Elumia Is A FREE Experimental Ambient Synthesizer By 2MGT


2MGT releases Elumia, a freeware experimental ambient standalone synthesizer for Windows.

There are quite a few synths out there that boast of being able to create whole tracks on their own. Elumia might very well live up to that boast, but not quite in the way you might think.

Elumia is an experimental ambient synthesizer built primarily around sampling. You can load your own recordings or use the built-in provided samples as your sound sources. Handily armed with your chosen sounds, you have the option of manipulating and shaping things into shimmering soundscapes and lush ambient pads.

Synths geared towards ambient aren’t particularly a novel concept, but very few approach it the way Elumia does.

With Elumia, there are some interesting features beyond just the sounds themselves. Its synthesis engine is granular by design, being a somewhat atypical implementation of the concept compared to the usual granular synths we’ve had experience with.

The end result is fairly pleasant, and when paired with your reverb and delay of choice, becomes that chilled-out soup of sound you might expect of certain forms of ambient.

Filters and effects can be chained, as you might expect. There are two layers in total you can also use for sound design purposes. A handy assortment of modulation options is present, allowing for movement and life to be given to static elements. Users can choose between LFOs and envelope generators for modulation, the usual suspects in a rather atypical environment.

Elumia also boasts a sequencer and arpeggiator, icing on the cake, as it were. It is certainly a novel softsynth, and its focus on ambient sound creation via sampling calls to mind some of the more inspired instruments produced by HG Fortune.

Of note is that Elumia is not a plugin but rather a standalone application.

System requirements for Elumia are Windows only. It seems to run just fine on Windows 7 up to the latest. Developer documentation is a little sparse, but there is nothing to indicate a future Mac release.

Download: Elumia


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    • Agreed! I have no objection to making a donation once I have decided, after a fair trial, that the app is of benefit to me.

      A reminder to donate 3 minutes after installing the app and then an interruption every 3 minutes after that is quite disrupting.

  1. Felix Domestica


    I *wish* I didn’t feel the need to be so paranoid about free downloads right now. Especially, unfortunately, those from a .ru domain. But the world I seem to be living in isn’t the one I want to live in.

    Wonder what’s happening with the ideas of restricting *every* application to its own sandbox…

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