TAL Software Updates FREE TAL-Vocoder With New Features


Togu Audio Line updates the freeware TAL-Vocoder plugin with a new interface and features.

Patrick Kunz and TAL Software have been a mainstay for quality audio processors and synths for a number of years. The payware synths and effects from TAL are a great bargain for their price point, and a fair bit of freeware is readily available and maintained on their official site.

One such plugin is the TAL-Vocoder-2, a quality vocoder available for the low cost of free.

So, what’s new with TAL-Vocoder-2? The vocoder plugin has been updated to version 3.0, which brings a host of new features. First up on the list is the new resizable GUI, which makes it fit better into the rest of the software line. The entire user interface has received a little more polish and an overhaul.

Along with the new resizable interface is the addition of a new preset browser.

If you’ve used any of TAL’s paid software, you’re familiar with the preset browser. It is quick and snappy to navigate and is a welcome addition here.

The core sound engine has seen some tweaks, and has had the quality of the audio itself improved.

Users are also able to control the volume of the carrier and modulator, which is nothing new. The metering beside each is a welcome addition, however.

Other notable improvements would be the more robust routing. There are a lot more options present, thanks in part to sidechain implementation.

The rest of the update is centered around bug fixes, stability tweaks, and all the less exciting stuff that goes into the maintenance of software.

TAL-Vocoder-2 still remains one of the best vocoders on the market and certainly takes the sting away from the eternal wait for Orange Vocoder. Thankfully, for free you get a rock-solid vocoder capable of conjuring up all kinds of rich textures.

TAL-Vocoder-2 is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux computers. Supported plugin formats are VST, VST3, AU, and AAX. As with all TAL Software releases, this is a universal application so everyone can join in on the fun.

No word has been given as to whether the CLAP format is venturing to this particular plugin, but TAL Software has been one of the earliest adopters of the new plugin format.

Download: TAL-Vocoder

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  1. “No word has been given as to whether the CLAP format is venturing to this particular plugin, but TAL Software has been one of the earliest adopters of the new plugin format.”

    The zip file in the link contains a subfolder for the CLAP format, it looks like!

  2. Does this work in Garageband?
    If so, how do you operate it? Is there a step by step guide?
    The manual shows other DAWs but not GB

    • I think Garageband doesn’t offer sidechaining, does it? If not, you’ll have difficulties to run this one properly.
      On this occasion, I highly recommend to switch over to REAPER.

  3. Thanks for the update :-)
    I also missed the free TAL-NoiseMaker presets by Echo Season earlier, got them now, a quality pack of 45

  4. doesn’t want to work for me on windows, studio one, oh well
    tried vst3 as well as .dll
    probably user error >:)

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  6. So, do I understand right that they eliminated the possibility to be driven by audio, not only midi signal, right?

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