Waves MetaFilter Is FREE For A Limited Time (OFFER EXPIRED)


Waves Audio and ProducerGrind offer the MetaFilter ($149 list price, $29 sale price) plugin as a FREE download for a limited time.

MetaFilter is a multi-mode resonant filter plugin with a built-in step sequencer, envelope follower, and an LFO. It also features a delay module, distortion, and a stereo widener.

The step sequencer is a straightforward 16-step design with an adjustable rate, swing, and host tempo sync. Despite its simplicity, the sequencer is handy for adding movement to the filter.

Things get more interesting if you use the sequencer to modulate multiple targets. You can connect it to the Cutoff, Resonance, and Delay Time, parameters, allowing for some interesting sound design escapades.

The other two modulation sources are equally simplistic. The envelope follower is useful for processing percussive instruments, while the LFO offers another way to animate the filter and add movement to static sounds.

All this modulation talk made me forget to mention the filter itself. MetaFilter offers five filter modes, including low-pass, high-pass, notch, band, and comb filters.

The sixth mode is called the Amp mode. It turns the Cutoff knob into a volume control and lets you use MetaFilters modulation sources to automate the volume. So, the plugin can also work as a tremolo, a faux sidechain compressor, and more.

The effects section expands MetaFilter’s sound design capabilities even further. The delay module is my favorite MetaFilter feature, as it works like a charm for filtered slapback delays.

The distortion is equally useful, especially if you’re looking to add some fatness and grit to bass sounds. It’s a shame that the included modulation sources can’t modulate other FX parameters apart from Delay Time.

To summarize, Waves MetaFilter is a simple but versatile multi-mode filter. It features an intuitive control layout that works great for beginners.

Seasoned sound designers would probably prefer more modulation options and an advanced modulation matrix. Still, I don’t mind having a versatile multi-mode filter that’s quick to program and easy to use.

MetaFilter typically costs $29, but you can get it for free for a limited time. This promotion is courtesy of Waves Audio and ProducerGrind.

To get your free copy of the filter, visit the ProducerGrind profile on Instagram and follow the instructions, or visit the link below. Please note that you’ll need to log in to your Waves Audio account to see the link.

MetaFilter is available in 64-bit VST, AU, and AAX plugin formats for Windows and macOS.

If you like MetaFilter, check out our free BPB Dirty Filter Plus plugin, too.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, the offer has ended. Apologies to BPB readers who missed the deal. I wrote the article as fast as I could and shared the newsletter as quickly as possible, but then the deal expired an hour after I posted it.

Download: Waves MetaFilter


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Tomislav is a music producer and sound designer from Belgrade, Serbia. He is also the founder and editor-in-chief at Bedroom Producers Blog.


  1. Thanks. I already have this from a previous freebie but v10, nice to now have a v14 license too, less to install. :)

  2. I went to there Instagram and commented and tagged 3 producers but the link they sent says the giveaway has ended

  3. Well….that was cool. Tell me all about a plugin that is being offered for free, and then I get there and the promo has ended. I received the email 15:mins ago, literally.

  4. wth………..

    I JUST received the email from BPB and immediately logged in to get the free vst and found out its expired already !!
    thanks for nothing BPB

    • Calm down fella! BPB is a brilliant free resource, I presume they either heard late or didn’t know the deal was expiring so quickly. We’ve all had loads of freebies thanks to BPB letting us know, they don’t deserve a hard time.

  5. Proto Mixing


    Let’s just thank BPB for letting know instead of blaming they didn’t know the promo will be so short?

    • Yeah, really. I haven’t been able to snag a Waves plugin freebie in almost a year, and I’ve been trying. I miss it because it takes me around 3-4 days to a week to decide to check this site again.

  6. Expired immediately ☹️ It’s the most recent post, and yet nothing to offer. They should just take it down. This is an April fools post, not a St. Patty’s Day post

  7. You snooze, you loose! Or something like that… You can’t win them all, etc.

    Come on people. This was for the followers of a social media person x. You can’t blame BPB. This wasn’t the first free offer I/you/BPB/your grandmother/whoever missed. And besides, there are other free options, maybe not exactly the same but still.

    Just to annoy you I won’t tell you of these options… Bye!

  8. I regularly skim through the comments on the most recent blog posts to catch these short lived offers, most of the time a BPB reg will drop a link in the comments. (Big thanks to those who do!)

    It’s not BPB’s fault if they catch the tail end of it. I and probably many of you have picked up 1000’s of dollars worth of freebies thanks to BPB, and they ask for nothing in return. Be grateful.

    • They make money from this. What are you talking about? Do you know how the internet works? “Free, but pay what you want to” sales, do you know how they work? Do you know how ads on a blog work? Do you know how referrals work?
      What do you mean they ask for nothing? It’s their job.

      • People with thoughts like yours even need to earn a free plugin! While some work, sit in a bar, do any of THEIR business, others spend time on a voluntary basis, write articles that somewhere you can find something good and free. You don’t even understand what you can thank for the fact that people support the resource, and even if they make money on it, you don’t have to count other people’s money. Envy, greed and stupidity are not good, they are not traits of a healthy person.

        • People make mistakes… but he’s right. I see many comments where people are like if it weren’t for BPB, you wouldn’t have a plugin. Well, that’s not really true. BPB rarely gives away plugins, they only write an article on someone else’s give away. But it’s also stupid to rely only on one source. I follow another website and a telegram channel which is technically more active ’cause they don’t write time-consuming articles on plugin (which in my opinion is kinda unnecessary). They just give you the name, a screenshot and the link.

          Not offense, but I’m not interested in someone else’s opinion of a plugin. I can tell if a plugin is good or not.

  9. For the record, this has been free before (I got it last year in August) and likely will be free again. Waves seems to have picked several plugins to periodically give away (Berserk Distortion, anyone?) Be patient and there’s a pretty good chance you’ll get a shot at this one for free eventually.

  10. Filter Force Free Is A Modulated Filter Plugin By TheWaveWarden

    Flux Mini 2 Is A FREE Modulation Plugin By Caelum Audio

    TAL-Filter-2 FREE Filter Modulation Plugin Updated To v3.0

    Audiomodern Releases FREE Filterstep VST/AU Plugin

    HY-Plugins Releases HY-Filter4 & HY-Filter4 Free

    • Kilohearts Essential Bundle (requires Snap Heap for modulations)

      TugGlicento Is A FREE Glitch VST Plugin By 2Rule (also TwoRuleFilter and SynthTrack Filter)

      Free Regressif Lo-Fi VST/AU Plugin Released By Inear Display

  11. Febbie Ivaaden (Febbs!)


    Comments so sad, Christian H, had to show the great Free Filter stuff BPB covered in the past.

    Guys chill out, there’s better Filter Plugins in built in sequencers covered by BPB. It’s not like the world will end if you didn’t get an expensive VST.

    Be thankful Tom is still here to run this blog with his team and we all won’t get other great free stuff if it weren’t from them.

  12. Stereo Savage Elements 2 is free from Plugin Boutique if you complete a survey. {takes approx. 4-5 minutes]
    If you have previously used PB then you should have received a link in your inbox.

    Or else here is the link- http://bit.ly/40k50SQ

  13. Randy Savage


    Imagine missing out on a free plugin in a world abundant of freebies and going through the trouble of crying your heart out in the comments about it. Go make some music instead, my friends.

  14. I think it was better to tell about this limited time freebie than not. So many thanks Tomislav. I was quick and had it. Don’t be affraid to tell about the limited time deals. It’s not fiasko like you said in a newsletter it’s rather a one more reason to open this site more often than once a day :)

  15. I’m so angry with waves for the new Creative Access subscription only business model, I will unsubscribe and actively boycott any social media outlet endorsing the Waves business model and I encourage others to do the same! Influencer’s, please take down all videos or posts endorsing any Waves plugins in support of the community that helped to put you where you are.

    This is a total betrayal of any non professional/semi professional bedroom producer who has invested in Waves Audio in recent years. This is a blatant bait and switch technique. I sincerely hope the full weight of all social media comes down on top Waves for this betrayal.

    Shame on you Waves Audio!

    Tom, if you could please make a post about this, you are after all one of the biggest influences out there.

  16. Crazy Jake McGee


    That’s what folks need in this economy; a subscription based service from a company that few even trust anymore. Lol!

    I’m sure they’ll get what they deserve, be it good or, more likely, bad.

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