MXTune Is A FREE Pitch Correction Plugin By Liuanlin-MX


Liuanlin-MX releases MXTune, a freeware pitch correction and dynamic range compression VST plugin for digital audio workstations on Windows and Linux.

It’s always an exciting day to see new developers joining the pantheon of freeware developers. Liuanlin-MX is a relatively new developer, but his first plugin is worth the attention.


MXTune isn’t reinventing the wheel. It’s a simple free autotune plugin that will help you correct the pitch of recorded vocals.

The software resembles other pitch correction suites. This isn’t an unfamiliar interface if you’re familiar with software like Melodyne, Waves Tune, or Autotune.

Automatic vocal tuning isn’t too difficult in MXTune, allowing users to automatically constrain pitches to a specified scale. Manual tuning is also possible using a note editing interface similar to Melodyne or any other tuning software. You can drag nodes to a constrained pitch, editing vocal lines fairly seamlessly.

Liuanlin-MX has implemented a vocal tuning algorithm based on Autotalent and Soundtouch, open-source alternatives to the proprietary algorithms developed by Celemony and Melodyne. You won’t get the same results as paid software, but MXTune does a decent job.

If you’re visiting Liuanlin-MX’s website, don’t miss the opportunity to download their free compressor plugin, MXComp.


MXComp is a digital compressor, which is nothing super typical. However, its interface does well to separate it from some of its free peers.

The typical controls for manipulating dynamics are present. Users can control the ratio, knee, attack, release, and RMS holds with the knobs on the interface. Internal sidechaining can operate like a bandpass filter, cutting lows and highs as desired.

Visualization on the interface is excellent, providing good visual feedback on the curvature of the knee, as well as visual displays for the gain reduction and waveform. You don’t typically see many freeware compressors offering this sort of in-depth visualization. The function of the compressor itself is fine, the action of it sounds like your typical clean digital implementation.

These aren’t earth-shaking plugins by any means, but they’re great first efforts from a relatively unknown developer. System compatibility is also atypical, with support only for VST on Windows and Linux PCs. Users will need a 64-bit host.

Download: MXTune


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    • this is amazing man , do we need to pay for software anymore ? if you can’t make some
      music with cakewalk , traction ableton lite , spitfire , analog obsession , orchestral tools among others and now we have free melodyne , then you shouldn’t try because we now have all the tools , we had autotune free before but now we have a graphical one free wowza

  1. For those to tested this, how does it compare to the natural-sounding quality & formant preservation of Melda’s MAutoPitch?

    My current favourite-sounding is MAutoPitch, but it lacks a nice pitch-lines visualization chart as seen here, & i have had to use a much older version of GSnap just to be able to see the pitch-lines visualized.

    • of the free, I also think Mautopitch preserves audio most naturally. The formants on this aren’t bad, but it distorts (as in clipping) regardless of vox level. shame.

  2. works , but on some sources regardless of gain stage it adds a really obvious clipping distortion. shame. The search for a truly great free tuner continues.

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