BPB Community Giveaway: 12 Musical Prizes Up For Grabs! (WINNERS ANNOUNCED)


BPB is proud to launch the first-ever BPB Community Giveaway. One of our readers (who wishes to remain anonymous) generously contributed eleven prizes for fellow members of the BPB community. To make the giveaway even more special, we included a free copy of the Inferno SFX Deluxe library, bringing the total number of prizes to twelve!

I frequently get asked how the BPB community, particularly the comments section, is so exceptionally positive and welcoming. While this is undoubtedly true, I must admit that I cannot claim credit for it.

For some inexplicable reason, the comments section on BPB has become one of the most supportive, helpful, and courteous places on the internet. I’m incredibly grateful to all the readers who share their thoughts in the BPB comments section and the wonderful community they have developed.

I’ve lost count of the number of fantastic freebie tips, suggestions, and ideas I’ve come across in the comments section. And when a typo or a mistake slips into a BPB article, the comments section is there to help out within minutes.

But, as if to underscore this already outstanding community spirit, a BPB reader recently reached out to offer a generous gift to fellow BPB readers. The reader in question received several software plugins with various hardware purchases, and they wanted to share this software with other music producers who could benefit from it.

I instantly agreed to this wonderful idea and added a free copy of the Inferno SFX Deluxe cinematic sound collection to sweeten the deal.

So, these are the available prizes:

  • PLUGIN ALLIANCE Brainworx Bx_Opto, SPL Attacker Plus, Maag Audio Eq2, Brainworx Bx_Rockrack V3 (1 copy)
  • KV331 AUDIO SynthMaster Player + 3 expansion packs of your choice (1 copy)
  • UVI Model D (2 copies)
  • ARTURIA Analog Lab Lite (2 copies)
  • UJAM Virtual Bassist ROWDY (1 copy)
  • IZOTOPE Neutron 3 Elements (2 copies)
  • STEINBERG Cubase LE (1 copy)
  • FLAME SOUND Inferno SFX Deluxe (1 copy)

The community on BPB is truly one of the most supportive and helpful groups of music producers I’ve encountered. I’m grateful to everyone who contributes to making BPB a place where producers can come together and share their passion for music production.

I hope that we will organize more BPB Community Giveaways in the future. If you have a prize you’d like to share with fellow BPB readers, feel free to reach out.

To enter the giveaway, simply leave a comment below. We will randomly select twelve winners on Monday, February 27th, 2023 (one prize per winner).

Good luck, and thank you for reading BPB! ❤️

The winners are (drum roll, please!):

  1. Carsten M. – Brainworx Bx_Opto, SPL Attacker Plus, Maag Audio Eq2, Brainworx Bx_Rockrack V3
  2. Orderly Chaos – KLANGHELM SDRR2TUBE
  3. Joseph Karstens – KV331 AUDIO SynthMaster Player + 3 expansion packs of your choice
  4. Music ByIan – UVI Model D
  5. Beezher – UVI Model D
  6. Real Trepanier – ARTURIA Analog Lab Lite
  7. Peter – ARTURIA Analog Lab Lite
  8. Dizzy – UJAM Virtual Bassist ROWDY
  9. Sergey – IZOTOPE Neutron 3 Elements
  10. Denys – IZOTOPE Neutron 3 Elements
  11. Bill Barnett – STEINBERG Cubase LE
  12. Dean – FLAME SOUND Inferno SFX Deluxe

Congratulations! :) The prizes will be delivered via email.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the first BPB Community Giveaway! We have more surprises coming soon!

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About Author

Tomislav is a content creator and sound designer from Belgrade, Serbia. He is also the founder and editor-in-chief here at Bedroom Producers Blog.


  1. Been reeding BPB since i started production 7 years ago…been a big help …i always love checking the free pluggins alert …The Maag Eq is on my wishlist how did you know i want it ;-) … Anyway enjoy your day

  2. I read BPB every day and it’s great that you organize such surprises. All the prizes are great and I would love to participate in the fun. Congratulations to all the lucky ones.

    • Count me in! Would love to have Ujam there, but must be so lucky to get 1 of the prize..but one can hope right..😁 good luck everybody..

  3. I’m interested in SDRR, I already have most of the others so I’m not sure I should enter the giveaway. Thanks for the opportunity tho!

  4. So sweet and king of the anonymous person to give back to this community… Thank you.
    Such a lovely collection of giveaways…Hope you all have a great working year. Cheers!

  5. Thank you for being generous. I’m a young woman learning how to make beats and I like many people my age can’t afford those plugins so it’s wonderful you want to share with us <3.

  6. Great giveaway by BPB. Best of luck to everyone participating in the giveaway! Happy to be a part of the BPB community! :)

  7. I’m not the one who comments the most, but I read from the beginning of the note to the last comment, and it really is a pleasure… I’m glad of the draw, and it’s a lot of thanks

  8. Oh My God Steinberg Cubase le in this giveaway that’s amazing for anyone who love legendary Daw and It’s Beautiful Because this gift from BPB I’m coming everyday your Site And See What’s news About Music Production Free And Deals if i won or Not I Don’t Know But Thanks For All Free Deals and Best Deals…..Thanks BPB

  9. Wow, thanks to our generous comrade-in-arms! I’d love to win one of these prizes! If I get selected and it’s something I already have or that I can’t use, I’ll absolutely throw it back into the kitty for someone else.

  10. Ayyy so true, can’t count the tips and tricks this community has left with me. And my birthday is Sunday, so just saying…*cough Synthmaster cough*

  11. I use BPB every week and have found it to be one of the best run sites out there, such a great community. Keep up the great work. 👍

  12. Hoping to win anything here, not sure if you can pick which one to be part of the drawing for. Would go for Cubase, Model D or the bassist!

  13. Count me out. No seriously, I’m all about freeware and open source stuff these days, for reasons, my loss.
    Just wanted to kiss Anon on the cheek for his gift to the community. (^з^)

  14. Rodrigo Soto Medina


    this community is excellent and I have learned a lot from your advice… thanks to BPB and the anonymous donor!!!

  15. ***************************************
    No, I won’t say what I hope to win.
    Unless you ask very nicely ;-)

  16. Thank you BPB!
    Amazing blog! Amazing information! Amazing Deal! Amazing Giveaway!

    Sending all the love to our mysterious hero of this giveaway.

    I just started using IVGI from klanghelm the greatest free saturation plugin.

    And knowing that IVGI is in fact the Desk mode from KLANGHELM SDRR2TUBE, I’ll be more than happy to get this one! The Tube and Fuzz modes sound amazing!

  17. WOW nice giveaway !!
    Thanks BPB for everything …

    I’d love love love the Brainworks guitar Rockrack plugin !
    Or the UJAM bass plugin !!
    They would get used a lot in my productions !!

    THANK YOU !!

  18. Thank You for your incredible work and your ongoing support of up and coming producers and audio engineers.
    I would love to be gifted the FLAME SOUND Inferno SFX Deluxe pack, if I could be so lucky <3
    I am slowly, but without hesitation, building my career as a multifaceted recording/audio engineer, producer, musician, vocalist, composer, and sound designer, to name a few things; the more sound fx I have in my library, the better chances of succeeding in my opinion. From my experience it's about doing things quickly, but still retaining quality. I regularly use sound fx packs and then adjust the sound effects to my needs or design new sound effects from layering various pre-designed effects. I have had my eye on the inferno bundle for a while now and would love to have it accessible, especially while I'm working on 2 games currently.
    Thank You so much for all you do, your site has helped me to get the tools I needed in an affordable way, to work independently as an Audio Engineer in Los Angeles.
    Thank you, keep up the awesome work.

  19. Bob is a great place for so many people especially for those that like to keep up to date on what’s going on in the plugin world or software’…..
    Good luck to everyone that has entered.

  20. Found your guys’ website 4-5 months ago when I started interning as an audio engineer in South Korea. Always excited to drop in every morning and see what new stuff / freebies are coming out. Would love to mess around with the UVI Model D or some of their stuff from Vintage Vault or Falcon.

    Keep up what you guys are doing!

  21. Pick me lol. All jokes aside, this is exciting news. Very generous of this anonymous contributor. Good luck everyone, and thank you BPB for all that you do!

  22. Might as well try, some of these are amazing! It doesn’t matter if I win something, I still will be grateful for this generous donation to this community!

  23. William Shearer


    Thank you to the person who donated the prizes…and thank you Bedroom Producers Blog for putting out great content. I’ve found lots of cool plugins from this site.

  24. Very generous of both of you! Thanks for the giveaway, count me in.

    Here’s a suggestion for site improvement: to have a *comment on this* link before all the share buttons, that will jump right at the commenting form. (Now it’s a looong way down, especially on phone. Although other times this is not a huge issue.)


  25. Love BedroomProducers always bringing us fire samples and plugins for free and amazing giveaways love the work you do .

  26. BPB is the greatest Place for Producers at all stages (Beginner to Professionals)
    Just by checking the News-Tab daily, I’ve probably gotten over $400 worth of of free Plugins within 1 year!

  27. This website is great for me as who is passionate for music production but can’t afford plugins which cost some bucks.
    Being regular reader, I found many new interesting information.
    I would be thankful to them as they provide more than 10 plus free waves plugins.
    They also contribute many topics like free video editing software which help me to discover many new softwares like Hit Film ,etc..

    Thank u team BPB

  28. I am not a big fan or consumer of plugin alliance but rockrack has always caught my attention, especially for Rectoverb since it is unusual and I liked the way it sounds

    Good luck to everyone

  29. Febbie Ivaaden (Febbs!)


    Don’t count me in.
    I just wanna say that All of you whos reading here, new or old, Bookmark this page!
    BPB is a great site for musicians looking out for new tech, deals, reviews and freebies!
    Best blogs out there that have a supportive reader-base!

  30. I NEVER miss a drop from Bedroom Producers Blog! There always great freebies, tips and generally awesome vibe! Thank you!

  31. My B-day is this week, so it’d be awesome to get Brainworx I tend to use and enjoy quite a lot.
    Thanks for the opportunity!
    Good luck everyone and God Bless :)

  32. The site whenever I need honest info about any plugins. Thank you BPB for all your support and creating a site to drop in especially for aspiring music lovers.

  33. Just checked: I think I also have an unredeemed license of EQ 81 (IK Multimedia). Since I have all the other stuff
    I’m only interested in Cubase, the Maag EQ and Klanghelm. So if I might get chosen for one of the others I’d gladly return them to the pot.

    Good luck and a great thank you to the donators!

  34. Those FLAME SOUND samples are really well made. Got a small freebies pack of them last year. Some good plugins in here as well🤞🏻

  35. You know.. not Gonna lie, but BPB change my collection of vst to use with my broke budget making music.
    You can make good music with just free vst for sure.

  36. I love this community and I’m really crossing my fingers for some of these awesome freebees! Thank you so much. This is really awesome.

  37. Hi I’m new to the site and I discover a whole bunch of vst and other plugins. I just got animate, thanks to you and your whole team for all these beautiful gifts.

  38. Amazing to see how BPB has grown. I’ve lost count of the freebies that I have received through your site.

    Wishing you even more success ahead.

  39. BPB is no doubt one of the best websites out there right now. Been very grateful to the BPB team for all your hard works !

  40. I would like to give my students at RapLes.nl some extra gifts during the beatmaking lessons. Plugins and prizes are always welcome. Good work! Keep it up!

  41. BPB is in my bookmarks bar for this reason. Informative, full of surprise deals that would be hard to find just by googling.
    Thank you Guysss !!

  42. Count me in BPB❤️, thank you and much appreciated in advance. You guys are doing a great job for the music community by keeping it alive in these ways, love y’all ❤️

  43. Well I will enter. I’ve only been playing around with music production for a few months but your blog has a lot of awesome resources.

  44. Having used tons of plugins… Q:Well, how many do you need? Answer: As many as there is space for on the hard drive… the more the merrier !

  45. BPB really is my fav blog! The constant updates on new software is unrivaled and it has the best/most useful freebies on the web. Appreciate this community!

  46. This is one of the most generous offer from an “unknown” user and artist.
    Thank you for that…. Whether I win or not is irrelevant because I’m beginning to find how useful this website is!

    Though, I’d love to win something! 😊

  47. I already feel happy and contemplated, for seeing this attitude. Some simple attitudes make the difference. Good luck to everyone! <3 lots of love and art!

  48. Claus Petersen


    I love giveaways, and of course also hope that I win, but that’s why I still want to wish good luck to everyone who participates.

  49. I would be proud to own any of these great prizes. Enjoy the newsletter every week(sometimes more often). I have found quite a few gems in a sea of free vsts and plug-ins.

  50. I’m actually a fan of this blog, I receive it through my email, and it’s clearly a to-do if you’re a producer at any level.

  51. Hope that this time i win and get a copy of one of those precious gifts. Trust me all of them are best in their catagories.
    Thank you BPB.

  52. cool giveaway!

    I always look forward to the BPM emails and so many of the synths and plug ins find their way into my mixes.

    good luck everyone!

  53. Ronnie Digital


    BPB what a great selection of Plugins in the current financial crises there will be some smiling faces for the winners after the Xmas Blues
    Continue The Great Works

  54. Siddharth Saraswat


    BPB always have the best Giveaways ❤️
    Hope to get the Plugins from Plugin Alliance 🤞
    Best of luck to all the members of this awesome community 👍

  55. I have so much love for you and your tireless work to bring the community goodies week after week, year after year,
    it’s so exciting to get a mail of goodness from you. And what a great anonymous person for giving back in such a great giveaway.
    BPB is my go-to for new plugs @ the best price tags in the universe!

    • Martin Guldberg


      What a generous gift! Count me in!

      BPB is a valuable site not only because of the free vsts but also for the interesting articles and reviews.

      The 27th of February is my girlfriends birthday but maybe I’ll receive s gift on this day as well! 🙂



  56. Martin Guldberg


    What a generous gift! Count me in!

    BPB is a valuable site not only because of the free vsts but also for the interesting articles and reviews.

    The 27th of February is my girlfriends birthday but maybe I’ll receive s gift on this day as well! 🙂



  57. Thanks so much for being a go-to resource for both information as well as a plethora of tools for enhancing our collective audio wizardry! Kudos to you!

  58. Deighton Warner


    I am definitely in for this! Ironically, every plugin on this list I always wanted except for the one you provided. I believe you provided it to us long time ago. I have it in a folder dated, 16-Apr-2022 which is a Saturday, so probably released on Friday by you and I also have a Freebie Update I suspect by you dated, Monday, May 02, 2022. So, I thank you of course for all the plugins you have allowed me to try over the years!

  59. Michael Calcutt


    Tomislav, who couldn’t use a freebie? I already have a few of these offers but I sure could use the STEINBERG Cubase LE if possible. Thanks, Michael

  60. Fernando Nicknich


    I’ve been following BPB for a couple of years. Great source of info. Keep up the great work!
    Good luck everyone.

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