ADSR Sounds Launch MIDIGRiD Plugin (Intro Sale Available)


ADSR Sounds have just released MIDIGRiD, a generative MIDI sequencer or ‘melodic inspiration engine’ as the developers call it. The plugin is available with an introductory offer of $19 until May 31st, 2023.

Similarly to that, it features an intuitive workflow and powerful generative controls with a sleek, captivating UI. It can work within any DAW and with any synth that accepts MIDI as its input.

MIDIGRiD can generate complex, creative, and dynamic melodic patterns that evolve in real-time thanks to an interactive 8×8 grid layout.

Getting started is as easy as choosing a key & tempo and placing some blocks on the grid: each row of the grid represents a specific note, and each column represents a step in the sequence.

Notes and chords are displayed according to your chosen scale in the box at the bottom-left of the interface. There are controls for the key, the scale, the speed of the sequencer, the length of the generated notes, and velocity.

It must be noted that when changing key and scale, you will always change to a scale harmonically adjacent to the one you just left (a compositional practice known as key modulation).

The real power of MIDIGRiD comes from the functions you assign to the blocks in the grid.

You can set up the so-called Direct Blocks, which inform the visual step sequencer of the direction to take: Upwards, Downwards, Left, and Right are the options available, and it is the interaction between the blocks the key to spontaneous and evolving melodic patterns.

You can also set up Redirect Blocks, which, unlike Direct Blocks, do not move or trigger notes. Instead, they change the direction of anything that collides with them.

This process enhances the element of randomness, giving your generative patterns dimension and movement.

There are more options to explore, and the best thing is that you can download a fully-functional 30 days demo trial for free.

MIDIGRiD will cost $24.99, but you can get it for $19 until the end of this month. 

The strongest selling point of MIDIGRiD is undoubtedly its quick, intuitive workflow combined with a game-ish approach to musical composition, almost in Pac-Man style. Definitely worth considering if you want to diversify your collection of software for beat-making.

It is available as AU and VST3 for both Mac (v. 10.14 onwards) and Windows (at least v.10 at 64-bit). Get it on sale now on the ADSR website.

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Get the deal: MIDIGRiD ($19 intro sale until May 31st)


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