Animate By Mastering The Mix Is FREE On BPB (OFFER EXPIRED)


Mastering The Mix offers 25,400 FREE licenses of the Animate ($61 value) plugin to BPB readers. We are giving away the remaining 20,000 free licenses right now! The event launched at 7pm GMT on February 24th, 2023.

To claim your free license, click the teal button at the end of the article that says CLICK HERE.

UPDATE (5pm GMT, March 1st): Less than 100 free licenses are still available.

The giveaway is powered by SendOwl, a platform for delivering digital products.

Let’s examine how Animate can help you spice up your mixes.

Get your mix moving with Animate

Animate is a multi-purpose mixing plugin by Mastering The Mix. The plugin features four modules (Expand, Ignite, Punch, Grow) designed to add more energy, character, and movement to the processed audio signal.

This specialty modulation plugin is probably unlike any other tool in your mixing arsenal. It uses a combination of harmonic distortion, all-pass filtering, transient shaping, and upward expansion to enhance your audio while maintaining its musicality.

Whereas most similar audio enhancement plugins are simple one-knob affairs, Animate lets you fine-tune the intensity and response of each algorithm. This is particularly useful when you’re applying Animate to an already good-sounding mix that only needs a touch of polish to sound great.

I tested Animate on several projects I’m currently working on, including a bass-heavy cinematic soundtrack, an indie rock instrumental, and several cinematic sound effects I’m preparing for the next Flame Sound release.

What I loved about Animate is how it adds punch and presence to the signal without sounding unpleasant or overprocessed. Even when pushed hard, the sound remains natural and musical.

When mixing, we often search for a secret ingredient to enhance the sound of a track or the entire mix. Saturation, multi-band compression, and EQ are the obvious choices, but Animate offers a fresh alternative that sounds fantastic while being easy to use.

The interface is another one of Animate’s strong points. It’s intuitive and cleanly designed, with a straightforward control layout that you’ll figure out without reading the manual.

Animate features a sleek user interface with straightforward controls.

Animate features a sleek user interface with straightforward controls.

You can set the overall intensity of all four modules with a single slider control. After that, you can fine-tune the processing with the Knee, Ratio, and Attack/Release controls. You can also choose between Mono, Stereo, and Mid/Side processing.

Animate stands out from similar sound enhancement plugins thanks to its customizable dynamic and frequency-based response. It lets you precisely enhance or distort the loudest segments of a signal within a specific frequency range, providing an array of creative options for mixing and sound design.

Get Animate for FREE

Our friends at Mastering The Mix offer 25,400 free Animate licenses to BPB readers.

To get your free copy of Animate, visit this page at 7pm GMT on February 24th, 2023. You can check the current GMT here.

To get your FREE copy of ANIMATE, click the teal CLICK HERE button at the bottom of the article. Name and email address are required. Licenses are available on a first-come, first-served basis, with a limit of 20,000.

Launch Schedule 🚀

Current status: 5,400 free licenses given away. We will release the remaining 20,000 licenses at 7pm GMT on February 24th.

Here’s the full launch schedule:

  • 23rd Feb: 12pm GMT (CODE: BPB-ANIMATE-FS43)
  • 24th Feb: 7pm GMT (we are live!)

Message from Tomislav (please read): The giveaway generated a lot more interest than we expected, and the daily batches of 1,800 licenses were gone literally in a few minutes after launch. I apologize to all of you who came to get a free license and were left empty-handed. I know it sucks, but we had to limit it this way to prevent server overload.

We obtained additional server resources to give away all remaining licenses at 7pm on February 24th and hopefully let everyone get a free copy of Animate.

Also, Mastering The Mix is thrilled with the excitement around this deal. The 1,800 daily free licenses were being redeemed in the first 5 minutes, leading to many disappointed producers and BPB readers. So, Mastering The Mix has kindly given us 20,000 more licenses for ANIMATE (the original plan was to give away 10,500 licenses).

Once again, thank you for your patience, and my apologies to those who previously couldn’t redeem the code.

I’m sorry this giveaway didn’t run as smoothly as we expected. It’s not for the lack of trying; the demand was simply much higher than we anticipated.

I hope we will be able to fix this on February 24th.

Thank you for reading BPB! ❤️

The remaining 20,000 licenses will be given away at 7pm GMT on February 24th, 2023.

Claim your free ANIMATE license key now by clicking the teal button below. You will be asked to enter your name and email address. The license key will be delivered to the email address you entered.

UPDATE (5pm GMT, March 1st): Less than 100 free licenses are still available.

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About Author

Tomislav is a music producer and sound designer from Belgrade, Serbia. He is also the founder and editor-in-chief at Bedroom Producers Blog.


    • It’s really not.

      Got it a while back on some deal and… super underwhelming. The parameter values scale all wacky (usable ranges skewed way to one side) if you try to access them directly via DAW. Tried to use it as an expander several times and ended up using different tools instead. Haven’t even tried since.

    • Seems like no matter when I check the licenses are always depleted hopefully I’ll be able to get one before they are all completely gone

  1. Awesome, thanks for the gift Tomislav & BPB!

    I’m having trouble logging into my MasteringTheMix account, the “robot challenge” page never loads anything other than a “submit” button, which doesn’t seem to do anything. I still redeemed this gift without logging in, & i hope that they will attach it to my account (same email used).

  2. Mais uma vez agradeço pela grande disposição de ajudar o próximo!
    Plugins como esse adquirido genuinamente para o arsenal de qualquer produtor é uma grande realização artística! 🎶🌠

  3. Thank you for giving this away!
    I’ve been considering to try this for quite a long time and last year I had the chance to test it. I am happy to get it free now since some of the module is really easy to use while being good sounding.

    • Awesome !
      Thanks BPB and MasteringTheMix !
      I already use some MasteringTheMix plug-ins, they are all great !
      I hope I’ll manage to get one Animate licence…
      That went so fast today…
      And I guess that there is a lot of people who live in different time zones here (personnally I’m in France).
      I think I’ll don’t sleep this night, aha :)

  4. well, that went really fast…
    “This discount has reached its limit for today. Please try again tomorrow! (Check Bedroom Producer For The Next Discount Code)”

  5. Thanks Tomislav! tomorrow I will try to get it, today it is no longer possible. What time do you publish the new discount coupon?

    • CodeDidn'tWorkForMe


      No idea but it’s unfortunately not a good time for us in the western hemisphere. Probably sometime in the middle of the night based on when the first comments were made.

      • Peter Dillon-Parkin


        Having tried twice I’m giving up. I have too many plugins (and guitars, amps, and pedals) anyway. I can at least sell or give away the hardware

  6. Thank you Tom and MasteringTheMix!
    I’ve grabbed my license a few hours back and tried it.
    This plugin is amazing.

    I was kinda looking into a reference AB tool and found out Metric AB and Reference2.

    Here is a great HowTo doc on how to mix with reference tracks written by Tom from MasteringTheMix.
    I’ve found it published by masteringthemix on reddit and I’ve learned a few things from it.
    Maybe someone is interested in reading it.

    I’ve just added Reference2 on my wishing list.

  7. I never seen this plugin before, looks well handy, thanks so much Mastering The Mix and BPB, much appreciated, i hope to get to try this before the offer closes.

  8. I’m not seeing a place to put in a coupon code as I go through checkout. Did they perhaps just remove that input form until the next batch is active, to prevent a ton of “This discount has reached its limit for today…” messages? Or, am I just blind? (quite possible)


  9. I was searching for where to put the voucher code but had not found it.
    Turned off all the blockers, and still nothing. Using FF on W10.

  10. Hmm, it’s way past 9am CET and no new code. There isn’t even an option on MTM’s website to redeem vouchers or coupons. It’s like they removed the feature completely. This doesn’t look to nice.

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      We had technical difficulties, so today’s launch was 15 minutes late. Guys, you have to understand that things don’t always run smoothly, and I’m already stressed enough when they don’t. Just a bit of patience, please, I’m doing my best to make this giveaway and everything else on BPB as good for everyone as possible, but it takes a lot of work.

  11. Seems a lot of folks, in their excitement to get the plugin, are unable to read. Lol

    “UPDATE February 22nd: The next batch will be launched soon! We are waiting for clearance from Mastering The Mix.”

  12. Woohoo! I got it! Thank you. I’ve been wanting to buy this one for awhile now and have most of the other plugins already. They are all really well made. Great stuff!

  13. F*** it took my money. I went trough te process for payment cause I thought tbe coupon will appear at some point. I never did. It took me 49 pounds.!!!CAREFULL.

    • Oh here it is! But… “This discount has reached its limit for today”.
      So: while the code could be used, the box is invisible, so the code could not be used. And when the limit is reached, the box becomes visible, but the code could not be used. Perfect Combo! :-)
      Well, I don’t think I have the rights to complain about giveaways. And maybe tomorrow it will be more luck for me :-)

      • My thoughts exactly I thought I was tripping pretty sure I can find a plugin cheaper that does what it does…but these bogus codes though.

  14. Indeed, today the codes were also finished, this announcement appears:
    This discount has reached its limit for today. Please try again tomorrow! (Check Bedroom Producer For The Next Discount Code)

  15. This discount has reached its limit for today. Please try again tomorrow! (Check Bedroom Producer For The Next Discount Code)

    New Code Please (BPB-ANIMATE-NS32) expired :(

    • MR OHIO eastern Time


      What Time Zone are they in? It’s 8:30 am where I’m at and it past 2 pm according to DR BEATZ Above? I could figure out what time to try again. it’s obviously not 9 am my time I should.

      • MR OHIO eastern Time


        Since Tomislav the writer from Belgrade, Serbia. I’m going to say it will be 2-3 am my time for the next batch. I hope I don’t seem rude offer a free plugin, I haven’t had my coffee yet and I most felt scammed till I say the time being different on this page.

        Central European Standard Time?

      • Tomislav Zlatic


        We will launch the next batch later tomorrow (4pm GMT) so that it’s easier for readers from different time zones can get their free license.

  16. I would have get up at 1am to get this plugin… and the code may be used up by the time my eyes are focus enough to to use my computer.. is it worth it…???

  17. Wow can never get the codes to work at all tried yesterday with that old code then this morning first thing all the codes are already used…. Something is not right at all

  18. There has to be a better way to do this with these codes..this is so odd will not be trying to keep trying codes because you all say that they work… but to those who were able to get the plugin great for you all.

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      We will launch the next batch later tomorrow (4pm GMT) so that it’s easier for readers from different time zones can get their free license.

    • read the article


      obviously another person who won’t read the article and shows up hours late to a huge give away then complains…

      so entitled

      • Exactly! It’s a freebie give-away, & they are entitled to their terms & conditions according to their capabilities/servers, just as you are entitled to NOT redeem it if you are not willing to go through a tiny little bit of hassle for a promotional time-limited free give-away.

        Plus, knowing Tomislav, he is working HARD around the clock to try work out issues or find workarounds that would benefit the most readers, INCLUDING CHANGING THE TERMS OF THIS GIVEAWAY & adding servers just to appease us! So yes, i’m a “die hard fan” of BPB’s dedication to their community.

  19. When I went to checkout, there was no place to even put the code … and since I assumed there would be, I got charged, thinking there’d be an additional page to apply coupon codes … argh. Where are you guys finding it? I followed directions, added Animate to the cart, then checked out, and there was not even an option to put in the code …

  20. Be careful when you try claiming the product. I thought I had to paste the code during checkout but it ended up taking my credit card details and I paid full price.

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      Hi Lukas, Mastering The Mix informed me that your order is now refunded. Can you please confirm?

      @Everyone: If the coupon code field isn’t visible, it means that the code has expired. Please check back tomorrow to get the next code.

  21. I downloaded quite a few commercial plugins that were free for a limited time and it never, ever happened that credit card details were required. Besides, it would be extremely weird if someone required something like that and surely not worth it. Just my .02.

  22. You do not have to enter any credit card information, it is not necessary. In the “information” window where we must enter mail and address, the field appears to enter the code, if it does not appear it is because it expired. Do not enter your card details, that is the next step and if it appears it is because the code has expired.

  23. Thank you, it took me 3 days but now II can get some rest and wake to hundreds of song to mix and masters.
    Good luck to everyone who is still trying.

  24. I was successful in attaining a licence for animate…


    Where is it?

    I’ve only had an email to make me install bpb content manager?

  25. this is bs i won’t each to find a new code and by the time it reached is limit good luck everyone im done wasting my time

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      The 1,500 licenses available with the new code were redeemed in 10 minutes. We will release all the remaining licenses in one batch tomorrow. I’m purchasing additional server resources to make it happen, so hopefully everything will run smoothly.

  26. So far two promo emails from Mastering The Mix, but no actual download or license or anything like that. I understand that the servers are smoking, but I read that correctly that they´ll send an email, right?

  27. I was here 5 minutes after you guys released the new licenses for today and they’re already gone. I’ve just given up on getting this plugin

  28. Sods law i missed it once again and im out tomorrow so i proberly wont get it then as on a mobile phone ive no idea how to copy and paste i even tried earlier as the main checkout times for the uk said 12 pm then i see it said 4 pm somewhere else so its a bit confusing

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      Sorry, the giveaway caused me so much stress that I almost regret doing it. But it’s worth it because, truth be told, over 25k BPB readers will get a free plugin. Come back at 7pm GMT on February 24th when we give away the remaining 20k licenses.

      • Just wanted to say that many of us appreciate what you do for the community, & i’m sorry that you had to go through so much stress. It’s not on me of course, but i feel like apologizing on behalf on the tons of commenters who are just gleefully jumping onto free stuff & then turning hostile when things are not going precisely the way they want.

        • Tomislav Zlatic


          Hey Darryl, thank you for your support! Yes, giveaways are always hard to organize as there are many moving parts. Bugs always happen, but this time we were simply overwhelmed by too much demand we weren’t expecting. The bottom line is that we already made 5,600 BPB readers happy with a free Animate license, and I hope that today’s launch at 7pm GMT will run smoothly and that all interested producers will get their free copy. Fingers crossed! :)

  29. So instead of sticking to the original plan of doing a giveaway everyday until the 28th they’re going to just dump the rest out in one go. I missed the first two days because I don’t wake up at 3 AM and they didn’t put in a box for the coupon code, and I’m missing the next two days because I have a job that I have to be at, and I will miss the last four days because they decided since they created a disaster of an event they would just jump ship as fast as they can so they can pretend they didn’t piss a bunch of people off. I don’t care if the plugins are good or not, if the company operates like this they’re not worth having. Lots of other developers out there that actually put thought into things like this.

    • I can’t BELIEVE the entitlement on some of these comments!! Tomislav was working hard to get 10ths of thousands of frikkin free licenses to normally-paid software for his community, & perhaps made some mistakes in planning, but no matter what he does to improve the situation you guys find fault with it anyway??

      It’s not even an essential plugin!! Some people might find it useful, some might not, it’s just an interesting once-in-awhile giveaway event, & there’ll be many more to come. Tomislav does not OWE you ANYTHING, or any special service on a silver platter (especially for a FREE frikkin GIFT), & this is not even his full-time job if i’m not mistaken. Surely in being able to get some normally-paid stuff for free, a tiny bit of hassle is reasonable or even worth it??

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      Launching at 7pm GMT is the best compromise we could find. There are 20,000 licenses available, so I’m hoping all interested readers can claim their free licenses.

      We did put a lot of thought and effort into this, but it didn’t run as smoothly as we had hoped, and that can always happen when you’re doing this kind of work. We did our best to adjust the giveaway to meet everyone’s needs as much as possible.

      A bit of patience and understanding goes a long way.

  30. I managed to redeem the code and got an order confirmation, but I never received the email with the license. What’s going on there?

  31. :( I wont be able to get that now cos I have to work latre today. The info yesterday said it would be available at 2pm today :(

  32. Really so nice of the developers increasing the lisense count . Thank you BPB and Mastering the Mix . I got my lisense on day 2

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      There will be a CLICK HERE button that you click, enter your name and email, and receive the license key. Launching in 8 minutes!

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      Definitely crashed for a minute there. :) Back online now, you can retry if you didn’t get the license key already.

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      There is no code this time – click the CLICK HERE button at the bottom of the page; it’s all explained in the article. Please let me know if that works for you.

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      Sorry, I’m not sure what you mean. Click the teal CLICK HERE button at the bottom of the article and complete the checkout.

    • Tomislav means the Bedroom producers page article. Sroll down on that article and you see a big Click Here sign. Click it and follow the easy instructions! Don’t try to add anything to the cart on the Mastering Mix page, it doesn’t work like that! Cheers!

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      There’s no code this time – click the CLICK HERE button at the end of the article and follow the instructions.

    • Check this Bedroom Producers article that you are commenting on and you’ll find a sign on it that says Click Here, Click that sign and follow the easy instructions. You don’t have to go to Mastering the Mix page!

  33. My 1st time trying today. Nice and painless. I did have to make sure I was there 7:00 GMT. If I didn’t check the time chart, I would have missed out. I appreciate what this developer has done. Trying to verbally bash a developer that is clearly communicating issues and keeping us updated is unnecessary. Thanks, Mr. Tomislav.

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      Hey Zee, I’m glad you got your free license without issues. Thanks for letting me know! :)

      Btw, I’m not the developer behind ANIMATE, it’s a plugin by Mastering The Mix and they are kindly sponsoring this giveaway on BPB.

  34. Ok. I got it. Well thanks again for working to get this to us for Free. I know it was a hassle. I said I’ll be there at 7:00 pm GMT which is 2:00 pm in NY. I refreshed at 2:01, hit the button, and it was stuck and hanging. Hey, I know you’ll be more prepared next time. It’s all good. Thanks again bro.

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      Good to hear! Glad you got the license, and thanks for letting me know. Yes, this one was hard to organize because there was so much demand, and the servers kept crashing. But, things are running fine now, and there are still a few licenses up for grabs!

      Thanks for reading BPB, and have fun with ANIMATE.

  35. It took a few days, but patience paid off! Thank you so much BPB and MTM for this generous giveaway! ^_^

    Good Luck out there if you’re still waiting. *Fingers crossed*

    (& *Face-Palm* to all the people who can’t/don’t read!)

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      Hey Chris, glad to hear that you got the license. Sorry, it took a few days – we were getting hammered by traffic, so it took a few days to figure out how to do this properly. It was a success in the end! :)

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      Haha, I know! I spent countless hours on this until we got it right. Sorry for the rollercoaster ride, but I’m glad that it worked in the end. I hope you’ll enjoy the freebie! :)

  36. Creo que nadie se espedará de que aparesca aquí, porque soy de las 20.000 personas que tiene el Plug-In con la Oferta. |(^ν^)|

  37. Roberto Chehade


    I’ve got the key but when i try to put the code on the plugin it says that is getting problem getting connected

  38. Hi, Tom and Mastering The Mix:
    My situation was funny and painful because the internet was out here at home exactly in the time I was expecting to grab my ANIMATE free copy.

    It wa so stressful!!!! hahahaha! but I finally got my free copy after suffering a lot of being out of the game for a few time again.

    Thank you people for your efforts!!!!

    Kind regards.

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      Haha, sorry about that! We finally got it working properly last night, and I’m glad to hear that you now have a free copy of ANIMATE. I hope you’ll have fun using it, too! Thanks for reading BPB. :)

  39. Dear Tomislav,
    Thanks for making it possible to create this awesome and generous offer!
    I¨m so happy with my free copy of Animate.
    Due to some server latency or error, I don’t know, I tapped several times on one of the buttons in the process yesterday, and I accidently got TWO licenses!
    As I can read from the other days many people left emptyhanded. If there are still emptyhanded people and I can offer my second license to one of the, I’ll be happy. What or how do you suggest that I do that?
    Thanks again

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      Hi Frank, I’m glad to hear that you got the license! You can share the second one with a friend, or if you’d like, paste it here, and someone will claim it. :)

  40. No good deed goes unpunished, does it, Tomislav? :)

    So many people panicked (and somewhat entitled) about a plugin that is non-essential at the end of the day, and so much stress because of it. I don’t know why you do this to yourself, haha.

    Anyway, I managed to grab my copy last night. Thanks both to you for the effort and to Mastering The Mix for the generosity!

    Cheers, have a good weekend everybody

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      Haha, yeah, it was a bit bumpy in the beginning. But the important thing is that it all worked out well in the end and that over 20,000 BPB readers received an awesome plugin for free! Thank you for your support!

  41. Thanks for providing us with a great plugin!
    Thanks to you and your team for the additional licenses, I’m now licensed!
    It’s going to make music making even more fun, I’m thrilled!

  42. Unable to launch Animate in order to enter the License Key, because my DAW immediately crashes when I try to run it. Something is very wrong. Should I simply delete any downloaded files and forget the whole mess?

  43. Thanks Tomislav!

    Thank you for all your effort so that we can all have the plugin.

    You are a champion, a hug from Asturias.

    • por favor degen aqui en los comentarios el codigo de descuento para esta fecha 28 de febrero para adquirir el plugin ANIMATE MUCHAS GRACIAS por todo

    • Elis Osiris Herrera


      Estoy interesado en tener este maravilloso plugin. Creo que será útil. Por favor ayúdame a conseguirlo

      • Gerardo & Elis
        Lo siento, te di el enlace de escurrir antes. Debe desplazarse hacia abajo hasta cerca de la parte inferior de la página web de masteringthemix (página de inicio) hasta donde dice “prueba gratuita” “Descargue las versiones de prueba completamente funcionales de nuestros plugins…” Tienen una aplicación de instalación de Mac OS a la izquierda, la aplicación de Windows Installer está a la derecha. Una vez que haya instalado Animate desde la aplicación de instalación, abra su DAW, abra su plugin de Animate… En la parte superior derecha de la ventana del plugin hay tres símbolos de forma de círculo… Haga clic en el símbolo del medio (parece una tecla)… En la ventana que se abre… donde dice clave de producto, es donde debe pegar o escribir manualmente su número de serie para activar la “Versión completa” de Animate, que recibió en su correo electrónico de BPB / Sendowl. Buena suerte

  44. Gerardo & Elis
    Solo necesita hacer clic en el cuadro de color verde / verde azulado justo encima de la sección de comentarios en esta página, luego ingrese su dirección de correo electrónico… Recibirá un número de serie enviado a su dirección de correo electrónico… luego debe ir al sitio web de MasterinTheMix y crear una cuenta y descargar e instalar su aplicación de instalación para el complemento, (desmarque todos los demás complementos no necesarios)

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