Pauli Pölkki Offers FREE Wave Manuel 2.0 Waveshaping Synthesizer


Pauli Pölkki releases Wave Manuel 2.0, a free waveshaping synth for macOS and Windows.

Wave Manuel is a free waveshaping synthesizer plugin for macOS and Windows that we first looked at around mid-2022.

The synth, from Finnish synth engineer Pauli Pölkki, is now in version 2.0, complete with a refreshed interface and new presets.

Here’s a little recap for anyone who missed the original Wave Manuel the first time.

Wave Manuel centers around a variable shape oscillator with three parameters: Symmetry, Saturation, and Shaping. The morphing oscillator generates classic analog-style waveforms, including triangle, saw, and pulse. But Wave Manuel’s personality emerges more when you push and pull between and beyond the typical waveforms.

Each oscillator parameter offers a dedicated envelope (Attack, Decay, and Release) and LFO.

The envelope parameters have Curve control, and along with the LFO, they can bring the sound to life.

In addition, you can use the LFOs in stereo with a 180-degree phase offset for a very wide sound.

The refreshed interface hasn’t changed dramatically since the original release. A couple of things have moved, but it won’t be unfamiliar to any previous users. The most eye-catching difference is that it now comes in a striking blue, which is significantly sharper than the previous color scheme.

Considering the original release, I think the new color scheme will be a welcome change for most users.

The idea behind Wave Manuel is that it allows you to manipulate waveforms in a way that makes it easier to find something unique. Obviously, that’s the aim with many synths, but it’s often easier said than done.

So, if you haven’t tried it already, give it a shot.

Now, before wrapping up, I want to give another quick reminder about a plugin we covered very recently, Sick Beat Betty. It has inspired me to find a Hip Hop production partner named Betty just so I can say sick beat, Betty.

Wave Manuel is available in AU and VST formats for macOS and Windows.

Download: Wave Manuel 2.0


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  1. Looks great and sounds interesting, but… anyone has the same problem with “strange lo-fi noise/rumble” with every preset in FL Studio when hit the keys? It’s annoying… or is it normal for waveshaping synth? Thanks

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