Overcome Writer’s Block With FREE Creative Strategies Plugin By SampleScience


SampleScience releases Creative Strategies, a freeware VST plugin that can help you overcome writer’s block when producing and mixing your songs.

Writer’s block is an absolute drag, and we’ve all truthfully been there. There is nothing quite as harrowing as sitting in front of your DAW, empty screen in place, and you want to create but just can’t.

Creative Strategies by SampleScience might break the block entirely, but it’ll certainly get you outside of your usual patterns.

First off, Creative Strategies is not an effect or synth but something else entirely. It’s a creative effect, in a sense, at least, but not how you’d think.

Instead, Creative Strategies takes to heart Brian Eno’s Oblique Strategies. It’s a set of inspirational notes and strategies that you can load as a VST plugin in your main DAW.

Rather than generating a new set of chords or melodic starting point, there are ideas to help inspire or spur on some form of creative output.

These aren’t mere guidance or tutorials but rather short little ideas meant to get those creative juices rolling.

There isn’t just a handful of strategies, either. Users have access to over 130 strategies, ready and willing to get kick your brain into gear and get the tunes flowing.

Creative Strategies is one of the more inventive plugins released this year, and honestly, it is a welcome change of pace from the millionth compressor I feel compelled to test on a kick drum.

Sure, it might not be the backbone of your next production, but it can help prod you in the right direction if needed.

Writer’s block is no fun, and thankfully the folks at SampleScience have considered this. If a plugin format isn’t your idea of fun, there is also a PDF provided free of charge in the download.

For anyone looking to snag Creative Strategies, it is a free plugin, so there are no promo sales or discounts to worry about. Why not give it a shot if you suffer from a creative rut?

Creative Strategies is available for Windows and Mac computers. Supported plugin formats are VST, VST3, AU, and AAX.

Creative Strategies is also Silicon-compatible, meaning folks with the latest Mac computers can get a little inspiration for their next production as well. You will need a 64-bit host for Windows and Mac, however.

Download: Creative Strategies


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  1. In 2012 Musical Entropy released Inspiration, based on the same principle. You might give it a go, it might tickle your fancy and-or compliment each other. It’s also available in french, ce qui peut en intéresser certains…

    • This Samplescience version runs in a VST. Inspiration is standalone, and it’s fantastic but it hasn’t been updated in like 10 years. PC version still runs fine but I hesitate to recommend it to Mac users since their stuff doesn’t run easily (or at all) without updates. The cool thing about Inspiration is you can make your own cards. I made a set I transcribed from Max for Cats; she posts Oblique Strategy cards every so often.

  2. Febbie Ivaaden (Febbs!)


    Forgetful person here, and I gotta say, this will definitely be on my default startup flp. Good way to remember some stuff and new ones to try

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