to save CPU.

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    (Dll file is of January 28 2023):

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