TugMultiEffect Is A FREE Multi-Effect Plugin By 2RULE


2RULE releases TugMultiEffect, a freeware multi-effect VST3 plugin for Windows and macOS.

Who doesn’t love a little bit of audio mayhem? If you want to get out there with your audio processing, look no further than TugMultiEffect by 2RULE.

TugMultiEffect is a multi-effect plugin, as you might have guessed from the name. What separates it from effect racks like the one from Soundtoys is its approach to signal processing.

Routing for effects in TugMultiEffect is fully modular, meaning you can route your input signal any way you want. There are many effects to run your audio through as well, with eleven in total.

Users can access a filter, delay, decimator, phaser, distortion, pitch shifter, comb filter, vibrato, and tremolo. All eleven effects sound about what you’d expect, but it’s more about what you can do with them.

The routing calls to mind contraptions you might build in VCV Rack or Reaktor. If you so choose, you can even run massive parallel chains versus running everything in series.

If you’re looking to veer outside the box of dropping processors on your audio, TugMultiEffect has you more than covered.

The overall interface is somewhat reminiscent of 2RULE’s virtual instrument, 2RuleSynth. You can definitely see a common thread in the design ethos and approach to audio routing. It is less about the usual way of processing things and more about experimenting with things to get new and unusual results.

I wouldn’t call any of the effects clear standouts, as you and I more than likely have effects that sound better for their intended use cases. Instead, the freedom of the routing allows for some truly outside-of-the-box thinking.

However, I would love to see some modulation on this in the future rather than just routing between effects and hitting the randomized parameter.

All said and done, it is a wonderfully fun plugin that is filled with inspiration. You can certainly pair it with 2RULE’s previous freebie TugGlicento to get an even more powerful combination.

TugMultiEffect is available for Windows and Mac computers. Only VST3 is supported for the plugin formats. It does appear to be a Universal application for Mac computers, but your mileage may vary. I don’t have a Mac handy to readily test.

Download: TugMultiEffect


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  1. Tuglicento – Not free as far as I can tell. Tried downloading, but was met with several reminders to pay and couldn’t see a way of continuing without paying. I’m penniless, so I had to give up.

    Maybe in a few years, if my music sells anything!

    • Dude, I literally just downloaded and installed it within 30 seconds. Click “DOWNLOAD To Gumraod LinK”, on Gumroad look for black button “I want this!” (you may click it to get where you need to go), type in “0” in the “Name a fair price” field at right hand side. Click “I want this!”, then you’ll be redirected to the next page. Type in your email adress at the right hand side and click “Get”. Then you’ll see download links for mac and win installers.

    • Just type $0 under “Name a fair price” to download for free. Don’t forget to come back and name a fairer one when you get rich and famous :)

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