Pulsar Audio Smasher Is FREE For A Limited Time


Plugin Boutique offers the Smasher ($49 value) compressor plugin by Pulsar Audio as a free download for a limited time (iLok account required).

It is almost impossible to not have at least one 1176 clone in your plugin folder. The storied FET compressor’s character has kept it relevant even years after its introduction. If you’re after the absolute smashing you can do with all-in, then MixbusTv and Pulsar have you covered.

For a limited time, users can grab Pulsar Smasher thanks to a promotional effort by MixbusTv. The plugin, which normally retails for $49, only requires a subscription to MixBusTV’s YouTube channel.

From there, prospective plugin addicts can head over to the Community section within the channel for more information regarding the details of the promotion as well as the special link necessary to get it for free.

Pulsar Smasher First Impressions

Pulsar Smasher is a decidedly simple compressor. You won’t be dialing in finer attack and release stages for the envelope. Instead, there are four simple controls.

Input feeds the compression itself, which is vital as Smasher has no threshold control. This, of course, can be compensated with the output knob. The last two controls are a simple bypass and a mix knob.

Smasher isn’t intended for fine-tuning but rather does one of the many things that made the 1176 a household name for engineers. Using the famous British mode, this particular compressor absolutely crushes audio signals, making for a great parallel compressor.

Sure, the controls are limited, but it is a fine addition for producers looking to add a little extra heft and body to their drum bus without wanting to spend time dialing in the particulars. Smasher works well and is suitable for percussion, guitars, and vocals with appropriate wet/dry levels.

This promotion only runs for a limited time, so act quickly if you want to add a compressor workhorse to your stable. It may lack the detailed controls of the many other FET emulations on the market, but it certainly bears the sound and characteristic distortion of the venerable 1176.

Pulsar Smasher Free Download

Pulsar Smasher is available for FREE for a limited time via Plugin Boutique. Keep in mind that an iLok user account (registration is free) is required to activate the plugin.

If vintage compressors are your thing, check out our free BPB Dirty LA plugin, too!

Smasher is available for Windows and Mac computers. Supported plugin formats are AU, VST, VST3, and AAX. Native Apple Silicon and Intel binaries are provided for Mac users.

More info: Pulsar Smasher (FREE for a limited time)

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  1. Now the Pulsars Smasher becomes in V1.37 very usable on my system and thickens up the sound better than my dbx 266xs PA hardware shissl 😂 but seriously compared with softubes Fet, Smasher could dialed up, of it´s two knob design, directly more in the face, but it isn´t able to sound as subtle or clean like the softube Fet! Yes it´s useful to compress a stressing snare or tom, drumset recordings with cheap mics in a smashy way, really welcome.

    But the installation and needed hdd space is not the big hit with this software, more hdd for licensing stuff than the plug itself needs.

    The plug offers a update knob for downloading the latest version not as comfortable as other developers has implemented this function, 8x oversampling switch seems nice for older machines, you could not change the Ratio, at all it looks like a often free offered lite version of Pulsars 1178 Fet machine, maybee different, but a big bo.b for drumshaping!

    Sound 10/10
    Instalation 5/10
    Presets not needed
    Usability 10/10

    For free it´s a nice plug VST3 working stable, much better than x$ offerpriced SSL comp plugs!!!

      • Exactly, you got to the point!
        I wrote only a description what it is usefull for what´s the could named as main difference to genuine 1176 comp what offers 3 ratio buttons, attack and release dials.
        So not a explanation for pro users or recording engineers ;)

      • I just copied the serial number from the pulsar website and pasted it directly into my ilok licence manager. Maybe sign up for another key?

      • Did you type the serial key or paste it ?
        If you copy and paste the serial key, make sure you don’t copy any blank space either end of the serial key, otherwise it will be rejected.

        I copied and pasted my serial into the plugin… then my iLok app automatically opened and asked me for my iLok details (to be able to register the licence in my iLok account).

        Good luck

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