GS DSP Release FREE Magic Midi Modulator (MMM) Plugin


GS DSP releases Magic Midi Modulator (MMM), a free MIDI modulation VST plugin for Windows and macOS.

There are so many instruments and effects out there for free, which means that more creative effects are sometimes forgotten. This is especially true when it comes to free plugins that manipulate MIDI.

Thankfully, GS DSP is here with the recently released Magic Midi Modulator (MMM) to give everyone a little MIDI madness.

MMM looks rather nondescript when you first initialize it. However, that is selling its overall power extremely short. At its core MMM allows a user to manipulate 24 different MIDI CC parameters at the same time.

These 24 CCs are divided into 16 rotary knobs, a pair of XY pads, a pair of horizontal sliders, and a pair of vertical sliders. CC messages can be sent to software or hardware, MMM isn’t picky. The actual implementation of this is quite quick and to the point as well.

Each of the freely available parameters can be named, renamed, muted, or soloed, so you get a great amount of control over how you’re implementing things. You can effectively manipulate just about anything you can dream of on MIDI devices and have a great amount of fun doing so in the process.

A lot of the fun with MIDI comes from modulating everything on a synth to get some evolving textures or movement.

MMM comes with an alternative "dark" interface that is much more eye-friendly.

MMM comes with an alternative “dark” interface that is much more eye-friendly.

MMM offers this in spades, with a further 24 modulators available freely. These can be tempo-synced or free running, depending on your preferences. Modulators can be freely assigned to any parameter as well.

There are LFOs, custom LFOs, random sources, and followers. The followers, in particular, get truly out there, not just adhering to the amplitude or pitch but also things like the spectral brightness or flatness of a signal.

If you’ve found yourself loving a particular synth, like u-he’s Repro, and lamenting that it is just missing the means to get wacky with it, then MMM has your back.

MMM is provided free by GS DSP and is available for Windows, Mac, and iOS devices. Supported plugin formats are VST3, AU, AAX, and AUv3.

The Mac version of MMM is universal, meaning Intel and Silicon users get to jump in on the fun.

Download: Magic Midi Modulator (MMM)


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  1. Are there any similar VSTs?

    How can I still have midi out in ableton? (When I add MMM the midi out disappears, so I have to route this track to another and then to hardware device. It’s not efficient for me, because I use Live Lite and it’s limited to 8 tracks per project).

    Also, it’s a little bit buggy. It asks me for a license every time I launch an instance.

    But generally, the idea and design are awesome!

  2. Bastiaan de Jong


    This is very useful, not only for complex tasks but also for very regular simple tasks and a fast workflow.

    I was wondering about something technical. How smooth is it to send a sinewave lfo via midi to another vst instrument. Is it just as smooth as an lfo built in a vst instrument?

    • What DAW do you use ? I find that Reaper can’t handle fast modulations, doesn’t matter if you use stock “Parameter modulation” or third party plugin that outputs MIDI CC.

      • Bastiaan de Jong


        I’m also a Reaper user. Perhaps I can compare a vst lfo with using parameter modulation and then this plugin. There are some precision settings for midi but couldn’t find much else. Also when rendering a track to audio it may even have a better result. Anyways when I find some time I should try it all out :)

  3. There are also some midi manipulation options inside Ableton.
    MMM works fine with the free key in my Live 10 as vst3. Just hit the “Get free Key” copy & paste it.

  4. This is awesome, it seems much more powerful and flexible than Melda MCCGenerator.

    Pity about the installer: 182MB including other paid plugins (you can exclude them while installing anyway).
    Unfortunately the various modulation options aren’t explained in detail (the spectral in particular, there’s so much more than just LFOs here!).

    I’ve been looking for a plugin like this for ages.

  5. I cannot make this work in Ableton Live 10 Lite… Created a MIDI track 1 with an instrument and assigned its output as input of MIDI track 2 containing the MMM plugin, but does not seem to do anything… what am I doing wrong?

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