Analog Obsession Introduces FREE GrapHack Equalizer Plugin


Analog Obsession releases GrapHack, a freeware equalizer plugin for Windows and macOS.

Clean EQs are a dime a dozen in the plugin market. Finding one that can impart a little mojo or saturation to a signal always is a bit of a treat. Analog Obsession hopes to rectify that somewhat with the introduction of GrapHack, an equalizer and saturator.

Keen-eyed readers will note the resemblance between GrapHack and the API 560 Graphic Equalizer. Analog Obsession doesn’t shy away from this, even noting it is based on a famous American equalizer.

GrapHack features ten bands running the whole frequency spectrum. Users familiar with other graphic equalizers will feel right at home here.

The way each of the bands works is similar to the API 560, with higher gain settings narrowing the filter’s bandwidth. In addition to the typical proportional Q, there is also saturation per band.

Having saturation per band gives this EQ some wonderful depth, as it can target areas where extra harmonics might be nice without affecting the whole signal. Each band can, of course, be bypassed. On the interface, the bypass button would be the I/O switch, which is present for all ten of the equalizer bands.

You can swap between equalizing and saturation by selecting the M button for each of the ten bands. Also available are input and output controls for driving the equalizer and compensating the signal’s output.

GrapHack is a fun EQ and a welcome addition for someone comfortable with the API sound. It features the standard Analog Obsession features users have grown to expect, with resizing and 4x oversampling selectable directly from the user interface.

As with all Analog Obsession plugins, they are offered for free, but if you use the software a fair bit, it would definitely be worth the Patreon sub.

There is no shortage of equalizers in the plugin world, but having one with the ability to saturate per band is always a nice touch. GrapHack is available for Windows and Mac computers. Supported plugin formats are VST3, AU, and AAX.

GrapHack is Apple Silicon compatible, but there is also the option of Intel binaries for older Macs.

Download: GrapHack


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  1. just be aware that AO plugins are not backwards compatible. in the event that 1.1 gets released and you update, it will not remember your previous settings. this should be highlighted for those unaware! this is still the top comment every time AO gets mentioned

  2. Caelum Audio’s Tape Cassette 2 audio plugin is free @ Glitchedtones!

    Tape Cassette 2 has been updated with a sleek interface and a range of improvements under the hood. The new selectable Type 1 Cassette Impulse Response, improved saturation algorithm, wow & flutter engine, and real sampled tape noise all work together to produce an incredibly authentic vintage sound. Plus, the two VU meters and selectable oversampling give you greater control over your audio.

  3. analog obsession introduces *insert sharting noises* the same thing you’ve seen a thousand times already

  4. Thanks for the heads-up Will, already started using this… I find myself using Analog Obsession’s plugins more and more than even some of the paid plugins I have…

  5. Damn!!!
    After installing it, discovered it needs Metal support.
    Crashed logic 10.3 on opening.
    Just a heads up for those with El Capitan macs like me:S

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