SampleScience Releases FREE Analog Waveforms Virtual Instrument


SampleScience releases Analog Waveforms, a free virtual instrument for Windows and macOS.

Analog Waveforms is the newest free VST developed by SampleScience. It is a unique plugin with a classic synthesizer sound, achieved by sampling an analog synthesizer note by note across seven octaves – and with each sample being ten seconds long, it provides an accurate and genuine representation.

The analog synthesizer used for this sample is the classic Mopho by Dave Smith Instruments – a hybrid digital/analog monophonic synth that boasts an impressive sonic palette, from lead sounds to FXs.

For fans of old-school synths, the Mopho is a classic, but it can also serve as an excellent tool for producing new and modern electronic music.

Due to its simple and intuitive layout, Analog Waveforms is an accessible plugin suitable for both seasoned and new producers. You can use the plugin in any genre of music, be it dance, hip-hop, funk, or something in between.

As far as VSTs go, Analog Waveforms offers incredible sound quality for a fraction of the cost of other synthesizer plugins.

The sounds of this synthesizer come from a clean signal chain – from the instrument to the computer, minimizing the possibility of background noise and distortion. Plus, it was recorded in 16-bit, 44.1kHz mono.

Aside from its excellent sound, one of the best things about Analog Waveforms is that it is free. Additionally, the samples used in the plugin are available in the public domain, meaning you can use them as you wish. This makes Analog Waveforms the perfect choice for any producer on a budget!

The plugin is easy to use and only requires the user to install it. With a mouse click, Analog Waveforms is ready to use, with no complicated setup required. And the sound can be further customized using the onboard filters and LFO.

Analog Waveforms is a great choice for anyone looking to bring an authentic and realistic analog synthesizer sound into their productions. With its affordable price and public domain samples, Analog Waveforms will surely bring life and vibrancy to any track.

On a related note, SampleScience recently released another freeware plugin called Vinyl Crackle Generator.

Download: Analog Waveforms v2


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    • Analog Waveforms has been released for years. I’ve had it on my hard drive for at least 1 or 2. Is this an updated version or am I getting mixed up with another free analog waveform-type plugin from SampleScience?

      • Yup, just an update: I just found a copy of SampleScience’s Analog Waveforms plugin installed in my plugins folder since January 2021.

  1. wow, I love it and I just download it, I will install and try it ….. sure I will post what made definitely I will tag you guys and promote this thanks to all of you guys specially to the author of this amazing plugin.

  2. Love SampleScience but I wish there was an option to install the sounds somewhere else (unless there is and I haven’t found it). I have most of the plugins but my C drive VST folder has become so bloated with the samples. Great sounds though and nice simple interfaces.

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