PsuedoStereo Debuts FREE Compressor Classic OLD 2M


PsuedoStereo releases Classic OLD 2M, a freeware vintage compressor plugin for Windows and macOS.

Vintage compressors have a certain gravitas. The pioneers of early dynamics processors at Abbey Road and Chandler Limited get special props for their work in the field.

Chandler, in particular, is one manufacturer that is often imitated but never fully surpassed. PsuedoStereo, or developer Yuri Semenov, has taken a crack at a classic Chandler compressor and debuted the free Compressor Classic OLD 2M.

OLD 2M is based on the Chandler Limited TG1, itself a recreation of the EMI TG12413, which was inspired by the Fairchild 660 and 670. A lot of things to get inspired by, right?

OLD 2M has a fairly familiar interface and bears the legacy of Chandler’s design ethos quite well. Users familiar with the Abbey Road channel strip from Waves or the Chandler Limiter from Softube should feel right at home. Thankfully, this one is a good bit less expensive than the Chandler set from Softube.

Compression is done via stereo or dual mono, which can be further manipulated to mid and side bands. There are only two options present for the compression itself, one being Comp and the other Limiter.

Comp is more gradual, more akin to a varimu at lower input gain. Limiter is closer to a classic limiter, around 6:1 to 10:1 by my ear. It is a grabbier setting and quite readily snags the transients in your material.

Also of note is the patchbay readily accessed by the PB button on the interface. This allows you to route the left and right channels freely between the compressor and output stages as you wish.

The controls aside from the patchbay are fairly lean, with a sidechain high pass filter being present in addition to a release stage for the compression envelope. The attack is fixed in value but is good for most uses.

The plugin includes a patchbay section on the virtual back panel.

The plugin includes a patchbay section on the virtual back panel.

I find this works quite well on the mix bus as well as instrument groups and is well worth a look for those wanting to add a little retro flavor to their productions. For the low price of free, who can argue against that?

Compressor Classic OLD 2M is available for Windows and Mac computers. Supported plugin formats are VST, VST3, and AU.

If you like vintage compressors, check out our free BPB Dirty LA plugin, too!

Download: Compressor Classic OLD 2M (read YouTube description to get the link)


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Liam is a producer, mixing engineer, and compressor aficionado. When not mixing, he can be found pretending to play guitar, as he has been doing for the last 20 years.


    • Here is my rough translation into English for you:

      Audio plugin for mixing.
      A dynamic audio processing device, compressor-limiter.
      Can be used in several modes:
      1_Stereo: Left and right controllers are linked and are equally adjusted for both channels. The signal comes to both of the compressor’s detectors and determine the compression equally for left and right channels.
      2_ Dual mono: The adjustment happens independently and is set individually for each channel.
      3_Mid/Side: The adjustment happens independently and is set individually for each channel.
      4_Mono: Serial connection, limiter into compressor.
      This mode of connecting mono signal into a limiter first and then a compressor, allows you to use one device as two independent pieces of equipment.
      All modes are present in Presets.

      Then you find links for the 32 bit and the 64 bit versions of the plugin (the 32 bit version lacks the serial connection mode) – Mac and Win.

      A description in Spanish is also provided via link.

      Yury also claims in the comments he has added oversampling due to users’ request.

  1. Olaf Tryggvasson


    haven’t tried anything yet, but from the demos on his youtube, pretty much everything of the newer stuff sounds amazing – especially the eqs have great analog sounding musical curves, and the compressor has just the right mix of snap and thickness/roundness. plus, there are some great ideas in there, spatial placement, consoles with all kinds of functions integrated. purely nuts. that flickering eq i don’t even know what to do with, but i’m sure i’ll find something for it. the least you can say is it’s a novel idea. can’t wait to try the plugins. by the first impression, this maker has been a revelation. thank you!

    • i’ve tried a bunch of them, and first impression confirmed: they’re great. i already use the chandler on the 2 bus, plus the panning room and the channel strip for bass. that compressor is mean, the eq options are excellent, i like the preamp, and – a rare thing in channel emulations – it’s not input gain dependent, you just set it, and you have the tone you want regardless of changes up chain. i like that. it’s even got channel variations. for an independent developer, that’s nuts. haven’t tried the abbey road eq, it sounds great in the demos, but i don’t like the fixed frequencies.

  2. no se como instalarlos en mac, no hay un archivo claro para arrastrarlo a mi carpeta de vst3 o au, y menos un paquete de instalación, llevo varios minutos tratando de hacer que funcione pero nada

  3. be careful, its made with Synthedit.
    Notorious for unstable plugins. Save often!
    It’s also notorious for low quality, if there’s any decent non-linearity or even oversampling in this ‘vintage’ emulation I’ll be surprised.

    • i don’t know where you get your “knowledge” from, but maybe you should try before issuing verdicts – only if you have this prejudice some of us have, of knowing what you’re talking about. i have, and none of what you’re saying applies.

  4. George E. Wood


    Can anyone tell me how to download it? I followed the links but not seeing anything I can put in any of the plug-in folders.

  5. Hey,
    I use Cubase 12 pro.
    Does the plugin work with this daw?
    If yes, how do I install?

    I use MAC MINI M1 and I installed the MAC version, but it only opens in Logic

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