iZotope Audiolens Is FREE Until May 24th!


iZotope offers the Audiolens reference app as a free download for a limited time. Keep in mind that you will also need iZotope Ozone or Neuron to use Audiolens.

The only thing better than a cheap product is a free product, or so they tell me at least. If you’ve been wondering where the next occupant for your swelling audio software folder might come in, look no further than the folks at iZotope.

For a limited time, you can download Audiolens, Izotope’s reference app, for free.

So, what is Audiolens?

Audiolens is a referencing application, meant to measure your mixes and masters against your favourite tracks. If you’re already in the Izotope ecosystem, you might be familiar with it.

If not, you might be swayed to purchase their mixing and mastering bundle once you see what it can do.

At its core, Audiolens is a very simple piece of software. You load up a track of your own, and you’ll have targeted curves either preset or made by you to compare your audio to.

Now, this isn’t going to take the time to walk you through the changes, but you’ll get a keen eye on the frequency distribution of your track versus the pros.

Audiolens is super quick to pick up and learn and makes for a good extension to the functionality of Neutron and Ozone. Audiolens and Neutron allow you to take your own material during the mixing phase and add in some of the elements from that track to your own.

It might come down to a matter of adding some bass, or a duck in the treble, it doesn’t matter. Neutron and Audiolens will do this with just a few clicks.

It can also be of use in the mastering phase of things. Integrating with Ozone allows you to use Audiolens to target the frequency distribution and dynamics of your chosen master track.

Audiolens can be yours for free until May 24th, directly through Izotope’s website. If you’d like to pick up Audiolens for yourself, it is compatible with Windows and Mac computers.

It is a standalone application, so there are no supported plugin formats to speak of. It is Apple Silicon compatible and works with Mac OS versions up to Monterey.

Download: Audiolens (FREE until May 24th)

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  1. Tonal control 2 has been invaluable. This probably is too for anyone that doesn’t have it. Thank you guys for posting it.

  2. My 0.02: I would point out that you don’t HAVE to have Ozone or Neutron to use Audiolens. I have neither, and have already found Audiolens to be fairly useful. I run the standalone executable, play reference audio and capture an EQ curve, then play MY audio and see the two curves in comparison. Then I go back to tweak my EQ if need be. Tweaky and manual, true, but workable.

    What Ozone/Neutron give you is the ability to pull in an Audiolens-generated curve and do an automagic EQ curve fit to shape your audio’s frequency spectrum to the reference. Which IMHO would be pretty dang useful … but you there is still value in Audiolens without the other software packages.

    • Just to avoid that I misunderstand something: In case I have Metric AB from PluginAlliance I don’t benefit much if I get Audiolens, right? ( I don’t have the whole Izotope Ozone suite, Metric AB serves me quite well for analyzing my mixes)

    • It appears to be running through July, I talked to a rep on Twitter originally about this but they may have been mistaken.

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